Gold Regalia x Bronze Papa P8 T20

Off-Screen Flight - Late Summer, T20, 8th Pass
Off-Screen Clutching - Mid Autumn, T20, 8th Pass
Hatching - 14th April 2018/Late Autumn, T20, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Regalia (Q'tus)
Sire: Bronze Papa (K'miran)
Totals: 6
Gold: 1
Bronze: 1
Brown: 1
Blue: 0
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:

Name: Mythic Bitch Gold Chantilly to Gultina (Dragonblossom)
Colour: Gold #DEC757
Adult Size: 20" wingspan of 33"


The first impression of this gold is legs. Long legs that seem to go on forever. And boy, does she know how to use them! Her every movement is sultry, planned to show off every smooth line of her long body. Posing will totally be her thing, so that she catches the sun in a certain way, or displays the length of her tail curled just right. She’s got curves in all the right places; a beautiful face with expressive eyes. She’s a bright golden blonde, the colour sweeping down her entire length - perfect and unblemished. Her talons are pure white, and she will preen meticulously to maintain their cleanliness, as well as that of the rest of her.

Ohh, this is a two-faced gold to be sure. She seems all sweet and innocent at first as she greets other fire-lizards, gathering them around her to build her loyal fair. But as time goes on, her true nature will come out. Any fire-lizard that dares question her - especially a green - is likely to get a nasty response as she screeches at them, chastising them for their behaviour. It may not even be that they misbehaved, but simply that she didn’t like what they did. Any slight against her is taken extremely seriously - she has an image to maintain, after all.

Males are a different matter. This gold thrives on their attention, and she has the good looks to attract them. If they try something on with her when she’s not in the mood, though? Yep, they’ll meet her nasty side. She’s so good at her perfect facade of lovely, attractive gold who’s just so wonderful and kind, that it’s jarring when the mask slips and the nastiness comes out.

Inspiration: Heather Chandler from ‘Heathers: The Musical’

Name: Big Fun Bronze ?? to A'styre (Shelacula)
Colour: Bronze #825119
Adult Size: 18" wingspan of 28"


This bronze is a big guy, not only in overall length but also in build. Broad-shoulders and brawny, he was built for physical prowess. He’s not above showing off how strong he is, flexing his wings and doing little feats of strength. His muscles are very clear to see, rippling with every eager movement, under a hide that’s a dark bronze with a slight hint of red to it. He’s not particularly long in the legs, making him a little stocky - but sturdy, making him look much bigger for the fact that his body’s length and broad wingspan are emphasises as a result. His face always seems to bear a smirk, thanks to a dimple at one corner of his broad mouth.

Hellooooo ladies! This bronze is here! Yep, this guy loves the ladies! Greens are nice, golds even more so - but he’s not fussy. He’ll happily hang around either colour, trying to impress them with his good looks and, er, charm. Well, he believes he’s charming, anyway. His attentions may well come across as far too pushy and over the top though, serving only to drive them away from him at varying levels of disgust. He’s a little bit sleazy, let’s be real here. Poor thing! He just loves a pretty lady!

As for other males…well, he won’t get on with them particularly well. Bronzes are okay, and he may have one or two who are similar enough to him that he’ll go lady-chasing with them, or join them in tussles. Smaller browns and blues are more likely to be targets of his bullying nature, pulling pranks on them and generally giving them a hard time. For all his macho behaviour, he’s not the brightest button, especially when compared to other bronzes.

Inspiration: Ram Sweeney from ‘Heathers: The Musical’

Name: They Will All Disappear Brown Pirro to Bettesna (Neena)
Colour: Brown #5D361D
Adult Size: 14" wingspan of 26"


A very deep brown colour, this fire-lizard seems to be draped in darkness. He’s about average in length, albeit skinny and almost appearing under-nourished. However, the way he carries himself makes him seem smaller than he actually is. There’s something about the way he always seems slumped, as if he’s trying not to be noticed. His wings are often held around him like a cloak, their lengths helping to shield him from the world. His talons are wickedly sharp at the ends of his legs, gleaming the silvery-grey of polished metal. His ridges are all slightly slicked back, not standing up quite straight.

This brown definitely prefers solitude. He’s happier off in his own little place, and he’ll find his preferred resting spots. They’ll be places where he can sit and be alone with his thoughts, preferably higher up so he can observe the goings-on around him without being involved. There’s something almost suspicious about the way he peers out at the world, as if there’s a hint of a warning in his eyes.

He can be roused to action, however. If he finds a green or gold he particularly likes, he’ll fall head over heels for her. He’ll strive to be her protector, whether she wants him to or not. This is when his vicious side shows itself. If anyone is a threat to his lady love (or his human, for that matter!) he’s not above attacking them to see them off. Those talons of his are sharp, and a nasty scratch could result if one isn’t careful. He has no qualms about inflicting harm, and teaching him not to do so will be a struggle as he’s not that keen on listening to reason.

