Gold Reina x Bronze Vicious P8 T18

Flight - Early Spring, T18, 8th Pass
Clutching - Off camera
Hatching - Late Spring, T18, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Reina (R'nill)
Sire: Bronze Vicious (Indria)
Gold: 1
Bronze: 2
Brown: 2
Blue: 2
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:


You've Goat to Be Kidding Me Gold Cami to Indria (shelacula)
Colour: Gold
Adult Size: 19" wingspan of 33"

Physical Description:
The You've Goat To Be Kidding Me Gold is right on average in size; not too big, not too small. She's the perfect size, in fact, for perching on a shoulder. She's a rather unusual looking firelizard - her body tends towards the stocky (and she could easily become overweight if her eating habits are not watched). Her head is wide and she has something of a Roman nose that some may find unfortunate looking. However, if one can see past these peculiarities, they will find a little queen of proud bearing, with a regal curve to her neck and wide, elegant wings. Her colour is classically golden, with darker wings and a pale belly. What markings she has are subtle, a blending of one shade into another that is rather pleasing to the eye.

As a hatchling, her limbs will seem gawky and she will be clumsy on her feet. It's not until she matures that she develops an agility that's not common in firelizards of her colour. She will prance, she will leap, and she shows great skill in the air, once she's worked out how those big floppy wings work. Even as an adult her wings will tend to flop down, hanging loosely beside her. She has a particular charm about her that people can't help but like; at once both queenly and playful.

Despite her rather proud looks, the You've Goat To Be Kidding Me Gold has a personality that's almost a little silly. As a hatchling she will be particularly playful, forever seeking out things to jump on, friends to play with. She will display a tendency to headbutt others (whether people, firelizards or dragons) to get their attention, or to show annoyance - a habit Indria may never be able to train her out of. In all other aspects, though, she will be remarkably trainable. She has an intelligent mind once you get past the silliness, and can be relied on to carry out most tasks asked of her, preferably with a treat involved. That intelligence also manifests itself in her stubborn nature, as she's a firelizard who knows what she likes and dislikes and feels very strongly about it.

A highly social firelizard, the You've Goat To Be Kidding Me Gold is happiest with company - she will delight in encouraging Indria to acquire as many firelizards as possible, simply so she has more company! Her sociability and outgoing nature extends beyond just Indria and her other firelizards. She'll happily greet Indria's friends, and she has a particular soft spot for kids. When she wants attention she will call for it with loud vocalizations; Indria will grow to recognise them, as no other firelizard makes a noise quite like that. It's not a trill so much as a loud and penetrating MAAAAAAAAAH that is completely unmistakable. In general, the You've Goat To Be Kidding Me Gold is quite vocal, and especially at feeding time (her favourite time). She will accept any and all offers of food, and if Indria's not quick enough getting up for breakfast, she might find a certain firelizard chewing on her clothes, shoes and hidework, as well.

When it comes to flights, the You've Goat To Be Kidding Me Gold isn't terribly bothered by things like colour or rank. She just enjoys racing through the air with lots of friends for company! Once she's exhausted herself, the nearest male will do, no matter who he is. Her flights tend to be long, and usually take place on hot days - she loves it warm! As a mother, she's as devoted as any gold. She trusts Indria though, to do the right thing by her eggs. Indria is her adored human, and the You've Goat To Be Kidding Me Gold will spend most of her time perched happily on Indria's shoulder, occasionally rubbing her neck against Indria's face to show her affection.

Inspiration: Anglo-Nubian Goat



Round 'em Pup Bronze to Rinly (Michi)
Colour: Bronze
Adult Size: 17" wingspan of 28"

Physical Description:
This bronze is medium sized, with excellent conformation. He holds his head erect and proud, his whirling eyes always watching his Rinly. His intelligence is obvious in the way he looks; alert, attentive and ready to leap into action at a moment's notice. Looking at him gives one the impression of a coiled spring, all quivering energy held in readiness by a fierce will. When he's flying he displays unusual speed and agility for a bronze - and he's not a slacker in the stamina department, either. His base colour is dark bronze, but he is patterned unusually. The dark bronze colours his sides, his wings, and the sides of his head, but a paler shade of bronze rings his neck and colours his chest and belly. This pale shade also forms a strip from muzzle up to between his headknobs, and all four paws are the same colour.

