Beautiful But Deadly Green Samaeth

Impressee: Azlayna

Name: Samaeth
Name Inspiration:

Colour: Beautiful but Deadly Green
Hex Colour Code: #90EE90
Final Size: 27.6 feet long, with a wingspan of 50 feet.
From her delicate muzzle to the tip of her slender tail, this dragon screams beauty. She is fairly well proportioned, with legs that seem to be a lot longer than a green should be able to boast of. A muscular body with a deep chest will give her all the stamina and flexibility needed to be a supreme flier. She's shaped almost like one of the champion racing runners, with slim waist and overlarge looking chest and all whipcord muscle. She'll never be bulky, but won't be a slim little wraith either. Her forelegs are slightly longer than draconic conformation would class as good, but she's faster on the ground than a few of her clutchmates thanks to this. Her wings are rather wider than many greens and when combined with her racy body shape give her a silhouette that couldn't be mistaken for any other. Her tail is a good length and she seems to be proud of this, not often curling it around herself but leaving it trailed across the floor, wherever she may be.

Her hide is a smooth flawless pale green, the only patterns being a darker green streak running from the top of her head back down her neck to her shoulders and a slight dusting of this same darker green across her shoulders and back. Her hide is more or less the same shade all over, though is lighter on her underside, which almost gives her a two tone look. Her claws are deep brown, nearly black, and her toe pads are this same colour, fading out as they join her legs to green.

Although her overall look is of a very sweet, gentle dragon, there is a harder feel to her. Her claws on first sight would look normal, but on closer inspection prove to be razor honed, and her teeth sharper than the norm. When these details are seen her whole look can be taken to be, not the well proportioned green, athletic and trim, but a lean and deadly killer and even her face can echo this. Anyone looking at this dragon can't fail to miss the almost sultry sweep to her eyes, the lids seeming to fall just enough to give her an almost calculating look, at odds with the rest of her. Her muzzle is fairly short and powerful looking, her headknobs long and almost curved to settle back over her neck. Her shorter muzzle doesn't affect her hunting, as one might think, she's as adept as any dragon. She doesn't seem outwardly bothered by anything she does, keeping the same almost serene look to her whatever the situation. This look when combined with a face full of herdbeast is surprisingly eerie.

Samaeth's desire to be the best will be evident from her earliest days. Going through weyrling training with her will be an interesting experience, to say the least. Though she'll be happy to make a group of friends (other greens will be her first choice, though a few males may be 'invited' into her social circle), most of the time she'll act as an individual, doing her own thing. Training with others will be difficult, as Samaeth will consider herself 'too good' to train with some of her siblings. Chaeroth's just doesn't take things seriously, she'll complain with a derisive snort. Let's go practice knife work by ourselves. Ah yes, weapons. Samaeth will be insistent that she can take care of herself - and so should you. She'll make sure that you're trained in all manner of duelling, lest anything happen to you. Even if this means bespeaking an authority figure such as Ph'in, she'll be sure of it. Authority will be another thing that Samaeth will have problems with. This 'lone wolf' doesn't like to be told off, though her tendency to go off on a whim and do her own thing may mean she gets 'hassle' (as she likes to call it) from the weyrlingmasters more than perhaps any other dragon in her clutch.

As she gets older, Samaeth will develop a keen interest in appearances. This will show itself younger than some dragons, and you can expect her to be up early in the morning to go and bathe from around her sixth month. Washing is something to take very seriously, and it has to be done just so until she's happy she looks perfect. It all ties in with her desire to exploit others - not that she'll say this aloud, of course. The more beautiful she looks, the more likely it is that a male will look her way. And that male might just fall under her spell, which can mean benefits…. Oh Trivath, won't you kill that bovine for me? The very big one, just over there. The way she wriggles her hips and holds her head just so are all part of her little act to try and charm others, so that she can get what she wants. She doesn't call it manipulation, it's just that, well, male dragons are beneath females, and thus should do what the females want. If her beguiling ways fail with a dragon - especially males - she'll be confused and betrayed, and you can expect much despair and anger at the 'lack of respect' they're showing her, as a female. Her desire to control others would make her a natural leader, but she finds it hard to trust others. Those who are subservient to her will find themselves treated best by Samaeth, though may also find themselves used from time to time if she has something she wants. It's best not to turn your back on this dragon - she's always looking out for number one, and if that means stabbing a friend in the back? So be it.

