Name: Rystlan
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7T192
Location:Ketrin Hold
Rank:Journeyman Farmer

Mini-Biography: Of his siblings, Rystlan is generally considered the best looking, with pretty blue eyes, the family’s trademark medium brown hair, and a killer smile that borders on mischievous. He is tall to boot as to expect with his genetics, though a little more slight in form than his next youngest brother, hanging somewhere around the 200 lb mark despite his 6’4” frame. While one may assume that with such beauty would come an ugly personality, nothing could be further from the case. Rystlan works hard and plays hard, with all the determination and savvy needed to be successful, but enough wit and good humor to appeal to others, making him something of a hero to his youngest brother Elisaios. His real fire though, is in his competitiveness. Born only a Turn ahead of Aerrol, the pair of them are rather connected at the hip with good old fashioned sibling rivalry, extending childhood ball games into fights for the attentions of girls into a still standing contest on who can be the better farmcrafter.

For now he is still stationed in Ketrin, though having just married a local girl, he expects that he may be reassigned at any time, and secretly fears missing out on the good times he has had with his brothers and friends at the hold.
Mini-Biography Credit: Vandelay

Wife: ???
Father: Master Farmer Aeryst
Mother: Liorias
Brothers: Aerrol (Corgi)
E'sai of bronze Aurikoth (Vandelay)

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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