Name: Revalise
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: P8 T12, Early Autumn
Location: Mathon Hold
Rank: Lord Holder's Daughter

Mini-Biography: Revalise was born the eldest daughter to Lord Tremol and Lady Annalise. It is clear to see that Revalise is Annalise’s daughter, her appearance is very similar to her mother, she has the same curly – more frizzy hair and grey eyes. Upon close inspection of her hair, you can see that its more like her fathers medium brown, rather than her mother’s mousey brown hair. She has a typical active child build – she’s althetic build without any defining features at present. It’s likely that as she grow’s she’ll take on her mother’s hour-glass figure, but that yet remains to be seen.
Is a proper little ‘lady’ sometimes – especially when around her father, tries to appear everything expected of a lord holders daughter, which can often lead her to act older than she is when around her father. She is still only a young girl however and is keen to play with her sibling (s) and other hold children when not around her dad – not that dad minds her being a child of course! Revalise strives to win his approval. She’s intelligent, and is learning her lessons from the harper well, and also learns quickly from watching her mother/father in ways to act around people.
She’s a genuinely nice girl – rank will never go to her head, she’ll never be the type of child to bully others or play rank. As she grows she’ll be the type of child to reason with others, rather than fight as that what she feels is expected of her.
Doesn’;t like being told off and so tries to do everything expected of her – even more so infront of her father, again, to obtain his approval. She’s a daddys girl deep down, but not the type of child to be openly so about it.
Mini-Biography Credit: Taenia

Mother: Lady Holder Annalise (Taenia)
Father: Lord Holder Tremol (Emma)
Sisters: Mollise

Availability: Not available for adoption. Adopted by Taenia.

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