The Hobgoblin Blue Rofelloth

Impressee: N'az (Niazlar) [Rhee]

Name: Rofelloth
Pronounciation: row-fell-oath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 3c6874
Hatching: Gold Audalath x Bronze Cygneth, P8 T19 Early Winter
Final Size: 29' wingspan of 51'



A rather unusual creature, the Hobgoblin Blue is not exactly awkward looking, there is just something about him that is sort of off. His limbs don’t seem to quite match, his headknobs look a bit askew, or perhaps it’s that his tail is just a tad lumpy. Whatever the case, the Hobgoblin Blue doesn’t let it bother him, moving through life with confidence and spirit. Far from awkward in fact, he is quite light on his feet—flitting from here to there, able to practically skip when he walks, the Hobgoblin Blue is always quick and cunning in his movements. This will not change as he grows, and his wings—somewhat spindly looking, like they shouldn’t be able to hold up the slightly lopsided weight of the Hobgoblin Blue at his full size—carry him into the skies. His flight and flaming is almost like a dance, and he is as comfortable going Between as he is breathing or eating, using the strategy almost excessively.

The Hobgoblin Blue’s hide is lightly mottled, with an appearance like foliage, or in another light, perhaps a merrily running stream. Blue-grey, it grows slightly greener at feet and tail, and a more pronounced foliage-like pattern winds its way down his neck in dark blue. The Hobgoblin Blue has strong hind-quarters, which will grow even more pronounced as he ages to help him leap easily and effortlessly into the air, and are juxtaposed oddly with his thin forelegs and wing muscles. How the Hobgoblin Blue even stays aloft with these strange proportions is quite the mystery, but his wings seem to stretch and rise to the challenge.

Due to his less than average size, the Hobgoblin Blue doesn't immediately stand out, and can at times really blend into the background. He loves to use the fact that he sometimes goes unnoticed to his advantage, as it provides ample chance for him to get into all kinds of sneaky mischief. With his green-ish tint and small size, the Hobgoblin Blue can cause a bit of confusion at first glanceis he a blue? Is he a green? He personally finds it unimportant, and won't both making any corrections; he is simply himselfthe Hobgoblin Blue.


Rofelloth hatches with plenty of spunk and sass to go around, with many a word to say and more than an appropriate amount of mischief in his head. This is a hatchling that will be quite a handful in his early days, as he explores the world and tests the bounds of what he can get away with. And he is always looking to get away with something—from teasing his siblings, to stealing the bedding off his neighbor’s cot, to switching the possessions of Niazlar’s fellow weyrlings when everyone is out of the barracks, his mind works quick when it is coming up with pranks and mischief.

It will be difficult to keep Rofelloth in the barracks after curfew, as nighttime is such an excellent time to sniff about without anyone noticing. He will prefer to sleep all day and wander at night, reveling in the mischief he can get up to after dark, and discovering what secrets the Weyr hides under the clock of darkness. Rofelloth enjoys any way he can go unnoticed, and, aware that he will not be this size forever, he’ll attempt to take as much advantage of his small size before he grows too big.

And even then, his playful attitude will still be the defining trait of his character as he grows into adulthood. At times his antics can grow a bit malicious, as Rofelloth has a tendency to find humor in places others might not, and he can be rather prone to instigation. Whether this is a benign playful game of tag, or a more serious misunderstanding or even an argument, Rofelloth has the tendency to be found in the middle of such things. Some of this by design, and some is purely accidental—how was he supposed to know Elphameth would take such offense to a simple remark?

Ultimately though, Rofelloth is a kind-hearted creature. His youth might make him blind to the trouble he causes, but as he matures he will see the error in some of his more devious setups, and seek to apologize and rectify these mistakes. This remorse will never stop him, of course, the flitting memory of a blue does not allow for such growth, and he is an entertainer, a jokester always, with never ending attempts to make Niazlar and his friends laugh. And should his chosen join him in these plots, then Solaria had better keep on their toes.

Rofelloth will also grow to love the fun of the chase—the constantly rising greens providing ample chances whenever the mood strikes him. He carries little sentimental value for the greens he chases, and instead enjoys the sport of it all—the casual flirtations, zooming through the skies, causing upsets with the other males. With his colorful, endearing language and easy-going manners, he will have no troubles wooing a green, but will forget about her quickly after the flight. Depending on his mood that day, he might play a bit dirty sometimes. A quick swipe here or there when nobody is looking really isn’t that big of a deal, is it?

