Blue Roncerth

Impressee: C'min (Comin)

Name: Roncerth
Pronunciation: Rohn-sirth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 0EBFE9
Final Size: 35' length with a wingspan of 60'
Hatching: Mid Autumn T10, 8th Pass

Roncerth is a large blue, but more so are his even larger and flashy wings. He uses them to his advantage so that he can flutter them prettily at passing greens, and he even struts about in such an erotic manner that it's hard not to turn your head when he strolls on by. This is a dragon that knows exactly how to move his body to look the most attractive, and it doesn't hurt that he is one well-built blue. In fact, his physique is more reminiscent of a brown, being of a bit strong and more muscular build than typical of a blue. There is no question that Roncerth is one hot commidity.

Even his color is flashy. Roncerth is a bright blue that is almost painful to the eyes. His hide shines brilliantly, especially after a good bath and oiling. The majority of his body is this color, with the exception of four bands that are of a paler almost white shade. There is one at the base of his neck, and then the base of his tail right behind his quarters, and finally there is one on each of his wrists.

Roncerth is a very flamboyant and flirtatious dragon. He loves nothing more than to tease and play with the greens, and sometimes he is even bold enough to socialize with the golds. With other male dragons he has a slightly dual personality, taking an oddly keen admiration of the physically stronger bronzes and browns, while looking down in disgust at his scrappier fellow blues. But regardless of his audience, he is always seen making dramatic statements and theatrical actions. For the most part he is rather physical and would rather express his thoughts in actions than words, and he's always looking for an excuse to brush himself up against a pretty green.

For a male, Roncerth is quite vain and narcissistic, and he will probably spend more time worrying about his appearance than how he's faring in a lesson or drill. He believes that all dragons should take an interest in their appearance, and often encourages his clutchmates and eventually his wingmates to be bathed if he finds even a speck of dirt on their hide or to be oiled if he sees the slightest hint of a crack. As such he will fare surprisingly well during 'Fall since he is constantly worrying about keeping his beautiful hide free of scars and even avoids having ashes fall anywhere near him, and so he demonstrates shockingly quick reflexes as a result.

This is a dragon that is all about playing rather than working. He does not like to exert any physical effort unless it's to flaunt himself to a pretty lady, and would much rather spend his free time staring at his own reflection in the lake or asking C'min to bathe and oil him. All this is so he looks his best in case any green or even gold is nearby, as he always wants to look his best when he approaches them. His appearance is about 75% of why he believes the ladies fawn over him, and the remaining 25% is obviously because of his irresistible charm.

Roncerth will definitely be a tail-chaser. He loves flights, and he can be seen chasing after every single rising green without bias. He is actually a very passionate lover, and he will appeal to her with sultry vocalizations and erotic maneuvers in the air. There is no holding back for Roncerth as he shows off his aerial acrobatics, using both charm and skill to woo the green over. Unfortunately he is not one to stay the night, and probably won't even stay around long enough after the flight to cuddle with the green. He is a free spirit that cannot be tamed.

Inspiration: Exotic Dancer (Stripper)
Name Inspiration: E(ro)tic Da(ncer)

Hatching/Impression Message:
For such a boring-looking egg, there was quite a bit of pomp and circumstance when The Put It There! Egg finally started to hatch. There was some very wild wiggling from left to right, and then some thrusting back and forth. After all the rocking and swaying, almost as if to an invisible tune, the egg suddenly cracked everywhere, seemingly all at once. Then it stopped, as if it were intentionally being suspenseful, and suddenly it burst into millions of tiny shards. There sat a bright blue dragon that appeared to be posing, flaring out his large wings as he turned his head this way and that. He stood up slowly, and started to saunter — albeit awkwardly — towards the candidates. First he went up to all the girls, and teased them with flutters of his wings and flicks of his tail. In the end he merely passed them all up, and came to a stop in front of Comin. "Roncerth!" C'min cried out in surprise, and then he laughed. "Yes, there are some very pretty greens out there that will feed you."

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: The Put It There! Egg
Egg Description: A brown egg of the generally tan persuasion, this egg has a marbled appearance to it. So much variety in the shades of pale browns and tans and each dot of color is a tiny bump on the surface of this egg. It looks like it might be squishy to the touch, but the shell is just as hard as any of its fellows. The egg is of medium size and has a very generic egg-shape to it. Aside from the interesting coloring and texture, which seems to hold stray items to it like lost notes of parchment, it is just an ordinary and average egg. It might be best to clear the egg of the debris before Hatching time, though!
Egg Inspiration: Cork Boards
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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