Blue Ragloth

Impressee: K'shem (Kalshem)

Name: Ragloth
Pronunciation: Rag-lawth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 0099FF
Final Size: 60' wingspan of 36' length

A very large, immensely strong blue, Ragloth is full of swagger and confidence in his strength. He is bulky and yet still graceful because he is so secure in his own skin. He's a bright, brilliant blue with darker blue running along the top of his neck ridges and splitting off at the shoulder to run the length of his leading edges. He's a very handsome dragon, and he knows it, which adds to his air of self-confidence. He is not afraid to use his size to get his way, but he doesn't use it to bully others. Ragloth is surprisingly gentle and delicate with those smaller than he is, particularly with tiny greens.

This gentle giant is not always so mild, however; in battle with Thread he becomes a roaring fanatic who will lead every charge. He is big enough to last an entire Fall, and would regard it as a huge failure if he were ever unable to do so. Injuries are for the weak! Outside of Threadfall, Ragloth is loudly cheerful, and boisterous to the point of causing a disturbance when he is in the mood to celebrate. He loves nothing so much as wooing ladies, and will bugle his triumph and pride in his mate to all in the Weyr at every chance he gets. He isn't likely to settle down with one green unless she can wrap him completely around her finger and bring him to his knees.

Ragloth has one quirk: He loves water, but only if it is ice cold. He is very likely to find an ice lake in the North and take morning dips "for his health." He doesn't mind warm water, but finds that it slows him down and dulls his senses. He needs to be sharp and ready to fight at a moment's notice!

Inspiration: King Ragnar Lodbrok of the Vikings

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Deathegg rocked back and forth a time or two, but couldn't wait to hatch. With a shiver and a shake, a very large blue burst out onto the Hatching Sands. The big dragonet snorted the sand from his nostrils and shook himself before loping happily toward the Candidates. He bugled a cheerful, infantile cry of happiness when he saw the high caliber of boys awaiting his choice. This was wonderful!

K'shem! You'd best be ready to sup with me, lad! Your Ragloth hungers, and can smell the feast awaiting us! the blue cried, his eyes whirling with the joy of Impression. The jungle man slowly smiled and nodded farewell to his twin as he led his new dragon out to the food tables. This was surely the start of an epic journey together.

Dragon Credit: Rachel

Egg Name: Deathegg
Egg Description: A large and imposing matte gray egg be this one. It is covered in lines of pale white-gray and charcoal gray in a strange geometric pattern. Like some of it’s fellows, it too is quite round in shape and there is no clear indication of which end is top and which is bottom. There is a clear and obvious band that encircles the middle of this egg and a large circular marking is also a blemish upon the shell as this is slightly concave. There is something cold and ominous about this large egg that would keep most who wish to touch it at bay.
Egg Inspiration: Deathstar (Star Wars)
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber) of gold Iridith (Niru) and bronze Fienth (F'gon)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din) of gold Iridith (Niru) and bronze Midath (C'rian)

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