Brown Sabeanith

Impressee: S'mim (Samim)

Name: Sabeanith
Pronounciation: Sah-bee-AW-nith
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 271600
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 37' length of 63' wingspan

Description: Overall, Sabeanith is a very solidly colored dark brown. It darkens to a true black around his eyes, making them seem like deep, dark pits until he opens a faceted eye, which turns into the jewel at the bottom of a pit in your minds eye.

Personality: A dark hide graces this medium sized brown, a dark hide to match his dark attitude, he would tell you. Sabeanith tells it like it is, no sugar-coating things for this dragon. This doesn't make him any friends, but he will always comment on things that other dragons are doing, even though he is aware that he is not liked, or even not welcome. He doesn't prefer the company of any but the crabbiest dragons, ones who thinks a lot like himself. Sabeanith is also a dragon who knows that if something can go wrong, it will; and that he'll be one of the ones to fix it later. He's totally convinced that he will gets the worst part of any job that needs done, and often says that The Man keeps me down.

Sabeanith also likes to use popular phrases that he picks up from seemingly nowhere, You’re from nowhere, nowhere! andMan, am I really hip! His insults are not particularly insulting unless you take into account his tone of voice, as his insults often consists of his hip words. You be Jive Crazy! Sabeanith mostly knows hard work, though he loves his down time, and will interject Oh don’t bother me, man. I’m being enlightened! to any who want to disturb him during that time. On a counter note, Sabeanith is quite intelligent for a brown, and will enjoy having long conversations that are not totally pointless social exercises. He particularly likes talking about the Weyr's leadership structure and how it should work according to him.

Despite his non-conformist attitude, he is a very reliable wingmate. He has a very predictable rhythm, both in flying and speaking to others. Smarter dragons will learn this predictability and just wait for Sabeanith to do his thing, and then say or do what they need to do. This makes him a very reliable flyer, considering his reactions and even speech patterns are very predictable.

Inspiration: Beatnik
Dragon Credit: Velcro

Hatching/Impression Message: The Batwing Egg began to shake rhythmically, keeping the beat for several minutes. It was one of the first to start shaking, and cracked fully about midway through the clutch. A dark snout poked through the shell, so dark it looked black when wet with all the egg goo. Two whirling red eyes followed, and the rest of the dark hatchling climbed out of the shell. Was it brown? or Blue? It didn't have a metallic sheen, and he was too big for a green. The dragonet walked around the sands for several minutes, the same rhythm from his egg shaking present in his steps. Oh yeah, he was one cool dragonet. He paced by the candidates once, then twice, and a third time his path deviated to a candidate dwarfed by all the others standing near him. Samim, now S'mim, met the dragon halfway, but attempted to match the beat of the dragonet while walking. It might look a little funny, but it was obvious that The Beat Down Brown had made a choice. "Really, Sabeanith, I wasn't that bad! Let's get your some food and then we can discuss my lack of rhythm."

Egg Name: Batwing Egg
Egg Description: This egg is large and seems to glow a subtle burnt orange, as if a light rested it from inside. Small white specks decorate the surface and make it look as if the egg is glittering and is very fragile. One might be reluctant to approach it, much less touch it, for fear of damaging the egg. The outside is decorated by a dark imprint that looks like wings. They reach from the top of the egg down to about half way, as if the wings all crowded to escape from the top of the egg.
Egg Inspiration: Colony of Bats
Egg Credit: Wunderingmind

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

Status: Deceased

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