White Rose Bronze Ruisearth

Impressee: R'tan (Rasotan)

Name: Ruisearth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: 614f2b
Final Size: 40' length with a wingspan of 66'


A large brown or a small bronze, will be the question on everyone’s lips when this dragon emerges from his shell. However motion will clear up any confusion, even from a young age this bronze moves confidently, whether it be land, water or air. Efficient and economical he wastes no time getting from one place to another. He holds himself regally, and while he may not be the sort of bronze that catches the eye at first glance, he is certainly memorable from the tilt of his head, to the thin, sharp snout.

He is very dark for one of his colour, not at all as gaudy as some of his contemporaries, which will only compound the difficulty in determining bronze or brown should he be viewed in dim lighting. Upon his breast a stark white mark appears, a circle in the middle, and six small petal-like projections.

Ruisearth’s looks will evoke varying responses. It is obvious he will never be as flashy or as brilliant to the eye as some of his brothers, but his dark looks may appeal to certain members of the public. He will never grow into a huge bronze, but he will be compact and fast for one of his colour as a result of this. There is a seriousness about Ruisearth that will be hard for anyone to penetrate but Rasotan as the two grow into their own. He will never appear quite at ease, as if any moment he might be called to action and he needs to is be ready for such a call.

His hide is the dark bronze of an ancient artefact that is showing signs of age. While there is still an obvious sheen to Ruisearth’s hide, it is duller than most bronzes, and no amount of elbow grease on R'tan’s behalf will change this, though many a Weyrlingmaster may chide him for not taking better care of his dragon in their weyrling days. With age, some of the darkness will dissipate and his coat may lighten a few shades, as if Ruisearth had to earn his bronze coat. In addition to the pale flower-like mark upon his chest, Ruisearth’s face is very pale in comparison to his dark coat with a long, slender snout. He is otherwise perfectly proportioned, though when tired or uneasy he will have a tendency to stand with the left shoulder dropped lower than his right giving him a rather lopsided appearance.


What Ruisearth may lack in stature he makes up for in smarts. He is particularly sharp, even for a bronze, and wickedly perceptive, though his thoughts are private and for the most part for the benefit of R'tan alone. He will make cutting and witty remarks, often at the most inopportune of times.

He will form intense attachments to the weyrlings in his class, whether it be in friendship or enmity. Those he forms a disliking for will be for the greater part shunned and ignored. On the other hand, friends will evoke a fierce sense of loyalty in the bronze. He would risk much to help those he considers part of his inner circle and go to extraordinary lengths to help out in times of danger. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and will expect others to share these views on life. Differences in opinion will frustrate him, and cause him to be more vocal than he is at other times.

Ruisearth is the quiet achiever, he will always be trying to better himself and improve, no matter the lesson. He is not the idle sort, and would prefer action over sitting around quietly for he is of the belief no one gets anywhere by wishing for it. This is a trait he will encourage in Rasotan, for as much as he will expect from himself, Ruisearth will expect the same effort and then some from his life-time partner.

Despite being a bronze he can easily meld into the shadows, and amongst other bronzes may easily be forgotten or overlooked, though this is at the folly of others. For while they may not notice Ruisearth, he will certainly notice them and use any information gleaned to his own advantage. This does not mean he can not rise to the challenge of leading the Weyr, not at all, for if he should get his chance to rule, it will be with authority and rigidity, and may lead to a turbulent reign. He will push for equality, particularly for the disenfranchised of the Weyr. As he reaches maturity, his strong sense of morality will make him a stickler for rules, and he will be the first to discipline a young dragon as he sees fit.

He will rarely bespeak any human aside from R'tan, and only when he has an intense like or dislike for the person. Should his loyalty ever be betrayed, Ruisearth will not forget the slight and harbour ill feelings towards the individual for a great deal of time.

As Ruisearth grows into his own, rumours will spread about him, some true and some less so. Odd things may happen around him, careless accidents, or plans with intent, no one may be sure. Ruisearth will ignore what is said about him, and forge ahead on his own path, although the opinions of his close confidents may give him pause. He will be adored and disliked in equal measure, some viewing his decisiveness and views as progressive, others deterred by his inflexible opinion on right and wrong.

