Impressed to Green Venmilth

Name: R'vy (Revyla)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T193
Former Rank: Kitchen Worker

R'vy (Revyla) is the youngest of nine boys born to a weyrmated pair, one dragonrider and one infirmary aide. The pair aspired to have a girl and as such was determined to keep trying until they had one. Unfortunately, having the name already picked out to be a girl, absolutely certain that this would be their flower, R'vy was born a boy and received the female name anyway. It is undetermined if his parents are going to continue to try for a girl. To his dismay, his older brothers constantly tease him for being such a “girly girl” when he has stated many times it is the fairer sex he enjoys! He never apprenticed a Craft as all of his other brothers did so and he didn’t want to be around any of them and their teasing. Instead, he works in the kitchen making delightful dishes. He is very inventive when it comes to food and passive when it comes to people. He is considerably afraid of firelizards and freezes when he sees one, yet somehow dragons are okay? He’s a conundrum. Short and skinny, fair complexion, freckles easily.

Mini-Biography Credit: Atlys

Vyril — [Tina]
L'vy (Lavyrec) of green Setith
R'mec (Riamec) of green Iaskheth — [Starr]
Ri'vy (Riavy) of blue Tneserth

Availability: Not available. Adopted by Anahira (PC Profile)

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