Green Remlinth

Impressee: P'jin (Padjin)

Name: Remlinth
Pronunciation: Rem-linth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 577A3A
Final Size: 30.1' length of 53.3' wingspan

Description: Remlinth is not a green that anyone could truthfully describe as pretty. She doesn’t look at all feminine; actually, she is just the opposite. She has a burly, thickset build more suited to a brown than a green. She outdistances most greens and some blues in length and wingspan. She is quite a bit stronger than some of her clutchmates and she is unafraid to throw that weight around. She’s got a broad face with wide set eyes and a rounded snout. Remlinth’s hide is a murky green reminiscent of the algae one might find floating on top of the water in a swamp. Her feet and underbelly are a lighter shade of grey-tinged green. The same color is seen on her muzzle and it extends up to around her eyes.

Personality: Remlinth relishes her considerable strength. She isn’t the type to seek out opportunities to show off, she is far too laid-back for that, but she will be as pleased as punch if someone acknowledges it and compliments her. Her strength and size make her feel like she is invincible. There aren’t many things she is afraid of and that she wouldn’t face head on. She doesn’t go looking for trouble but when it comes to something like fighting thread she will not hesitate. She isn’t the type of dragon who knows and is friends with everyone but she will have a several close friends that she would do just about anything for. She has a tendency to be very protective over her smaller friends and she won’t take kindly to anyone pushing them around. She can also be quite possessive over her food. P’jin will need to keep an eye on her to make sure that she doesn’t lash out aggressively when another dragon gets too close to her kill. She has her heart in the right place though and she would never actually go as far as to hurt anyone. Some greens are lucky enough to get an extra helping of intelligence, Remlinth, however, seems to have missed the first helping entirely. All brawn and no brain pretty much sums up Remlinth. She can barely focus for ten minutes consecutively let alone make it through an entire lesson. She starts out with good intentions but she soon zones out and becomes glassy eyed. It will fall upon her rider to develop a structure that works well for her. She tends to respond very well to instructions from him as long as he keeps it simple and goes one step at a time.

Inspiration: Donkey Kong Gremlins

Hatching/Impression Message: The Bob egg started to shiver almost as soon as Femaith started to hum. The shivering was barely perceivable but as the Stands started to fill up and the candidates filed onto the Sands it was rocking back and forth in its wallow. A scrabbling noise could be heard quite clearly for the inside of the shell. After a particularly fierce wobble, the egg tipped right over onto its side. A crack appeared at the point of impact and in the next minute cracks had snaked its way all over the shell. The egg went completely still then a tail smashed out of the shell. Murky green hindquarters appeared in the hole her tail had made. It looked like she was trying to back out of her shell but her hind-foot caught on her tail and she tumbled backwards and landed on her back with a squawk. It took her several tries to roll herself onto her stomach and when she did she just laid there as if she didn’t know what to do next. She stayed there so long that some nervous muttering started in the Stands but finally after a bit of encouragement from Femaith the green stood up and approached Padjin. “Yes! I’m glad you Impressed me, Remlinth,” P’jin said hurrying forward to meet her halfway. “Why don’t we go get you some food? I can tell you’re hungry…come on, follow me!”

Dragon Credit: Neena

Egg Name: Bob
Egg Description: What can you say about Bob? It's not very big, nor very flashy. It's just white with a few black markings: an inverted 'V' at the bottom, an elongated rectangle with a line coming off the top diagonally in the middle, and circle that looks an awful lot like a face on top, with another diagonal line beside that. But despite Bob's unassuming simplicity, it seems to be everywhere. It seems like you can't view any part of the clutch without finding Bob, right there in front of you. What is it about Bob, anyway?
Egg Inspiration: "This is Bob", the infamous Youtube copypasta spam.
Egg Credit: Ivy

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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