Name: Roki
Pronounciation: rok - ee
Pod: Ketrin Hold Pod
Birth Turn: I7T199
Gender: Male
Size: 11.9'

Description: Roki is the Ketrin Hold Pod's largest male. He has a long scar down the right side of his body, just above his flipper.

Personality: Roki is a traveller. Even though Ketrin is his home pod, he likes to visit the other pods and can often be seen accompanying ships far out to sea. Roki was with the former pod leader, Tal, when he met humans in P8T8 - and again, in P8T10. He still talks about those times and is sad that the humans he met seem to have forgotten. He hopes to meet more humans, and maybe work together again.

Dam: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
Calves: Bali (P8T12)

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