Inspiration: Jason “J.D.” Dean from ‘Heathers: The Musical’

Name: Lost in the Ocean Green Aemanday to N'din (Wunderingmind)
Colour: Green #9DB356
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 15"


This green is teeny tiny, and remarkably petite. Her colouration is a slightly yellowy green - not overly bright, but solid all over her entire body without any markings. Almost too perfect. She knows she’s a pretty thing, but there’s a twitchiness to her movements: one moment she’ll be posing for attention, the next she’s starting at a sudden noise. Her body language always says ‘uncertain’, poor thing. She is so very small, with large eyes that almost seem to look sad. She’ll hold her wings up as much as she can, to show off her well-proportioned body, but even they are ready to flick her into flight at the slightest sign of trouble.

Nervousness, thy name is this green. She seems like a big ball of worries, constantly twitchy and looking about her as if expecting the worst. She’ll need plenty of soothing to be calm, but even when she seems settled, a sudden noise or movement could well set her off and send her fluttering away with nervous crying to accompany it.

She’s also eager to please, alll the time. She’ll try her hardest to learn what you’re teaching her, though she’s not the brightest button. Send her to get, say, some hide, and she’ll come back with a ribbon. Ask her to deliver a message to your sister and it’ll go to your mum instead. Awkward. But bless her, she’ll look at you with those sad eyes, asking you to tell her that she’s done a good job. She’s a well-meaning sweetie.

Inspiration: Heather McNamara from ‘Heathers: The Musical’

Name: No Discernible Personality Green Ayla to Khaleiya (Dragonblossom)
Colour: Green #678F7D
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 16"


Small, but surprisingly large-chested, this green has a figure to flaunt she she knows it. She’s a pro at posing to show off, and even at rest seems to be stood just so, wings held perfectly in position, tail curved just right. She surveys the world, looking to see who’s admiring her. Look over here! See how perfect she is?? She’s a pleasant dusky green with the faintest hint of blue, the colour painted over her curvaceous form. On the smaller side for a green, she’s got a slightly stocky build rather than a long and slender one.

This green is…nice enough, but she’s not always on planet Pern. She can pose and look lovely but when it comes down to it, there’s just not a lot going on in her head. Training her will be a headache. She does want you to like her, but she just won’t understand what’s being asked of her. Besides, that brown over there is looking her way, so she’d much rather strike a pose to keep his attention.

She’s also somewhat over confident in her abilities. She might try to fly into a gap that it turns out she can’t fit into - oops. Embarrassing! She’ll try to play it of, of course, but the sting of shame will be there. Or she’ll throw herself at a bit of Thread she’s prepared to flame, only to realise that she didn’t eat enough firestone to handle it. Oops! Thank goodness she can disappear between, for safety’s sake as well as to recover her dignity. Thank goodness her memory isn’t too good, because she’ll soon forget about an incident and be back to her normal self.

Inspiration: Heather Duke from ‘Heathers: The Musical’

Name: Life Can Be Beautiful Green Bria to Khaleiya (Dragonblossom)
Colour: Green #649082
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 17"


Long and skinny, this green is unfortunately rather clumsy. She’s got long legs but she doesn’t know how to use them, and there’ll be times when she just gets all tangled up and trips over herself. Oof! Embarrassing. She’ll get used to her body eventually, though she’ll never exactly be elegant. She’ll always hold herself in a slightly awkward way, hovering there as if not sure how to proceed. She’s not a bad-looking green: nicely proportioned, with a slim figure and a soft-featured face. Her colour is a dusky green, with the faintest blue tinge if the light catches her just right.

Uncertainty is the name of the game with this green. Some fire-lizards are born confident, but this girl was not. She’ll prefer to shy away from groups of fire-lizards, sticking to greens that she’s grown to know and like. She can build trust, but it might take a while, whether it’s with other fire-lizards or with humans. When her awkward nervousness has been overcome, she’s an intensely loyal green, keen to learn and to do her best.

Blues, browns, bronzes, and golds will, pretty much, scare her if they pay attention to her. However, she can’t help but be fascinated by them. She’ll like to watch them; watch the way they interact with one another; watch their squabbles and friendships. She may pluck up the courage to insert herself - sometimes awkwardly or gracelessly - into a social situation. If she fails, she’ll retreat with her tail (metaphorically) between her legs. But sometimes she manages to get it right, and will find herself, for a time, some friends.

Inspiration: Veronica Sawyer from ‘Heathers: The Musical’

Notes: Theme was Heathers: The Musical

Credits: Emma and Wunderingmind

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