Green Ravanneth

Impressee: Malaya

Name: The Colossal Guardian Green Ravanneth
Pronounciation: rah - VAH - neth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 003300
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 31' wingspan of 52'

Description: This is one big dragon- and not just by Green standards. The Colossal Guardian is almost the same size as an average Brown. Everything about her is big- big, long wings, huge, hulking limbs, and a large, almost rounded head. This is no delicate, fragile dragonling: this is a born warrior, fierce and stout. For all her size, her headknobs are surprisingly short- as though she has outgrown them. The Colossal Guardian exudes an air of dominance and aggression, but she just can’t help it: she’s so big that no matter how she sits or positions herself, she will always seem imposing.

This Green possesses stamina that far outstrips many other dragons of her colour. She will not struggle to last a Fall, but neither will she be the flashiest, nimblest Green out there. The Colossal Guardian is all muscle and strength where her sisters are speed and agility, further setting her apart from her wingmates. In the air she is a surprising force to be reckoned with, and despite her bulk she is capable of some quick maneuvers. On the ground, her distinct lack of grace tells in her innate clumsiness- as though she hasn’t quite mastered the coordination of her very large limbs. Don’t worry- she has an adorable waddle that she’ll never outgrow (just don’t say it to her face).

The Colossal Guardian is a very dark dragon- almost as if she’s been painted with the same colour as a forest by night. In certain light, she may even look black. Her hide will gleam with every wash and oiling, and lighter streaks of grey-green will show across her back, following the contours of her legs and abdomen. A splodge of mint green graces the centre of her chest and loops around her neck, as though it were a ruff or a collar of some kind. She has unusually round eyes for her face, and her tail is very long. Overall, The Colossal Guardian possesses an air of foreboding, and will someday soon become a mighty dragon.

Beneath this big dragon lies a heart of gold- well, where it concerns Malaya, perhaps. Ravanneth is extraordinarily loyal right from the start- her fierce dedication to her rider has but one rival: her utter assurance that she is right. In her eyes, Malaya can do no wrong. Malaya is perfect in everything that she says and does. Ravanneth harbours a lot of admiration for her rider, and her deeply seated love has no equal in passion or strength. This Green will fight for Malaya, right until her very last breath. A lot of her conversations with other dragons start with, My rider says…

Her self-assurance knows no limits. Ravanneth's fiery personality might lead her into some coarse arguments, and unfortunately she is not one for logic. It is up to Malaya to make her see the rationality of someone’s viewpoint, and to help her understand that she is not all-knowing and powerful (yet). Ravanneth's problem-solving skills leave a little to be desired, as she is prone to getting angry and raising her voice quite quickly when things become heated. This Green forgets about fights quickly, but some bitterness will remain and she holds small grudges towards those who anger her the most. They will find themselves on her dislike-list.

Despite her lack of censure, Ravanneth is a very sociable dragon- in the loosest sense of the word. She likes to interact with her siblings when it comes to lessons and doing things, because she likes to do things better than everyone else. Ravanneth has a competitive streak that runs deep and is not easily deterred. More often than not, she’ll invent competition to keep herself interested in lessons. Oh, Corieth, I bet I can do three laps of the lake faster than you! or Cerceth, bet I can complete this obstacle course first! Cue incessant bragging and trumpeting should she win- all of these small competitions add to her already burgeoning ego, making her insufferably obnoxious at the best of times. Should she lose, she is prone to fits of rage and sullenness, near inconsolable at first until Malaya learns that the best approach is another challenge. Ravanneth won’t be undone, oh no she won’t!

At her core Ravanneth is very ambitious. All of her challenges and competitions are just ways for her to prove herself worthy: what she wants, more than anything else, is to lead a Wing. From the initial days of seeing her peers fight Thread, she will know deep in her heart that she wants to lead as well. Nothing will get in her way of her dreams of minions dragons at her command, not her colour, not her gender, nothing. Ravanneth will accept nothing short of greatness, and places the same high expectations on Malaya- albeit in a kindly way. Oh, Malaya, please make sure that you swim an extra lap today. I want you to be even faster than Hynath’s! If Malaya doesn’t step up to take command of a group in a lesson, this Green will volunteer her. Slorketh! MalayaMine wishes to teach the others! Please let her. Ravanneth is so stubborn and headstrong in the pursuit of her dream that it is hard to tell her no. She just doesn’t understand what that word means.

