Green Ranodioth

Impressee: L'nor (Lannor)

Name: Set in Stone Green Ranodioth
Pronounciation: ran-oh-dee-oth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 1c261c
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 29' wingspan of 39.5'

Description: Ranodioth is all straight lines and angles, seeming as if she were chiseled from some dark, grey-green stone. She will always be on the large side for her color, but her wings are somewhat stunted, as if they were cut off too short. On those wings is a pattern of thin, delicate horizontal stripes of a fainter color; if one looks close enough, those stripes are formed by rows upon rows of tiny, indecipherable runes and characters.

Ranodioth is one smart cookie, a dragon who enjoys intellectual pursuits rather than physical ones. She will likely seem aloof in early weyrlinghood, not one to join in the romps and scrabbles her clutchmates engage in. But should those same clutchmates engage her in meaningful conversation, they will find where she really shines. She is articulate and thoughtful, willing to scrutinize any subject. Similarly, she will be much more enthusiastic about the learning aspect of weyrlinghood, rather than all the doing.

Ranodioth does things by the book. Even the smallest rule is like law to her and she follows them to the letter, a feat as easy as breathing for her. She has a firm respect for the heirarchies of the Weyr and is completely comfortable with her position within it, even if it is a low one. She's as stubborn as stone when it comes to the things she feels strongly about, especially when dealing with those who would seek to uproot any of those traditional structures.

She will be a mediocre threadfighter; while she will perform her duty without much complaint, she doesn't have a passion for it. She will be cautious and tends to overthink her approaches, which can sometimes get her into trouble when the situation requires swift action.

When it comes to mating flights, Ranodioth is as precise as ever. She will rise exactly on schedule, down to the hour of the day. She will weigh each of her chasers' merit carefully and the logical choice will win out. Those who chase her frequently might realize that she tends to settle into a pattern with her flights, something that they can monopolize to their advantage.

Inspiration: Rosetta Stone
Dragon Credit: Corgi

Hatching Message: Never was there a more typical hatching than that of The Golden Touch Egg. It shook just the right amount and for an exactly average span of time before, right where you would expect it, a sizable crack appeared. Soon after a dark green muzzle appeared, knocking and chipping away at the hole in the shell until her whole body could fit through. She plopped onto the sands, stood warily, and gave the usual shake to dislodge lingering goo. Yes, this was exactly what she was supposed to be doing. It felt right.

The next step was to take a step. Set in Stone Green watched her feet as she put one forward, then the next. She was walking then, getting quicker with each stride she made. When she finally felt sure enough to raise her head, she noticed that she was among a bunch of white-robed young people and a sudden realization came to her. She needed one of them. Yes, that was the right way to go about it, the only way to go about it. She stepped over to sniff Resha, even going so far as to nudge her testingly with her nose. But something wasn't right. She pivoted and her eyes found a short, pudgy candidate not too far off. He was right.

Set in Stone Green walked calmly over to him, eyes sparking multi-colored as she made a contented little cheep. Lannor looked stunned and his knees buckled slightly as if he might faint. But with a hand on the green's shoulder, he steadied himself, and spoke. "Ranodioth. I'm so happy. I am your L'nor." A perfect picture of a newly made pair, they made their way side by side off the sands.

Egg Name: The Golden Touch Egg
Egg Description: This medium sized egg is a darker brown base color, like a deeply tanned farmer kind of brown. There are some markings that make it stand out though, a light yellow marking shaped like a hand, and a circle around the peak of the egg in the same color. The circle resembles an ornate headpiece that a Lord would wear for ceremony. The most unusual thing about this egg is that the splotch that looks like a human hand seems to be raised and textured, rather like the palm of the hand should be.
Egg Inspiration: Midas' Touch Myth
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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