Funny Man Brown Roccoth

Impressee: L'lan (Sollan)

Name: Roccoth
Pronounciation: rok - koth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 926032
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith, P8 T16
Final Size: 37.25' length of 62' wingspan


Roccoth is a dragon with a sense of humor, and well-used to hard work. He's got a certain sense that to get anywhere in life, you need to work hard and folks will notice you. Alas, his naive world view will change as he grows older, and he will become one of those dragon who likes to do the bare minimum to get by. Even when the jaded world view sets in, he'll always be a rather excitable dragon, prone to over-reacting and blowing things out of proportion. His rider will constantly have to tell him to calm down during weyrling training.
He's a fairly uniform brown color, and doesn't stand out at all by himself, which might have contributed to his eventual world view changing. He does have a very light outline of a rosary and cross on the left shoulder, his lucky charm. His wing membranes are darker than his hide, and he tends to hold them so that they are loose, flapping in the wind. He even has a average build for a brown, not too big, not too small. Kind of just the middle man all around.

Inspiration: Rocco, The Boondock Saints
Dragon Credit: Velcro

Hatching Message:
The ever so average-seeming Hot Dog Egg had been rocking back and forth for some time, not appearing to be making any progress in hatching. At last, the shell was giving up its fight to remain whole. A bit of shell chipped off, leaving a small hole, and a web of crackers immediately shot out from that centre point. A brown paw pushed its way through the hole, and after scrabbling around it tore away enough shell to let the hatchling push its way into the world, flopping onto the sands.

A brown he was, a very average-looking brown to go with his very average-looking egg. After a moment to catch his breath after his struggles, the Funny Man Brown pushed himself up onto all fours.

He knew he needed to find someone, and it didn't take him long to find just the right person. In fact, he seemed to know just who he wanted and wasted no time going up to the shy Sollan, nudging the boy's leg as the newly-made L'lan gaped in amazement, and then started laughing delightedly. "Roccoth! We're a team now, sure!"

Egg Name: Hot Dog Egg
Egg Description: This egg is average, average size, average color, average feel, average all the way around. The only really distinguishing thing about the egg is that the pores of the egg, though invisible to touch, look as if they are filled with just a lighter shade of brown than the base of the egg.
There is no special feeling of this egg, no special warmth, nothing to distinguish it from an absolutely normal egg. There might even be speculation, next to his gaudy neighbors that this egg is not going to be anything special, or maybe a dud egg (the sire was a brown after all).
Egg Inspiration: Corn Dog
Egg Credit: WunderingMind

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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