One of Ravanneth's passions in life is hunting: the thrill of bloodsport and fighting Thread has no equal in her mind. There is no truer duty than Fall for a dragon, and she succeeds in combining obligation with passion. Her enthusiasm for flaming the silvery menace has but one rival: her hatred of being restrained. In her earliest days, as soon as she watches the Wings gather in the Bowl, she will want to fight. Being told no or being made to stand on the sidelines will aggravate her to no end, and she will be a temperamental ball of anger and frustration. Why must I wait, MalayaMine? Why?! I am strong! Being grounded is an insufferable sentence for her- for watching others fly when she cannot is akin to death in her mind. She will not cope well with injuries or grounding, much to the dismay of her rider.

There is one thing that fascinates Ravanneth endlessly, and that is how, exactly, life and death work. What qualifies one as living? And what happens when one dies? Malaya’s craft will be a source of interest to her and she will have an abundance of questions for the former Healer. In a way, Ravanneth sees Malaya as the ‘Queen of Life and Death’- not that she’d ever refer to her by that title… but her admiration for her rider only grows with every question. This Green has an immense respect for the recently departed, and will be amongst the first to keen the passing of any dragon. She attaches great importance to the memory of their death, and will often ask her rider to remember her wingmates’ passing for her. Morbid, yes?

There is a lighter side to this dark and tempestuous dragon- she is highly empathic when it comes to her rider, and has a great sense of the needs of the present. When Malaya dwells on the bleaker things in life, Ravanneth buoys her with cheerful, positive words that may have been surprising if Malaya didn’t share her mind. You are mistaken, MalayaMine! Phyrra will still like you, for you have Impressed and we are proper fighters now. Her innocence is highlighted during these tender moments, showcasing Ravanneth softer side and eternal love for her rider. Rare is the dragon who will receive such affection from her, and she shows no interest or empathy in other humans.

This dragon has a few struggles in life. Emotionally complicated situations confound her, for she has little understanding of the social necessities of dragons and humans alike. Malaya will often bear the brunt of her social questioning- an endless stream of confusion from the poor Green. Why is Oreisymeth sad about that flower wilting? or I do not understand why Boogorroth is trying so hard to scare me. With time and patience, she may come to learn that these are important facets of life, but she will not emulate them so much. She prefers her conversations straight-forwards and her life filled with tests, to which the answers are categorically one thing or another. Her need for independence may cause conflict, for she often fails to see the importance of other leaders. Why, she can manage herself very well, thank you very much. She needs no one but Malaya to set her on the right path. This highlights her third problem: when in need of help from someone other than her rider, she becomes incredibly frustrated. She dislikes failing, and relying on others is a sign of failure in her eyes. It will take Malaya a lot of perseverance to teach her the importance of teamwork. Ravanneth is terribly afraid of being vulnerable, and she will do her utmost to avoid situations that are outside of her control.

To Ravanneth, deeds are far more important than words. That said, she is honest and keeps her promises. Socially, she pays little mind to somebody’s witty ways. Impressing her with smooth flying or controlled acrobatics is a sure fire way of keeping her attention and interest. Malaya will have to teach her to be tactful if she ever ends up in a position of power. Ravanneth harbours a very secret passion for music and parties, and though she would not be one to initiate social gatherings, she is drawn to them like a moth to a glow. Music is calming, and helps her relax. She may beg Malaya to learn an instrument so that she may be serenaded at any time.

The emotional range of Ravanneth could almost be classed into three different categories: love and unerring loyalty to Malaya, that manifests mostly when alone with her rider, and love of her ambition and dream; morbid fascination in life and death, which will be piqued at various times throughout her life; and different types of anger- the chafing sort at being restrained, the sullen kind at having lost, and the primal, satisfying anger of killing and bloodlust. As she matures, she may come to understand regret and sadness, but these lingering emotions will not impact her as greatly as her primary ones. Humour is rather lost on this dragon, who often misses the punchline altogether. It will take careful explaining for her to get it, and even then she may not find it funny. Maybe she has a greater emotional range than a teaspoon, but that is highly debatable.