There is no companion more loyal, more devoted, than the Round 'em Pup Bronze. Even as a youngster he is fiercely attentive to Rinly's presence, though that won't stop his natural curiosity as he explores this big new world. He may even lead Rinly on little adventures in his eagerness to explore! But as he matures he is less likely to wander; his place is at Rinly's side, and he is rarely away from her. An intelligent and observant bronze, it won't take Rinly long to train the Round 'em Pup Bronze. He'll seem utterly in-tune with his mistress, almost uncannily so. A subtle gesture, a head nod, a soft noise: that's all it will take for Rinly to communicate her wishes. Obedient and eager to please, he'll be off in a flash to do as she asks.

Curiously for a firelizard, the Round 'em Pup Bronze isn't food driven. He seems to enjoy performing tasks for the sheer pleasure of it, and out of a desire to please his mistress. Bribery won't win his affection, and he'll remain aloof with strangers until Rinly has indicated they are to be trusted. He's likewise aloof with other firelizards, and it will take an exceptional female to catch his eye. Even when one does, he'll still look to Rinly for permission before beginning his chase. He is as focused during a flight as he is at any other time, and when he does chase he's likely to be successful.

The Round 'em Pup Bronze does have one strange habit - he likes to round things up and bring them back to Rinly for inspection. Woollies are his favourites, but he'll have a go at anything; other flitters, trundlebugs, herdbeasts, and even children. Should Rinly have children of her own he will be particular attentive, shepherding them here and there and protecting them from all harm. But it is to Rinly that his ultimate loyalty lies, and he is faithful to her even to the death.

Inspiration: Border Collie


The Chick Magnet Bronze to Annalise (Taenia)
Colour: Bronze
Adult Size: 16" wingspan of 27"

Physical Description:
This bronze is average in size, but there's nothing else average about his appearance. He is an extremely impressive firelizard; his neck and back are a rosy bronze that is almost golden in places. His underparts, wings and tail are a much darker bronze. His tail in particular has a greenish sheen to it - particularly noticeable because his tail is longer than average. His headknobs are bright red, and there's no missing him! He carries himself proudly, with his neck arched regally and his chest thrust forward. There's no doubt that he is keenly aware of - and proud of - his colour.

Proud and regal, the Chick Magnet Bronze is the Lord of all he surveys. Annalise and her children are his charges, and he will defend any one of them - to the death if it comes down to it. Fiercely protective, he can be slow to trust strangers; even the offer of morsels of food will be treated with wariness until he has established the newcomer's place in his pecking order. He is a watchful bronze, ever alert for danger, and always keeping track of his 'flock'. If Annalise's children or other flitters wander off, the Chick Magnet Bronze will be right there to shepherd them back to safety, and he won't hesitate to call the alarm should he perceive a threat.

He is an early riser, and his tendency to greet the dawn with loud crowing vocalizations may take some getting used to at first - and may cause Annalise trouble, when he wakes up anyone sleeping nearby! Though he will be easy to train, this one bad habit will prove nearly impossible to break. With patience, Annalise may be able to convince him to take his morning chorus to the fireheights, safely out of earshot of the sleeping Hold. His devotion to Annalise makes him eager to please, and he will prove a reliable messenger should she need him - though his preferred place is by her side, where he can guard her.

Other bronzes are seen as a threat and chased away, but the Chick Magnet Bronze will quickly accrue a small flock of greens who prefer his company to that of other firelizards. He may even catch the fancy of a gold or two, as he's an undeniably handsome bronze. When chasing females, he starts off rather gentlemanly - but if she shows signs of preferring another male, he will jump in quickly. Any female he catches becomes one of his girls, accorded that devoted protection. He will savagely defend his girls from encroachment by other males, and look out for their best interests - allowing them to eat first, and calling them over if he finds any tasty treats.

Inspiration: Welsummer Rooster



Fowl Mouthed Brown to Lyrint (LdyPayne)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 15" wingspan of 27"

Physical Description:
This brown has the biggest barrel chest one could imagine. He puffs it out deliberately - just to make himself look bigger. He's not that much above the average in size, really, but he makes himself look far larger than he really is just with his presence. His colour is a ruddy brown, but his wings and tail are edged in white. His snout and throat are an even redder brown. His habit of puffing his chest out makes him move a little awkwardly, but when he stops prancing about he displays a surprising skill at flying. He'll never be the best, but he is certainly noticeable!

