Impressed to green Kanaliath

Name: S'nul (Sinul)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7T165
Rank: Wingrider

Mini-Biography: S'nul had a brief relationship with kitchen worker Aleusia, resulting in a son named Lieuwin. The relationship fizzled, and not long after S'nul fell in love with fellow greenrider Ilarei. They had two children together, Silan and Nulisa. Though not involved with their early childhood, S'nul did develop a relationship with his sons as they reached their teenage years.

Mini-Biography Credit: Kitya

Weyrmate: Ilarei of green Naidarith
Children: L'win of blue Hynath (Kitya)
S'lan of green Siremath (inactive)
Nulisa (P8T2)

Availability: Deceased

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