Green Rue x Bronze Charming P8 T10

Hatching - Eggs handed out

Dam: Green Rue (Daion)
Sire: Bronze Charming (Ehluna)
Totals: 31
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 1
Blue: 1
Green: 0

PC Fire-lizards:

The Artificially Intelligent Bronze Stark to Kael (Shouriko)
Color: Bronze
Hex code: ccbb33
Adult Size: 17-in length x 29-in wingspan

Physical Description:

The Artificially Intelligent Bronze's hide looks like it is comprised of segments of metal plates. He looks vaguely unnatural like he was soldered together in a smith rather than grown in an egg. The "plates" add considerable bulk especially to his shoulders, chest, and foreclaws but once he grows into himself he'll jet forward with surprising speed.

There is no way the Artificially Intelligent Bronze could get lost in a crowd. He is certainly a flashy boy (and he knows it to!). The majority of his body is a shiny reddy bronze color but his face is a classic sleek bronze. He also got a few more bronze streaks that follow the line of his ribs, his upper thighs, and the tops of his forelegs. He's got a very distinctive marking on his chest an upside down triangle that is of a much brighter bronze than his face. He has similar bright bronze patterns on the soles of his feet.


Vain. Arrogant. Philanderer. Egotistical. All words that are commonly used to describe the Artificially Intelligent Bronze. He certainly sees himself as the big man on the Hold. He likes to be in the center of everything and preferably as the main attraction. He flourishes under the attention of adoring flock of followers. He pays special attention to the females which might earn him a bit of a fond reputation from his human acquaintances as a "ladies man". He certainly knows how to turn up the charm for Kael's mate even if he is royal pain for Kael.

The Artificially Intelligent Bronze seeks to rectify his Kael's "doom and gloom" perspective on life. He is entirely to obsessed with his work and maintaining that grumpy demeanor so the Artificially Intelligent Bronze creates amusing distractions for him like hiding the composition he has been working on for several sevendays in Kael's mates underwear drawer or stealing a giggly girl apprentice's favorite brush and leading her on a merry chase that ends in Kael's office. He gets a kick out of slowly driving Kael insane in the hopes that one day he might actually crack a smile.

The Artificially Intelligent Bronze certainly likes to hear himself talk. He chirps, he creels, he sings, he snorts, he rumbles, he warbles, he shrieks and always at the most inopportune (embarrassing) times. A good joke or prank will have him chittering away like a giggling child. He has got a quirky sense of humor and finds most things in life quite laughable. He is a social little devil and will probably have all manner of firelizards traipsing through Kael's quarters.

While the Artificially Intelligent Bronze may seem like just another famous face about the Hold is actually quite brilliant. Everything might seem like a joke to him but when it comes down to it…when it is something that really matters…that honest streak in him wins out. He does have a high moral code and an intense drive to protect those he loves even if it is from themselves. He really does have a gentle heart and can be trusted to do the right thing when the time comes.

The Bird's Eye View Blue Shadow to Idaris (Tina)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12", wingspan of 18"
Hex code: 003377

Physical Description:

The Bird's Eye View Blue is certainly an attractive fellow. He has two distinctive colors to his hide: indigo and navy. He looks like he is wearing indigo knee-high boots on all four of his feet. He has an indigo mask around his eyes that looks like he is dressing up to attend a masquerade ball. He also has an indigo circle around his waist that almost looks akin to a smith's tool belt. The rest of his hide is an lackluster navy color. The shade that just kind of blends in to a dark room.

The Bird's Eye View Blue has an impressive athletic build which comes as no surprise to those who know him since he is constantly on the go. He can jump higher and fly faster than some of the larger and supposedly more gifted colors. He moves with the dexterity and precision of an archer but he also has a lot of muscle behind those claws. He will rarely accept food from his Idaris when he is full grown preferring to hunt down his own meals.


The Bird's Eye of View Blue likes to live on the edge. He won't be content to just sit quietly on Idaris shoulder. No, not him. He has to be right in the midst of things preferably when there is a lurking sense of danger. Steal food from the sour cook that tries to hit him with a frying pan? No problem. The Bird's Eye View Blue will even nip at the cook's behind as he flits on by! Checking that the coast is clear when Idaris is trying to skip a lesson? Sure! He will even lead them in the wrong direction so his boy can escape. But ask him to carry something as mundane as a message to someone and he will be insulted. Where's the adventure in that?

Certainly not as noble as his sire, The Bird's Eye View Blue has a terrible naughty streak. He is devilishly tricky little guy. If there is ever something of import missing, there won't be a shred of evidence left behind to implicate him. He is quick to make decision under pressure but he often chooses a route that is far more bold than wise (though sometimes just crazy enough to work).

The Bird's Eye View Blue has a strong competitive streak. He hates losing at anything whether it be something as casual as a game or something as serious as a mating flight. He will be in a very sour mood until the memory fades likely to snap and hiss at anyone who troubles him. He is not a firelizard that follows orders readily especially if he is not fond of the person or firelizard giving them. Idaris of course being the obvious exception.The boy is his partner in crime the one person he looks up to and will listen to.

Inspiration: Hawkeye

The Fallen God Brown Squall to Vyril (Tina)
Colour: Brown
Final Size: 14.5", wingspan of 24"
Hex code: f4a460

Physical Description:

The Fallen God Brown is definitely a "man's man" sort of firelizard. He's broad across the chest and back. He's got the muscle of a champion runner. He's got the strength of his larger cousins and can lift a surprising amount of weight. If you've got an oversized package to send he is the firelizard to go to! There is no soft edges about this brown he is all hard muscle.

The base color of the Fallen God Brown's hide is a sandy brown color. He has a rich mahogany swath on his back that extends down to his tail. It almost looks like a cape has been fastened to his shoulders. He has several circular markings on his chest that trail down onto his underbelly that are of a more grayish-brown quality.


The Fallen God Brown is not the brightest glow in the basket. He has difficulty following the simplest instructions. Don't fly between the sails? Why not? Keep out of the ocean during a squall? Those waves don't scare him! Fool hardy. Over confident. It won't be till the hundredth time he's been whacked by a sail or pounded by a wave that he'll realize the wisdom of those commands.

The Fallen God Brown likes to try to help Vyril in his daily tasks though whether he is more of a nuisance than a help is up to debate. He gets in the way more often than not because he tries to force things instead of using the proper technique and leverage. The sentiment is there he just wants to be of use to his Vyril.

The Fallen God Brown is friendly enough once he's warmed up to someone new but at first he has a tendency to act a bit superior. He doesn't exactly invite approach but once you break through that outer barrier he is a loyal friend. He won't be interested in chasing every firelizard that rises but once he finds one that he is fond of he will chase her religiously.

Inspiration: Thor

Credits: Neena

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