At first, the Fowl Mouthed Brown will seem like a typical young firelizard; sleeping, and eating (he has an enormous appetite), showing curiosity about the world and getting underfoot. But the bigger he gets, the prouder the Fowl Mouthed Brown becomes. By the time he's a few months old, he'll be strutting around like he owns the Hold. It's about this time that the noise starts, too. Instead of chirping and trilling, the Fowl Mouthed Brown gobbles and cackles in a cacophony unlike any other flitter. He launches into these tirades at the slightest provocation, and at anything - no matter who or what they are. Lord Holder? Doesn't matter! Dragonrider? MasterHarper? All shall face his wrath.

Lyrint is not immune to these outbursts, but with the firm application of will Lyrint will find him quite tameable (if noisy). As he matures into an adult his outbursts will be less frequent and he will settle in to a reasonably calm fire lizard when everything's going his way. One of his particular sore points will be other males; no other male firelizard dare venture into his domain and any that does is attacked and chased off. This dislike for other male firelizards may cause some issues, though he is otherwise reliable should Lyrint wish to train him. He is not particularly affectionate nor clingy with Lyrint, and is content to be left doing his own thing. He is supremely indifferent to most people, unless they are annoying or feeding him.

He typically courts a female before chasing her, puffing up his wide chest and strutting around with his wings spread out. He will continue these tactics in a flight, making sure he is visible and impressive. His catches can be a little violent as he hangs on to a female with all his claws. He is a bit greedy about all things, including mates, and can be mean to the competition. But he's a good mate, and will even tend to the eggs if the mother isn't doing her job well. As a peculiarity, this brown will be nowhere to be found at Turnover. He just hates the holidays!

Inspiration: Bourbon Red Turkey



Mane Event Brown to Syaira (mandy)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 16" wingspan of 28"

Physical Description:
This brown is immense. He rivals even some bronzes for size, and he has a solid build that makes him look utterly unstoppable. He moves with a steady and determined air - he certainly isn't built for agility. His colour is a rich brown, blending into black on his tail and neck ridges. A white stripe runs up his long snout to finish between his headknobs, and his feet are white to halfway up his strong legs. He holds his neck regally arched, and his muscled chest and shoulders make him a rather handsome animal.

The Mane Event Brown will prove himself to be a bastion of peace in Syaira's life. Calm and collected, it takes a lot of pushing to upset this solid brown. He couldn't be more different to Devrath; he is gentle and patient, willing and easy to please. All he requires is food (and plenty of it, preferably) and to be treated respectfully, and he'll be happy. There is a stubborn side to him if he feels like he's not being looked after, but he's easily mollified even when upset. With Syaira he is quietly affectionate, but he isn't clingy or needy about her attention. He'll be there when she needs him, and if she doesn't he'll be off draped over a fence post in the sun. He is also tolerant of Devrath and her outbursts, even when other firelizards might be startled.

His slow and steady nature might make people underestimate his intelligence, but beneath all that brown bulk is a highly trainable firelizard. The Mane Event Brown isn't excitable, but he applies himself to tasks given to him with a sort of stubborn determination and works at them until he masters whatever he is trying to do. He has incredible stamina, and he is particularly skilled at fetch-and-drag type tasks. Syaira wants another blanket? No problem. The Mane Event Brown will pull one over even if it weighs three times what he does. Or how about a beer? (He has a curious affinity for beer.)

Easygoing as he is, it takes a fairly exceptional green - or a gold - to get him in the air. He has a marked preference for larger females, and his tactics in flight are simply to keep going until everyone else has given up. He's not particularly bothered if he doesn't win - how about something to eat then a nap?

Inspiration: Clydesdale Horse



That's One Fine Ass Blue to Saminya (Kati)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 21"

Physical Description:
That's One Fine Ass Blue doesn't have quite the noble bearing of his bronze and brown brothers. He gives off the air that he's just a bit rough around the edges, a bit more unruly. It's hard to put one's finger on why though, because he's an attractive firelizard in his own right. He is well proportioned - only his long head knobs are out of the ordinary. His colour is a dark blue-grey with a pale nose and belly. His legs are strong and well formed, and he has wide wings. He is a hardy firelizard, and he never gives up. He is stronger than he looks and stamina is where he excels; though he doesn't underperform when it comes to agility. He is very good at communicating his feelings through body language - especially when he's in a bad mood.

