The Bombshell Green Rokalyth

Impressee: Azrael

Name: The Bombshell Green Rokalyth
Pronounciation: Roh-KAH-lith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 48FA63
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 27.5' wingspan of 48.5'

Description: Weyrling
THE BOMBSHELL GREEN is a little pudgy all over initially, but her bright green hide makes up for the blandness of her figure. Her front legs near her feet have some darker green, almost black, blurry blotches on them; the markings swirl around up to her knee joints and suddenly stop. The next place of interest is her collarbone area, which has a 'v' marking across it in the same darker color as her legs. The edges of her wings have similar marking to her legs, but along the edges of the wing sails. THE BOMBSHELL GREEN has the same markings on her upper back legs as well, but they end before the markings reach either the knee or lower leg. The markings give the impression that they are complex and intricate, but at this age it seems to be impossible to see them clearly. The face of THE BOMBSHELL GREEN looks to have some of the black-ish smudge as well, focusing around her eyes, giving them a feline-like shape. In addition to that quirk, this green's headknobs are unusually large and rounded, even just out of the shell!

As THE BOMBSHELL GREEN grows, her markings begin to loose the blurry quality and develop more defined edges. They end up seeming a lot like pictures, though some of them you know, and some you don't. The edges of her wings end up looking like a spotted roset pattern, and the green hide underneath this pattern is tinted yellow. Thankfully, is doesn't take more than a Turn for THE BOMBSHELL GREEN to lose her baby fat, as she will slowly gain body length and her remaining pudgyness will relocate to more ideal "Lady-like" areas. She will grow into a very voluptuous form for a green. THE BOMBSHELL GREEN will generally be lined with strong muscle, but it will only be obvious in that there is muscle there, but it won't bugle or show veins as if she were wiry or underweight. Everything on her hide will seem perfectly smooth and well taken care of at any given point. As she matures, her headknobs will continue to be slightly oversized and very round. THE BOMBSHELL GREEN will demand that her rider place a flower in her "hair" or the closest thing she has to it.

THE BOMBSHELL GREEN will turn out to be a spectacularly well-formed green. She will have a good amount of endurance from a rounded chest, large wings, and a lithe tail. Her prime flying abilities will show through in a remarkably turning radius and she will have some minor skill in short bursts of speed but remains better at a steady pace. On the ground THE BOMBSHELL GREEN will be slow but steady on her feet, but walks strangely. She likes to walk forward on her feet, placing weight on her toes and claws unless she is running. If she is running, she losses much of her steadiness and tends to look fairly precariously balanced. She has a tendency to trip over herself while running, and it will be obvious that she would rather be flying or walking than running.

Personality: As a young dragon, Rokalyth will constantly make sure Azrael is always looking the best she possibly could, because looks do matter. A lot. She always wants her rider to look the best she can, and she prefers that her rider look a certain way, as well. Otherwise, how will all those handsome fellas over there notice them? Even more so, she encourages Azrael to have a good time while socializing, which in Rokalyth-terms means being the center of attention. She will often encourage Azrael to sing and dance with the boys who's dragon she thinks are cute at that moment. A lot of personality will develop as Weyrling training goes on, and Azrael will often have to remind Rokalyth to watch what she says to both older dragons and even her clutch mates. Rokalyth will start fights constantly during Weyrling Training with her cruel and sharp tongue.

Rokalyth likes to point out the flaws in others, putting herself and Azrael on a very high pedestal. No one is as good as they are, even golds and bronzes have to work to impress her. Oh boy, and she will let them know that all the time. Rokalyth is the queen of back-handed compliments, and just right out of the shell (You wear your hide well, for it being the same color as a burlap sack, Darlin'). Of course, she will begin or end all insults with an endearment, like "Hon'", "Darlin'", and "Doll". Rokalyth will also defend anything and everything about Az, no one had better say a thing against her rider within her hearing, else the dragon or person will be on the receiving end of a southern-style rant of huge proportions. (Of course my rider is the absolute best, and don't you forget it!)

Thankfully, as she grows older, she will be somewhat more controlled in her choice words to others. She would still rather insult a dragon in her honeyed-venom style than actually have a conversation with all but her closest dragon friends (You know, Doll, she did deserve it, trying to walk all over us green like that!). A dragon will have to prove his or her loyalty to be considered even an associate of hers, and she will keep a very elite circle of friends. She will be oddly exclusive of golds, but all other woman ridden greens and any male dragons will have a much easier time dealing with this princess of a dragon. She will like to be clean and constantly presentable, insisting that her rider places some type of flower in her 'hair' on every rest day. Rokalyth likes to be "Lady-like," and is very careful when doing messy activities like eating so she won't get anything on her gorgeous hide.

When it comes to Azrael's preferences for friends and family, Rokalyth will insist on meeting each of these people Az holds dear. Dragonriders will have an easy time of gaining her approval, while those without dragons will face a thorough examination much like Azrael faced when she Impressed Rokalyth. Head to toe inspection, and perhaps even some inquiries directly to the person. She may bristle at Kael's attitude at first, telling Az that he is mean and she shouldn't put up with that, even from a brother. However, Rokalyth will slowly come to accept Kael, perhaps not to the point of liking him, but acceptance is good enough for Rokalyth to be very pleasant and civil to him because he is Azrael's clutchmate.

