Jurassic Green Ryasaurth

Impressee: Esmoreia

Name: Ryasaurth
Pronounciation: RYE-a- soar-th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 52D017
Hatching: Gold Euliath x Bronze Aquarith, Late Autumn P8 T17
Final Size: 28' wingspan of 48'


Mini Bio:
Out of the delicate, tiny Euliath and distinguished Aquarith, comes Ryasaurth. This green is quite the opposite of her parents. Right out of the shell, she seems to be quite the pudgy thing- where most greens are lithe and lean, she is bulky and rather round. She'll never quite shake this; even as an adult, her figure will be bulkier than average, no matter how much Hers and the Weyrlingmasters attempt to slim her down. This isn't the only thing that will catch people's eyes, however. The hide stretched tight over that round bulk is a bright, bright shade of green, almost blinding when it's well oiled, and even more eye-catching during her proddy period. The only break from this shocking color is around her head and neck. The hide there is a little darker, a little more dull, as if shaded from the rest of her shining hide by a wide-brimmed hat.

Her coloring would likely be an eyesore, if not for Ryasaurth's propensity for masking it. Sand, dirt, and mud will constantly cover her hide, no matter how often Hers bathes and oils her. She loves to dig, using her talons to scrape through the dirt and kick it up. She often comes across rocks and buried items, all in search of her 'treasures' - fossils. This green will constantly be searching for anything that might resemble a fossil, going to great lengths to find impressions of the past wherever she may be. Her hobby will make her an adventurous creature, wanting to travel about and see knew things, and share them with Hers.

Ryasaurth feels excluded by males, and thus will never taking a liking to the gender as a whole. This impression originates from the males who think less of Hers for riding a fighting dragon, but it will quickly spread, giving Ryasaurth an unshakeable notion that all males think less of all females. Therefore, she is much more likely to spend time with other greens (female-ridden greens, specifically), ignoring or outright disregarding male dragons and humans alike. If there are exceptions, they will most likely be found in a clutchbrother who takes a shining to her. Due to her distaste for men, this green will rise less often than most; her Flights will likely be long and laborious, and end with no real affection toward the winner.

When with Hers, or friends, Ryasaurth is joyful and sweet. She isn't likely to say much, preferring to listen and observe, unless the topic can somehow be connected to her passion for fossils. When actively fighting Thread, the green is driven by instinct to hone in and destroy the menace; unlike many dragons, however, she does not much care to hear about it outside of the Fall, and will likely grow quickly bored during lessons and drills.

Inspiration: Mary Anning, a paleontologist who (with her brother) discovered Ichthyosaurus platyodon and many other fossils.
Dragon Credit: Michi

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Aquarith (Xer'zyn)

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