Ruisearth will rise to mate golds, because he sees this as his duty as a bronze, but it will be the greens, one or two he forms close attachments too, that will win his heart. In mating flights he will use cunning and wit, to make up for any disadvantage in size. He will not be forceful or pushy, letting other males fly at the front at the beginning of flights, but it is at the end he will make his move, often catching the female unaware by his presence.

He will seldom use words to woo, though those he implements, will be chosen with caution and consideration for the dragon he chases. He is not one to throw about pretty compliments, or speak untruths, not even in the heat of the moment. Ruisearth will also behave quite chivalrous, should he sense the lady he chases is displeased with a fellow suitor, he will not think twice of coming to her defence.

Ruisearth excels on the battle field, and he goes into a frenzy when he faces Thread. He will push himself to complete exhaustion in an effort to defend, and will be an invaluable member of any wing, his courage and ability to size up a situation in on glance, an asset to his wingmates. He may well end up with many scars on his hide over the Turns, as he puts himself in the path of danger, though the risks he takes are calculated and rarely result, if ever, in serious injury. If this were to be the case, it would be more liekly to Ruisearth defending a friend, than any real folly of his own. Should he ever become a leader of a wing, Ruisearth will expect as much from his wingmates as he gives, and will encourage R'tan to choose weyrling pairs that have displayed courage and vigilance in their lessons.

Inspiration: King Richard the Third (House of York)

His voice is usually a quiet, baritone, the sort that slips into the mind easily and unobtrusively. His voice is the sort that can lull you into a false sense of security, the words, when he chooses to make use of them, persuasive and inviting. It is through inflection and emphasis that he may make his true meaning known to his listener.

Hatching Message:
The Dark Matters Egg had allowed some of the eggs around it to have their chance at glory, spurting forth sub-par dragons. But it was forever at the edge of the audience's gaze, taunting the eyes to focus upon it. As The Dark Matters Egg had hardened it had only appeared more hostile, looking directly at it might cause a shiver to run down your back. And now was the one time all would feel drawn to watch it. In the same time it took to count to three the egg went from still, to cracked wide open.

Amidst the broken, choatic shards stood a dragon, undoubtedly male, but was it brown or was it bronze? The darkness that had lurked over The Dark Matters Egg shell seemed to cling to the newly Hatched dragon, making it difficult to determine whether this was the first bronze of the clutch. It was only as he unfolded his limbs and picked his way through the shards that it was obvious; this could be nothing other than a bronze. The White Rose Bronze paused looking out at the faces turned towards him.

Public Impression Message:
Typical, thought the the White Rose Bronze. Once his brother had seen that he wanted something he had rushed his decision and not even chosen the best Candidate out there. No matter, it just put the White Rose Bronze in a much better position. His siblings had weeded out some of the weaker choices, which meant he had only to size up those that were remaining. For it was without a doubt his match was here, he could feel it. Still unmoving, his eyes shifted from one boy to the next, his mind brushing over each lightly to find the one that would meld with his own best. There was something unsettling about the gaze he turned on one Candidate and then another; as if any hidden secret could be uncovered.

The White Rose Bronze had made up his mind. Of all the boys lined up in front, only one was any sort of match for him. And while said boy might not be the favourite choice amongst the crowd, the The White Rose Bronze was never going to be the sort to follow convention. With decisive steps he made his way over to the scruffy teenager.

Personal Impression Message:
When the White Rose Bronze studied him, he had an inkling that something was happening here, a feeling that he could not quite put his finger on. And then, in the blink of an eye, the White Rose Bronze was at his feet, looking up at him with scrutiny. I am Ruisearth and you are R'tan. It is stated as a fact and not a query. You will find me a most loyal companion.
Dragon Credit:
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: The Dark Matters Egg
Egg Description: A pitch black egg that casts a large shadow over the rest of the clutch. The Dark Matters Egg is an obscenely sturdy egg. While Euliath might reposition some of the other eggs this beast is pretty much left where it was laid. Some may joke that this egg must have made up the majority of the mass Euliath gained since her flight. The sort of omnipresent silence of between clings to this egg and light seems to bend strangely around it.
Egg Inspiration: Dark Matter
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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