In the wings, he can be a tricky little fellow for the Wingleader who doesn’t take the time to learn his specific fighting styles and strategies. He could be a great Threadfighter in the hands of the right Wingleader, or nothing but trouble in the one who doesn’t learn to play to his strengths. Like many blues, Rofelloth is most suited to fast paced, agile maneuvers rather than sheer flame coverage, but he doesn’t stay in formation very well, preferring to flit from here to there as he sees fit. It will take a concerted effort on both the part of Niazlar and their Wingleaders to see that Rofelloth becomes a strong contributing member of the wing, and also doesn’t get the both of them killed in the process. He does not possess the anger some dragons might feel at the ancient menace, seeing Threadfighting as more of a game than the grim reality it is. Again, this can be seen as a strength, making him able to keep a cool head during ‘Fall, but such a casual attitude can also lead to injuries if not monitored carefully.

One might also think that getting such a free-spirited dragon as Rofelloth to actually listen to a Weyrlingmaster or Wingleader a challenge, but this blue is a people-pleaser at his core, and his antics are not actually an attempt to buck authority. Sure, he might disagree with the Weyrlingmaster on what appropriate nighttime activities are, and nothing will deter him from his troublemaking, but he recognizes the hierarchy of the Weyr and has no qualms about such things. Still, there will be bronzes he listens to easier than others—Nixeth, for whatever reason, will command both respect and attention from him. The dragons that Rofelloth likes best are the ones that appreciate his spirit and good charm.

A Midsummer's Night Dream
William Shakespeare

Dragon Credit: Mandy

Playful, though capricious, his voice varies with the situation, from a pleasant, almost lulling tone that is light and airy, to a tenor that is solemn and commanding, and on occasion something rather uncomfortable sounding, devious and high-pitched. Rofelloth is not a shy dragon, and does not keep to just talking to his rider—given his mood is right, he’ll talk to just about anyone who will listen.

Hatching Message:
The What Secrets Are You Holding Egg had drawn its fair share of attention, but it didn't put much fuss into hatching. With a quick shiver, the colorful egg toppled over with a dull thunk, only drawing the attention of the most watchful of candidates. Thin cracks began to creep across the egg's surface, as the dragon inside pushed and prodded against its shell. Finally, a snout appeared, followed by a pair of claws as the little creature attempted to claw its way out. With a couple wriggles, the Hobgoblin Blue plopped out onto the sands.

He stood up, seemingly unperturbed by the sand that now covered the lower half of his body in a thin coat, and surveyed the crowd. The Now Kiss! Bronze and his antics caught his eye first, and with something like laughter the Hobgoblin Blue shook with mirth. He snaked around towards the bronze for a few steps, but then finally noticed the candidates. Ah, yes, how could he have some fun here?

Public Impression Message:
Hunger gnawed at his stomach, and the Hobgoblin Blue became increasingly irritated with each unsatisfying candidate. He nearly growled at Ebenric, who was just all wrong, and swished some sand up at the boy with his tail. This antic brought his mood up considerably, and he moved on eagerly to the next candidate, Aylani. She was not right either, but just to amuse himself he tugged at her robe with his teeth for a moment, then ran off, quite pleased with himself.

Ah, yes, at least these candidates seemed so easily offended! What fun! But still, there was the matter of his stomach, and his bonded still out there. The Hobgoblin Blue considered once again consulting with his brother, but that would take more time, and he didn’t want to go interrupt whatever the Now Kiss! Bronze had gotten into now. When the Hobgoblin Blue finally plopped down at one boy’s feet, it seemed like it could almost be from sheer exhaustion rather than actually finding his bonded, as he didn’t circle or inspect this one at all, but no: this one was his, he was sure of it.

Personal Impression Message:
All good fun must come to an end eventually, and though he realizes there is still mischief to get up to on the hatching grounds, hunger and a need to find you have won out. And you! You are fun, he can tell in his heart, peering into your soul momentarily and coming out quite satisfied.

My N’az. His voice is clear, crisp, like a gentle wind blowing through your mind, and there is no doubt in his that you are the one for him. Rainbow eyes swirl as he kneels before you, wings crooked to the side in a way that looks uncomfortable but doesn’t seem to bother him. My name is Rofelloth, and I suspect there much waiting for us outside these grounds. Let’s catch up with my siblings, shall we? He leads you away, across the sands, confident that you will follow him. Everyone should, after all.

Egg Name: What Secrets Are You Holding Egg
Egg Description: An average sized egg with so many colors that bets will be rampant on what color might emerge. Blue? The bright blue of its crown certainly supports that. Gold? That dazzling yellow spot could be hiding something royal. Brown? The other colors are all laced through a brown base. And who knows what those reds and blacks might signify!
Egg Inspiration: Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Audalath (Ellandra)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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