Gold Ria x Brown Hazard

Flight - Off camera
Clutching -
Hatching - Eggs handed out; Late Autumn, T12 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Ria (Jenoramil)
Sire: Brown Hazard (Verily)
Totals: 7
Gold: 0
Bronze: 0
Brown: 2
Blue: 2
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:

THE PEACEFUL GREEN Harmony to Xer'zyn
Color: Green
Hex code: BCED91
Adult size: 9.5" wingspan of 17.5"

Physical Description:

The Peaceful Green is bright and cheerful even in appearance. She is mostly light green in color, though it appears transient with a branch-like pattern of a slightly darker shade that is most prominent along her hindquarters and fading towards the front end. Her dorsal ridges are an even brighter yellow-green, like fresh new grass on the first day of spring.

The Peaceful Green is of average size but with large, free-flowing wings. She may not be as agile as most of the smaller fire lizards, but she does not mind because her movements are often large and dramatic for the purpose of a pleasant distraction. She likes to fly unrestricted, which is why sometimes an observer may wonder if she is swimming rather than flying through the skies.

Personality Description:

The Peaceful Green is a kind and loving fire lizard that values peace above all else. All that she does is to prevent suffering and conflict, and to unite everyone around her so that they can all be happy. This especially extends to Xer'zyn, whom she often urges not to be so angry and not to think cruel thoughts, and most importantly to let the wrongs of the past rest where they lie. The Peaceful Green also encourages him to be more friendly and forgiving, because everyone has flaws and to love is to accept them. But when she does find Xer'zyn in an altercation, then she will calmly interject herself into the very middle of the conflict and attempt to passively diffuse the situation with nothing else but her presence. If she must be hurt so that no one else is, then so be it.

The Peaceful Green enjoys life to the fullest, from art and music to fun and games. If there is a young child drawing figures in the sand or a band of Harpers playing and singing, she will be there to watch and listen. She loves to play with other fire lizards and even young children, as long as the games are nice and innocent. She is friendly to all creatures and treats them with equal kindness and respect, not one to strictly recognize authority but enough so that she would not interfere with hierarchy unless it is to keep peace. The Peaceful Green can be described as easygoing and free, and she can often be found singing with chirps and trills while dancing in the skies to nothing else but the symphony of nature.

Inspiration: Amity faction from Divergent series

The Unwanted Green Tair to L'vin
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 11.5", wingspan of 17"
Hex Code: Foreground #CFDBC5, background #3F6826
Physical Description:

The Unwanted Green is very colorful despite being mostly dark in color. She is four different shades of green all across the spectrum from light to dark, the color strewn across her hide in patches as if in camouflage. The two most prominent and noticeable colors are a deep green that easily reminds one of the jungles, while the second is a lighter pale grayish green almost like wet sand. The other two colors are spread out more infrequently, the first a much darker almost black green like the shadows of leaves and the last a deeper shade of olive green like mud.

The Unwanted Green is long and sinuous with slightly shorter than proportional wings. She has an uncanny ability to slither about, whether on the ground or in the air, and she can often move from one place to another unnoticed. Yet when she does want to be seen, there is an almost rebellious manner in which she postures as if wanting the observer to see the defiant streak underneath that splotchy and seemingly unnatural hide.

Personality Description:

The Unwanted Green is that relative that everyone knows but pretends does not exist. She is socially awkward and uncertain of herself when among other creatures, and she is only comfortable with those that are also considered social outcasts. So for the most part she keeps to herself and stays away from public situations, although occasionally she will slip in during a feast to steal some tasty morsels. But The Unwanted Green does admire and respect L'vin for his position and power, and there is a sense of affection and obligation there for the one who took her in when no one else would. She is deathly loyal to L'vin, almost to a fault, and will stop at nothing to do his bidding and please him.

The Unwanted Green has a side of her that becomes defiant and even violent at times as if exploding from the social oppression she so often suffers. Most of the time these outbursts are in reaction to a threat against L'vin and she can react in a physical rage that can only be appeased by the spilling of blood. But she does not attack to kill, only to injure enough to make a point. While quiet and hidden away most of the time, the rare occasions that The Unwanted Green decides to show her face is when she is prone to her volatile reactions. Only a firm command from L'vin will be able to bring her back to reality, after which she often hides away into the shadows again.