Intelligent and curious, this blue has a steadfast nature and isn't nearly so flighty as his blue and green siblings. That's One Fine Ass Blue does have a keen sense of self preservation, however, and he won't put himself in danger - including during Threadfall. He hates the rain (and he's not that keen on water in general), but hot weather he loves. He also loves company - he is independent, but having friends (dragon, firelizard or human) means he can spend time at mutual grooming. He's affectionate with his friends, regardless of their species. He has a particular knack for keeping others calm in groups; it's his reasoned approach to everything that makes his fellow firelizards trust him.

That's One Fine Ass Blue is, however, a very stubborn flitter. His intelligence, curiosity and good memory should make him easy to train - when he wants to be trained. But push him too far and he'll just stop and refuse to move. When he wants to carry out a task it'll be done promptly and perfectly, but if he doesn't, well, Saminya had better make another arrangement because there's no changing his mind. Training him will require patience and trust in large measures.

He's as open in his choice of mates as he is in his choice of friends. Green, gold, young, old, doesn't matter. He'll give it a good go. He'd probably even chase a dragon if he thought he could get away with it.

Inspiration: Irish Donkey



An Adventure? Alpaca My Bags! Blue to B'tan (Dragonblossom)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 20"

Physical Description:
Something about An Adventure? Alpaca My Bags! Blue is just a bit… comical looking. It might be the extra-long neck and the short tail, or the rounded features of the face. Or it might be way that he seems to be grinning. Or is it the silly expression on his face whenever he's chewing (which is as often as possible)? Whatever it is, this blue isn't going to be winning any beauty competitions. Despite that, though, he's kind of, well, cute. This, coupled with his silky soft hide, makes him look ultimately cuddleable. His long spindly legs make him rather ungainly on the ground, and unlike most firelizards, he'll never outgrow them. In the air he's reasonably agile, but stamina is his talent more than speed. In colour he is a light blue; the colour of a spring morning sky. In some light he looks almost white! His only marking is a dark outline above his eyes - other than that his hide is pure and unsullied.

This blue is a socialable little soul - he loves being in the company of his pack (B'tan and his other flits) and he gets distressed if on his own. He simply does better in a group! When he's young, B'tan will learn that the An Adventure? Alpaca My Bags! Blue communicates primarily by humming. Only if truly alarmed will he make a staccato tooting - otherwise, he hums in every situation. It makes him easy to handle as a hatchling, as there will be no waking up with a shrieking hungry hatchly in one's ear. He's a sensitive firelizard, gentle and shy, and happy to let others take the lead. He is, however, very curious and will be right beside B'tan if they're going somewhere new! Visitors and changes in decoration in B'tan's weyr will also be subject to curious inspection, however shy it may be.

His shyness holds him back a little when it comes to carrying messages, but the An Adventure? Alpaca My Bags! Blue is smart. He'll learn most of what he needs to know from watching B'tan's other firelizards, and B'tan will be surprised to find he needs to put very little effort into directly training him. As long as he doesn't ask too much, this blue will do as he's asked without a problem. He's an easy firelizard to have, clean, tidy, and not excessively demanding provided B'tan remembers to oil and bathe him very regularly . If he does get upset though, he has a rather unfortunate habit of spitting at whatever (or whoever) it was that displeased him.

When it comes to mates, An Adventure? Alpaca My Bags! Blue isn't too picky. He'll chase any green, but his method of wooing females may not see much success. For whatever reason, during mating flights be abandons his humming and makes a throaty trumpeting sound that is quite unusual.

Inspiration: Huayaca Alpaca



The Sheep of Ewe Green Salt to Byron (Byron)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 16"

Physical Description:
Soft pale green hide characterises this lovely little green. It has a texture more akin to woven wool than dragon hide, and the Sheep of Ewe Green is proud of it. Her head is a dark green, but other than that her hide is unmarked and lovely. She is well proportioned and otherwise average in size and shape. She is agile and fast - when she can be bothered. In general she's a lazy green and this is reflected in her habitual slow movements and relaxed appearance.

When it comes to the physical aspects of firelizard care, there is no firelizard as easy to care for as the Sheep of Ewe Green. If her hide is flaky she'll manage that herself, thank you, no assistance from Byron needed. She'll accept food happily, but if Byron's busy she can rustle up something herself. What she does need, though, is companionship. She'll encourage Byron to get more firelizards for her to befriend, and in the meantime, she'll stay near him as much as she can. Having the security of a flock of her own is necessary to this green's mental wellbeing. Byron is the leader, and she will follow him anywhere. But despite that, she's not excessively physically affectionate. She doesn't need to be loved on - just being nearby Byron is enough to make her happy!

