Green Razulth

Impressee: V'hel (Vanahel)

Name: Razulth
Pronunciation: Ra-zulth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 353F3E
Final Size: 51' wingspan of 30' length

It would be hard to decide whether Razulth was a green or a blue from a distance, as her hide lies firmly between those colours, such a dark blue-green that it'd be easier to describe her as "sooty". Her jade markings betray her for the green she is. The jade markings trace an intricate pattern around her eyes, and caps her muzzle. Razulth is a large green but her conformation is very slender.

Razulth is the dragon who will refuse to accept that she is 'just' a green. It's likely that many will wonder whether she was meant to hatch as a blue instead. Razulth is a very efficient green, who will be keen to prove herself - volunteering for anything a male dragon might be expected to. While young she will be insistent that she is just as capable as the boys at being a Wingsecond or even a Wingleader; she'll just have to adapt and overcome any challenges that arise! And she'll be up to the task, too, because Razulth is quite clever. Fortunately for her rider, as she matures, she'll accept that there are some positions she will just never be able to hold. Razulth prefers to hang out with the boys, not particularly liking the company of other females; and she may have a particular favourite blue, especially if he seems promisingly ambitious. Razulth is a very open dragon, willing to bespeak anyone capable of hearing her, and will make a very keen search dragon, particularly attuned to young boys with good leadership potential.

Inspiration: Razia Sultan

Hatching/Impression Message:
The A Galaxy Long Ago Egg cracked like a whip had rent the air of the hatching cavern. The hatchling inside smashed through the side, sending the egg shell - half of which was still intact - spinning away with a flick of her tail. Her bright head was very obvious against the dark sands as she strutted confidently towards the boys.

It was obvious who she chose, for she sat herself right at Vanahel's feet, and wound her tail tight around his leg. "Razulth!" Vanahel exclaimed, crouching down to pamper the demanding green.

Dragon Credit: Jey

Egg Name: A Galaxy Long Ago Egg
Egg Description: It's bright. So bright, so eye-searingly fuschia that it sometimes spawns the optical illusion that a ray is shooting out of it. If you can steel yourself to study it long enough, a troubling darkness can be perceived right in the center of one side. Is it a splotch or a hole? Who will be brave enough to approach it and find out?
Egg Inspiration: Quasars (based on a false-color image where x-ray radiation is depicted as purple)
Egg Credit: Ivy

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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