Inspiration: Factionless from Divergent series

The Three Degrees of Green Gleem to Mavin
Color: Green
Adult size: 9" wingspan of 15"
Hex code: #108070

Physical Description:
The Three Degrees of Green is often times confused for a blue because of her turquoise coloring. Her coloring is solid throughout most of her body, except her dorsal ridges which are a brighter turquoise. Then in a darker almost black shade is a pattern of three Vs trailing from the back down to the front of her left shoulder.

The Three Degrees of Green is small and compact, built lean and tight. She boasts agility above all else, but her speed and strength can be quite surprising for a fire lizard of her stature. Her wings are perfectly proportional, and she does not waste her energy on superfluous movements, always moving quickly and efficiently.

Personality Description:

The Three Degrees of Green is at first quiet and seemingly shy, but in reality she simply needs time to learn how to behave around others. She often feels out of place, especially in her youth when among her green sisters, and so she easily fades into the background if she does not want to be an intrusion. But do not be fooled, because there is a bolder and braver side to this fire lizard that will appear more often as she matures.

The Three Degrees of Green will build strong and loyal relationships as she matures, especially to her human and those that he loves. To protect them, she becomes a surprisingly strong and even dangerous fire lizard that will eventually resort to physical violence only if all else fails. She is cunning and fearless, a frightening combination when she uses them in conjunction. But she never attacks out of malice, only in defense.

Inspiration: Divergent from the Divergent series

The Intelligent Brown Ophrys to Akelytana
Color: Brown
Adult size: 13.5" wingspan of "20.5
Hex code: #B67C3D

Physical Description:

The Intelligent Brown is an indistinct sandy brown in coloring that does not really draw attention in general. But if one looks at his face they will notice that the coloring around the eyes are a much darker shade of brown, and some might even claim that it makes him look more intelligent. On his left arm is a pattern that appears to be a dark blue band.

The Intelligent Brown is a crisp and clean-cut looking fire lizard, always ensuring that he is in pristine shape as far as the quality of his hide goes. But he does not care to develop any physical fitness as he believes that empowering the mind is more important than fortifying the body, and so he lacks strength and stamina. He can also be considered lazy to an extent as he prefers not to fly around, instead jumping [i]between[/i] more often than not.

Personality Description:

The Intelligent Brown values intelligence and wisdom above any other virtues. He is the one who seeks to eliminate ignorance by learning as much as he can, and he often encourages Akelytana to do the same in whichever field of study she deems fascinating. The Intelligent Brown is one of the most intellectual and cunning fire lizards around, and he will be extremely easy to teach and train so long as he believes there is a functional purpose in what he is being asked to do. He has as close to an eidectic memory as possible for a fire lizard.

The Intelligent Brown is driven by curiosity and an insatiable desire to absorb knowledge. He can almost always be found observing the weavers at their looms or farmers in the fields, and one would be surprised by how much he can understand of human crafts. The Intelligent Brown can become too arrogant as a result of his knowledge, however, as he does believe that knowledge is power. Thus he can sometimes be found trying to boss others around, including trying to convey to Akelytana how best to go about her household duties. But he is even more unsympathetic and unforgiving to those that are ignorant as he believes that such individuals intentionally chose not to strive for knowledge.

Inspiration: Erudite faction from Divergent series

The Brave Brown Valor to Alista
Color: Brown
Adult size: 15" wingspan of 26"
Hex code: #660000

Physical Description:

The Brave Brown is a very dark burgundy in color, and in a frightening fashion, appears to be covered in human blood in certain lighting. But he is simply a very reddish brown that is solid throughout the majority of his hide, though instead of shining after a good bath and oil, it seems to become even darker and almost black. The dorsal ridges are the unique trait to his appearance, a bright flaming reddish tone that is a stark contrast to the rest of his body.

The Brave Brown is a large and daunting fire lizard, built with strong musculature and a solid frame that boasts of strength and endurance. His movements are wild and often times reckless, flying about the air with dramatic flair and showing off with fancy maneuvers. But his large expansive wings allow him to fly long and steady, and there are few who can match his endurance.

Personality Description:

The Brave Brown is a courageous and protective fire lizard that values bravery above all else. He strives to become fearless and indestructible so that he can better protect those that he loves. He is the one who will encourage Alistylla to face her fears and overcome them so that she can become even stronger. The Brave Brown believes in defending those that cannot defend themselves, and shouting for those who are afraid to speak up.