While she is gentle and easy to handle, the Sheep of Ewe Green isn't exactly good at learning. She can carry out tasks but only under guidance and constant supervision. If Byron wants a messenger, he might have to look elsewhere! It's not that she's unintelligent, as such - she just doesn't have the right mindset for it. Why would she want to go away from Byron? Can't he just come, too? But if it's an undemanding and pleasant companion that Byron wants, there's no better firelizard.

When she rises to mate, the Sheep of Ewe Green will be just as easy going in flight as she is outside of a flight. The winning male will be whichever gets the best of her. Her clutches are always tiny, no more than three eggs, but she will look after them if she is allowed to and most of the time they'll make it to hatching. Should her eggs be threatened, the Sheep of Ewe Green will shed any trace of gentleness and become as defensive as a gold.

Inspiration: Dorper Sheep



Release The Quackin Green to Okathravin (Neena)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 17"

Physical Description:
The appearance of the Release The Quackin green is unusual, to say the least. Her neck is long and slender, but her backside is large and her legs and tail are short. She looks awkward - both on the ground and in the air. She's endearing in her own way, though, and her hide is incredibly soft. Her colour is a pale green, tending towards the yellow side of the spectrum, and is unmarked - apart from darker green-yellow legs.

The first thing people notice about this green is that she's a little silly. She walks with a strange waddling gait, and she's shocking in the air. She'd rather walk - or better yet, swim! She loves the water and only when swimming does she display the elegance and agility that her colour is usually known for. Outside of water, she's just a bit awkward. She doesn't mind being laughed at though, and she doesn't take offence. She is what she is! It's not just the way she moves that sets her apart from other firelizards. Release The Quackin Green is also unusually messy - she's a messy eater, and she has a bad habit of walking mud into Okathravin's room. He can scold her all he likes, and she'll be apologetic - but it'll happen again next time. She doesn't even notice the mess that she creates.

It's perhaps lucky that she's so friendly and affectionate. She'll wake Okathravin with loud noises by his bed, and follow him faithfully to get breakfast. She'll sit on his lap while they eat, helping herself and spilling his klah all over the table. And then she'll turn loving eyes back on Okathravin that make it hard to stay mad. She didn't mean it! She'll do her best if Okathravin tries to train her, but other than learning to follow him everywhere he'll find she's not much use as a messenger. She's too easily distracted.

When she rises, Release The Quackin Green leaves her mate in the hands of fate. Whichever male is closest when she is exhausted will be the one to catch her. She's also not the broody sort - once her eggs are laid (probably somewhere inappropriate) she'll forget about them entirely.

Inspiration: Pekin Duck


Porcine of Interest Green to Jenhyn (notomys)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 16"

Physical Description:
The shape of the Porcine of Interest Green would suit a brown better than a green - she's rather barrel chested, with a short neck, short curly tail and undersized wings. She pulls it off somehow, though, managing to look good despite her shortcomings. The dark glossy green hide helps, as does her cute pale green snout and toes. Don't underestimate her - she's more agile, and far faster, than she looks. One might get the false impression that she's overweight, but looking closely it's obvious that's muscle rather than fat.

First things first: the Porcine of Interest Green will eat any food you can think of. Dead. Alive. Vegetable. Meat. Fish. Bread. Anything. If Jenhyn leaves scraps of his dinner, she'll clean those right up for him, along with anyone else's. Faranth forbid Jen is late at a feed time; she'll be heard protesting across the Weyr. She has a tendency towards grunts and squeals rather than the usual trills and chirps, and she can be very loud if she's demanding food! Generally though, she's a friendly and curious firelizard, with a lively nature.

When she's not hungry, the Porcine of Interest Green is happy to do her own thing. She's independent and can look after herself. Jenhyn might want to bathe her before letting her sleep in his bed, though, because one of her favourite things to do when he isn't around is to find a nice muddy puddle and lay in it. She quite likes being bathed, and scratches are, of course, always very appreciated. She shows her affection by snuffling against Jenhyn's hand, before stretching out to sleep at his side. She can be trained to do simple tasks and respond to simple cues, but she'll never be the best when it comes to following directions.

In flight she is direct and will choose the male she considers to be the handsomest. Surprisingly, she's a good mother if permitted to care for her eggs.

Inspiration: Berkshire Pig


Credits: Kitya

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