Impressed to brown Sabeanith

Name: S'mim (Samim)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T192
Rank: Brown rider
Former Rank: Drudge

Mini-Biography: Samim is short, really short, standing barely 5' tall and that is wearing thick soled shoes. Samim has black hair and dark brown eyes and a light tan to his skin. His short height has given him some problems but what he lacked in verticle height he made up in strong solid muscles. Ideal for the hard physical labor of drudge work, Samim was convinced being a drudge was the best in life he could hope for. When he was Searched and given the chance to become a dragonrider even though he was older than most first time Candidates, Samim didn't baulk at the chance. Hard working by nature, Samim has a solid down to earth personality, numb to teasing about his height and very slow to anger. He isn't the most social of people but he isn't shy if others talk to him. He just doesn't like talking unless he has something important to say. Samim is always one to volunteer to do hard duty, enjoying such labor as it gives him all the time he needs to think things through and come up with quite a few clever ideas which have benefit him in the past and those willing to listen to them.

In Late Winter P8 T14, an earthquake struck the Weyr. S'mim was struck by falling rocks and suffered a broken leg and ankle.

Mini-Biography Credit: LdyPayne

Relatives: None

Availability: Deceased

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