Blue Saidyth

Impressee: D'ney (Demeney)

Name: Saidyth

Colour: Blue
Hatching: Late Spring, Turn 1, 8th Pass
Description: Saidyth was a gangly blue at birth, but has grown into his body now; however, his feet are still large and out of proportion.

Hatching Message: The Pink Shrimp Egg gave one massive shudder and split right down the middle, the shell halves falling away from the little blue who had just broken it. His overly large feet crushed the shell as he stepped over it to explore. Squealing in pain as some of the shards jabbed the soles, he hurried forward, stumbling over his gangly legs as he rushed towards the candidates. One boy broke rank to run and meet the little hatchling, embracing him and soothing him.

Dragon Credit: SCo Fall '08

Egg Name: Pink Shrimp Egg
Egg Description: Pink, pink, and pink all over. But what's this? This egg may be pink, but the different shades of the colour form shapes, almost oval in shape. They look almost like the small sea creatures sometimes served at mealtimes. There are hints of big eyes and what look like curved, segmented tails.
Egg Inspiration: Pink shrimps are usually found in pick and mixes, along with their fellow foam sweets the bananas. Giant pink shrimps are a rare delight, as their smaller cousins are most common.
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Ilayth (Miori)
Sire: Bronze Vroleith (T’niel)

Clutching Order: 11/18
Hatching Order: 4/18

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