The Brave Brown does take the protection of others a little too far, to the point where he often likes to pick a fight for the smallest of slights, especially any directed at Alistylla. He enjoys any chance to show off his physical skills and fighting prowess, though he always ensures to leave his opponent alive so that he can better boast of his victory. The Brave Brown savors the rush of adrenaline from dangerous situations, and he never hesitates to put himself at risk not only to defend others, but simply to overcome a difficult challenge and prove his fearlessness. He will often be the one seen pulling daring and dangerous stunts for no other reason than because he can.

Inspiration: Dauntless faction from Divergent series

The Selfless Blue Haven to Phyrra
Color: Blue
Adult size: 11" wingspan of "18
Hex code: 687C97

Physical Description:

The Selfless Blue is very unnoticeable, almost unattractive in appearance if one should care to even look at him. He is a solid gray-blue throughout his entire body, and even a good bath and oiling will not give any shine to his otherwise dull hide. The Selfless Blue is very resistant to accessories and adornments of any kind, and should anyone manage to slip one on him, he will take it off the first chance he gets.

The Selfless Blue is small and compact, none of his features are at all overly large or flashy. He behaves very respectfully, always holding himself with a formality even around Phyrra and those that belong to her. He dislikes physical intimacy to the point that he almost resents being touched, and most of the time he will be found hovering nearby rather than perched on Phyrra or Femaith.

Personality Description:

The Selfless Blue is a submissive fire lizard that values selflessness above all else. The focus of his life is to serve others instead of himself, and while this extends to supporting Phyrra, he more often than not encourages her to act as selflessly as he does. He is almost always found rushing to the aid of others, even if it means risking his own safety to help another. The Selfless Blue rejects vanity and self-indulgence, and while he does not judge others for it, he would never be caught staring at his own reflection or participating in fun and games. He strives not to be noticed. The Selfless Blue is always calm and quiet, and the only times he makes a noise is to warn others of danger.

Although The Selfless Blue often tries to instill a sense of selflessness in the other fire lizards that belong to Phyrra, he encourages this value in Phyrra most of all. If he perceives that she has acted selfishly rather than for the interests of others, he will not hesitate to admonish her albeit gently and kindly, allowing her to feel his disappointment. The Selfless Blue often guides Phyrra in behavior and actions that would be considered selfless, and encourages her to comply with others and assist them regardless of what it is they need.

Inspiration: Abnegation faction from Divergent series

The Honest Blue Candor to Niriah
Color: Blue
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of "20.5
Hex code: Alaska Sky, Alice Blue

Physical Description:

The Honest Blue is an interesting sight to behold as he has a contrasting dual-toned hide. The top half of his body is a deep blue like the darkening sky, starting with his entire head and stretching down his dorsal surface to envelop the top half of his neck. At the shoulders the dark blue stops before reaching the forearm and abruptly curls above the wing pinion, only to expand downward the flank to cover the top half of the hindquarters, and finally traveling down the top half of the tail to cover the entire forked tip in darkness. The bottom half of his body, including the ventral surface of his wings, is a pale blue that appears to be almost white.

The Honest Blue is of average size and build for a fire lizard, boasting no real physical attribute. While he is not shy or flashy in his movements, he is quick and efficient, not caring to waste time with fancy maneuvers that serve no purpose in his goal of moving from one place to the next. He is not afraid to express himself whether vocally or physically, and this expression can range from intimately loving to violently aggressive.

Personality Description:

The Honest Blue is a blunt and straightforward fire lizard that values honesty above all else. He will always relay the truth, often without any kindness or sympathy, and so he comes off as cruel and uncaring. He simply does not see the need to sugarcoat the truth or flatter with false niceties as they only lead to more dishonesty and deception. Neither does he appreciate those that promote deceit and hide the truth, so [font color="aliceblue" style="background-color:#1B3F8B;"]The Honest Blue## often discourages Niriah from associating with such individuals. He instead encourages her to live her life more honestly, to openly reveal her deepest secrets and share her darkest opinions so as to be able to move forward more happily and peacefully.

The Honest Blue hates dishonesty and deceit more than anything else, but only in so far as it involves him directly. He is a living lie detector, and he has an uncanny ability to determine if someone is lying or feigning. If he hears a falsehood or sees a deception, then he will sound the alarm to ensure that everyone around knows so. He does not even care if it is Niriah he is telling on, so she is best off not to discuss any secret plots when he is around. But the The Honest Blue is not such an overly suspicious individual that he would go seeking the truth. He doesn't actually care about the duplicity itself just that it was committed, and so long as one does not lie or deceive in front of him, then he is happy to leave it well enough alone.

Inspiration: Candor faction from Divergent series
Credits: Starr, Shouriko (art)

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