Rokalyth will try to be a very commanding dragon, but since she's green, few will listen. This doesn't bother her, however. She knows what she is and enjoys it. It may take her rider a long time to make sense of this since it doesn't match her personality very well, but it may be the only reason she's allowed in the Weyr with all the insults she hurls constantly. It would take a strong-willed rider to reign in her wicked tongue altogether.

When it comes to fighting Thread, Rokalyth is much more professional. She won't fuss if her hide somehow gets dirty until after the 'Fall, and she will keep to her strengths while flying and flaming. Her flame tends to be mid-length for a green but wider than normal, giving her a few feet extra of flaming area, even if it's not that far from herself. Rokalyth will be a trooper until Thread is done, but after that she'll be insistent that they go back to bath and eat if needed. Even during 'Fall she doesn't enjoy looking anything but her best, even though she is a remarkably clean dragon that rarely gets things on her hide in the first place.

A few days before Rokalyth is ready to rise, her rider will be able to tell with ease what is coming. Her insults will go into overdrive, but she will constantly be flirting with those same veiled insults. She obviously prefers bad-boy dragon types, the ones that seem a little dangerous to most other greens. She will especially respect a male that can give insults just as well as she can. Physical abilities will play into her choice during flight, the boys that keep up with her the best are highly favored, but the dragons who she considered 'dangerous' are also still in the running. Rokalyth will make her own choice clear, without much playing around towards the end of the flight. If anyone dares to try to grab her before she is ready to stop, they will be facing teeth and claws of one livid green lady. How dare they not let her finish!

Inspiration: Rockabilly Music
Rockabilly Style
Dragon Credit: Velcro

Voice: Rokalyth has a very odd accent, sort of a southern US drawl. Her voice is mid-range alto, usually very full and loud. She can control her volume with ease, often alternating emphasis on some words by how loud she says them. When Azrael is singing, Rokalyth will try to sing along, but instead of singing it is more like faster spoken-word styled music. She tries, but thankfully for Azrael she has a good sense of timing, and Rokalyth will enjoying 'singing' into her bonded's head while Az is singing aloud.

Hatching Message: The Black Cat Egg tips over on it's side in an ungainly manner, and the candidates can hear an excited squeal from inside the egg. It's not one of distress, however, and the egg continues to rock eagerly. This dragon is ready to be out! The yellow eye-like markings are starring straight at the candidates, and with the rocking motion, it resembles that the egg is shaking it's head in a "no" manner, even though it's sideways.

The sideways Black Cat Egg seems to have taken enough of a beating from the hatchling trying to get out. The dome shape of the egg is ruined as it sinks down in several spots. A front leg bursts through one of the eye-markings, and the egg crumples around that. A green dragon is furiously shaking off shell remnants and egg goo. Once she is satisfied, THE BOMBSHELL GREEN strikes a coy pose, looking over her shoulder at the stands for several moments, examining them all closely.
Public Impression Message: Eventually, THE BOMBSHELL GREEN is not satisfied with what she sees in the stands, and looks towards the candidates. She examines the group from afar, sitting prettily so they could all admire her. After several minutes of sitting absolutely still, THE BOMBSHELL GREEN gets up, and seems to tip-toe over to one dark-haired candidate. THE BOMBSHELL GREEN looks this candidate over thoroughly, head to toes. Finally, it seemed that THE BOMBSHELL GREEN was satisfied and a whirl of rainbow colors appeared as she nuzzled her chosen candidate.
Personal Impression Message: The green on the sands has been there a long time, without moving from the mess of her broken shell. She stands so still and so long that your attention may have moved on to other hopes. But suddenly, this little green is moving, coming right at you. Your heart thumps with a mixture of nerves and surprise. Was this is? Then the green stops in front of you, clearly inspecting everything about you, even your toes if she can see them. After a few moments where you can hardly decide what to do or if you should move a muscle, the chubby green looks into your eyes, and all you hear is, Azrael-dear, just as you kept coming back to me, I will always come back to you. We will need to work on your wardrobe also, but that is a different matter. I am your Rokalyth, and there is no pair in this Weyr better than us. Then Rokalyth nuzzles your hand, and turns to lead you off the sands. However, she doesn't a clue where the two of you are supposed to be going!

Egg Name: Black Cat Egg
Egg Description: At first glance, this egg seems to blend into the dark sands of the hatching grounds. Nestled between two of its larger siblings, it is easy to overlook this small egg. This egg’s surface has a rich velvety black coloration with subtle variations that give it a peculiarly plush appearance. The illusion of being soft is assisted by the fact that is one of the least reflective eggs in the clutch. From certain angles, two bright yellow circles will seemingly illuminate one of its sides, giving the startling illusion of a wild feline’s eyes. This egg somehow seems skittish, as if it will bristle and hiss under the slightest touch.
Egg Inspiration: Black cats
Egg Credit: Notomys

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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