Green Riudith

Impressee: Y'sil (Yasil)

Name: Riudith
Pronunciation: Rie-uh-dith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 665C00
Final Size: 23' length with a wingspan of 41'

Riudith is such a small green that she is often overlooked by others. Even when she grows older, she will maintain her diminutive, almost child-like stature, along with her ‘baby fat’. However, her wingspan is much larger than one would expect and seems out of place on such a small, chubby body. What Riudith lacks in size however, she more than makes up for in her brilliant colouring. The majority of her hide is a beautiful dappled green. She has darker, leaf-shaped patches spread liberally across her, with a lighter yellow-green poking through in some places. On Riudith’s head her hide takes on a reddish hue, giving the impression of a hood. This colouring spreads down the top of her neck and on to her back, then from there out to her wings, covering them on both sides. It doesn't stop there though, the reddish-green continues down Riudith's back, spreading across her hindquarters and partway down her back legs.

Riudith may not be large, but she has enough cheerfulness for a dozen dragons. In her world the sun is always shining and she sees everything, and everyone, in the best light possible. This doesn't always make her the brightest dragon of the clutch, but this shortcoming is vastly overshadowed by her glowing personality. Riudith will willingly obey instructions, but may not always follow through on tasks she is assigned, due to her short attention span. Almost everything she sees will peak her curiosity and she will have to inspect it until something new catches her eye. It will be a constant challenge for her rider to rein in Riduith’s excitement enough to focus on the task at hand. It is difficult to get mad at her though, as she is one of the friendliest dragons you will meet. Riudith loves making new friends and will gladly talk with anyone, acquaintances and strangers alike. 

Inspiration: Little Red Riding Hood

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Piggy Pink Egg didn't waste any time wobbling on the Sands. Whatever was inside was in a great hurry to get out. With a sudden shove, the cheerful pink egg fell over, its shell cracking neatly in half. A moment of stillness passed and then a head popped out from one half of the egg. The dragon kept its head down, snuffling curiously at the pink shards. When at last the hatchling glanced up its dappled green face could be seen clearly. The green dragon froze at the sight of the rows of white-robed Candidates, then shot forth from its shell so fast that the remnants of pink egg were hurled backwards. Alas, the chubby green's legs couldn't keep up with her excitement and she went tumbling in a dramatic dive on the ground. Before anyone could react she was back on her feet and hurtling headlong towards the Candidates once more. Suddenly she swerved sideways and came to a screeching halt that sent sand spiraling up into the air. Her nose dropped to the ground and she snuffled at what must have been a shard of another egg. This was soon deemed too boring and the green head was brought back up, eyes returning to the Candidates once more. Moving a little more sedately now, the dappled green dragon made her way towards the Candidates. She still couldn't get rid of the bounce in her step though and it looked almost like she was skipping towards them. Stopping in front of Yasil, she looked up with big blue eyes. "I think we should go get some food first, Riudith," Y'sil said solemnly after a moment's pause. He reached down a hand to stroke Riudith's reddish-green head, but the green dragon had already bolted off in the direction that the other newly made dragonriders had left in and Y'sil was left to chase after her. 

Dragon Credit: Adina

Egg Name: Piggy Pink Egg
Egg Description: Obnoxiously rosy, this rotund little egg sits cheerfully with its lumps and bumps, utterly oblivious to the world around it. And why should it? With such a fabulous shade of pink to colour its shell, it need not worry about a lack of attention. Haphazard splashes of hot pink highlight its imperfections, but does not seem to detract from the overall bright and jovial impression one might take away from this egg. It looks lively, and some have speculated that it got its bumps from rolling around on the Sands too much.
Egg Inspiration: Piggy Pink
Egg Credit: Symmetry

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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