Flights are an uncomfortable topic for Ravanneth, who fears the onset of vulnerability. She loves flying, that is true, and her Flights will be arduous and long for a Green. There will be little room for tricks, and she is not swayed by smooth words or flattery. It will take a strong and daring male to earn her attention. To win her heart, it is easiest to first form a friendship with her, then attempt to fly her. Friends with whom she is comfortable stand a much higher chance of basking in victory. She may have a few favourites at first, but eventually she will find a male who will suit her and settle on him.

Inspiration: Cerberus is the three-headed dog guardian of the Underworld, and loyal servant to Hades. I incorporated the three-headedness in her emotions, playing on a dog's love for its owner, Cerberus' overall fierceness and his duty. The twelfth labour of Heracles involved capturing Cerberus without weapons, from which comes Ravanneth's dislike of vulnerability and fear of helplessness. I wanted a strong dragon for Malaya, who is stronged-willed and ambitious, but who needs a reason to step up to the plate. I hope that in some way, Malaya may learn more about leadership whilst tempering her dragon's flaws, and Ravanneth may in turn help Malaya come into her own. It is my hope that the two of them will spur each other to greater heights.
Dragon Credit: Symmetry

Voice: Gruff and unfriendly at first, Ravanneth's deep, resounding voice is full of fire and life. It may be harsh on unprepared ears- almost wolfish in its ferocity. Then, as one adjusts to the depth of her voice, her contralto tones become heartening and uplifting- the humour and love more detectable. Her voice serves her purposes well, for she is capable of sharp rejoinders and heated debates. It is a voice that summons attention and commands silence, strong and unwavering. When Ravanneth speaks, most listen.

Hatching Message: It may have surprised some of the onlookers, but the Chained Up Egg was, so far, the most energetic egg of the clutch, as if the woman was struggling to be free. It swung wildly from side to side, almost tumbling over in its vigor. The dragon, too, seemed to seek freedom, throwing its whole being into the act of breaking shell. Long, thin cracks marred the simple harmony of colours, the woman's dress falling away piece by piece. With one final, decisive lurch, the egg fell over and a resounding crack echoed through the grounds.The egg had split cleanly in two, and parts of the shell were broken where claws had gained some purchase. A dark form emerged from the remains, unfolding its wings slowly, goo still drying on its figure.

The Colossal Guardian Green blinked her eyes and stared at the crowd, fanning her long wings as she waited to dry herself. Her tail flickered back and forth as she turned her head, spraying unwary candidates with tiny egg shards. She hissed in displeasure as she spied one of her clutchmates already bonded. With a huffing snort, the Colossal Guardian Green tossed her head and got to her feet, trampling the beautiful shell beneath her. Where was her bonded?

Public Impression Message: Several inspections later, the Colossal Guardian Green was discovering the ends of her patience. She knew her rider was around- she could sense it… But for some unknown reason, that person was hiding from her. She stepped away from the girls, sitting on the sand as she watched them from a distance. Here the Colossal Guardian Green could observe them all- and find the right… oh ho, there she was! Dismay and disgruntlement turned to unbridled excitement as the dragon leapt forwards, bounding up to a dark haired girl and all but jumping on her. Heavy-set paws reached for the girl's strong shoulders, but the girl would no doubt struggle under the weight.

Personal Impression Message: Oh, MalayaMine! It took so long to find you! I wasn't the first to find my rider, but no matter. Come, let's eat and be the first to the barracks instead! Rainbow eyes are set in darkness, but the warmth and love that spills into your mind has no rival. Gruff the voice may be, but it is a sweet gruffness, one that is both kindly and lively. It scintillates with the love and passion that drive this Green. I am Ravanneth, and I will stay by your side forever, Malaya. She brings her head to your chest, a happy, contented thrum echoing through your body.

Egg Name: The Chained Up Egg
Egg Description: This is a lovely little egg, covered in pale greens, purples, tans, and oranges atop a darker background. The entirety of the Chained Up Egg is covered in small lighter blotches as though being seen through slightly foggy glance. What is rather peculiar is if you see the egg from just one angle, the coloured blotches come together to look like a woman is trapped inside the egg. Of course there couldn’t be a woman trapped inside an egg, and there may be some fierce debate amongst Candidates about whether the image looks like a woman or something else, and what she could possibly be doing on the egg.
Egg Inspiration: Andromeda – Chained Princess
Egg Credit: Rhee (description) and Mind (art)

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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