Love to the End Blue Romoth

Impressee: B'nack

Name: Romoth
Pronounciation: row - moth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 6495ED
Hatching: Gold Audalath x Bronze Cygneth, P8 T19 Early Winter
Final Size: 31 ' length of 52' wingspan


Mini bio:
Romoth is inarguably a handsome young blue - his cornflower blue hide is unblemished, with only one simple marking - a sweeping pair of curves on his chest that strangely enough seem to form the shape of a loveheart. He moves with a sort of fluid grace, even as a hatchling, that makes him a rather superb Threadfighter. Unfortunately, though, Romoth tends to be impulsive and rash - he is prone to acting before he thinks, and this can lead him in to trouble. He is no more impulsive than when around green Liettath - even as hatchlings the two dragons are drawn together, and Romoth persists in chasing her affections despite the intense disapproval of his rider. This frequently puts dragon and rider at odds with each other, and may make weyrlinghood - and beyond - difficult for the pair.

Inspiration: Romeo
Dragon Credit: Kitya

Egg Name: You Want Some Egg
Egg Description: Utterly average in size, this egg could very well go overlooked if not for its impressive, dark navy color, mottled through with brighter blues. While the color alone is pretty enough, more impressive are the two fluorescent purple spots on either side of the narrower end. It’s impossible to see the entirety of both spots at the same time, which has the unfortunate effect of making it look like the egg is nervously trying to look in two separate directions at once.
Egg Inspiration: Bowerbird
Egg Credit: Shelacula

Dam: Gold Audalath (Ellandra)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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