Threadfall brings out the ruthless fighter in Samaeth, and she'll most likely be the sort of dragon young weyrlings aspire to. She's a warrior, going all out to kill as much Thread as she possibly can. But she's not just brutal, she's tactical as well. All that practice she put in as a weyrling to be the best will pay off, for Samaeth will use every trick and skill she has to avoid injury and be the best in her Wing. Unfortunately, this won't extend to helping others - they're on their own. She'll also put herself at the minimum of risk through her clever moves, though she has no qualms about putting others in danger if it means she can get that clump of Thread, or dodge that tangle coming towards her. She'll occasionally bark an order at someone if she sees them being particularly stupid, but her general view is that it's every one for themselves. She'll be efficient, sure, but when the injuries she could have prevented by looking out for her wingmates come to the attention of her Wingleader, that's when words may be had with you and with her. She'll be difficult to control at the best of times, but when her primal instinct to fight Thread takes over, you'll have to go all out to make sure she stays in check.

Talking of primal urges…Samaeth will discover flights at an early age, possibly even a little before graduating. Her personality will seem to do a complete 360 when her hide begins to glow. She'll experience a longer period of proddiness than most greens, rivalling some golds as it extends for two, maybe three days. During that time she'll be unbearable seductive and sweet, swishing her hips and teasing every male around to get their attention. She'll relish in the attention that she gets, too, overjoyed to have admirers. There'll be no hint of nastiness, just a sweet girl who wants to be loved. Finally she'll no longer be able to resist her desire to take to the skies, and so up she'll go. She'll put on a show, flirting and teasing until one male can catch her - not that this will be an easy task, given her grace and speed in the air. She'll be one to use words during a flight, as well as seductive twists and turns that will take her teasingly close to the males who desire her. For the winner, there is no true prize though: Samaeth will want nothing to do with him after the act has occurred, and you will likely hear her angrily evicting him from her ledge after everything's over with.

Samaeth is inspired by Mitsuko Souma from Battle Royale. Nicknamed "Hardcore Souma" by her classmates, she quickly fell into the routine of the Program. Beautiful, troubled, deadly, Mitsuko was merciless, doing whatever was necessary to win. Seduction was top of her list, with a number of the male members of her class falling prey to her wiles. She was also adept at deception, and some girls who thought she could be trusted were wrong, with fatal results. Though Samaeth is based on this character, you are, of course, welcome to play her as you wish - she's yours after all!

Smooth and light, Samaeth's soprano voice floats in and out of yours and other dragons' minds with ease. It's a calming voice, each word easily plucked from her vocabulary and used just as she wishes. Description is one thing that she will excel at, and though she is adept in her use of imagery, she'll be able to give a vivid recap of something through words, down to the last detail. Images from her memory, however, will often be dark, almost faded, as though she's struggling to retrieve them. When angered, or when she has accomplished something, Samaeth's voice will dip into alto, darker tones flashing through her mind as she rages or celebrates. It can be scary then, especially given her use of stormy imagery to convey her mood where words finally fail this usually controlled dragon.

Hatching Message:
The Little Green Fairy Egg, which had rocked once at the start then not again, suddenly lurched and knocked into a nearby egg, cracking it and shattering itself into pieces. From the mess and confusion surrounding it's hatching, a lithe green form unfurled itself. Sitting almost coyly in the sand the green slowly unfurled her wings. Light shone through the thin membranes and she turned her head to look at them, faceted eyes swirling gently as she took in this beauty attached to her. Some small sound from behind her caught her attention then, and she turned to see the bulk of her parents. Both hesitance and urgency emanated from her as she sat and looked up at first her mother, then father. Her gaze lingered on Ciourath for a moment before she creeled, looking to the candidates then back at him. Confusion now oozed from the green as she seemingly warred with the instinct to go find her partner, or stay behind with her parents…

Public Impression Message:
The Beautiful but Deadly Green had grown weary of the hunt, and now turned her attention to an increasingly important task: finding the right one. She whipped round to face the opposite direction, tail swishing through the air behind her. She set off at a pace, surveying the candidates gathered there for her. Hers was definitely here. She could sense it. Stalking forward like a huntress, she saw them - the girl with the deep black hair. She walked smoothly up to the young woman, standing before her with eyes now flecked with rainbow colours.

Personal Impression Message:
You. The voice comes from everywhere and nowhere at first, drowning out the noise of the hatching. Confidence oozes from every word: she's made her choice and she knows it's the right one. Her consciousness is probing into yours, hammering out the bonds between the two of you, burning hot with her hunger. Samaeth and Azlayna. That sounds so…right. Her voice takes on a softer tone now that the mental connection is formed, and her voice is less all-encompassing and instead coming from her, shooting straight into your mind like an arrow. The heat of her hunger suffuses to your stomach as she shares the ravenous pain with you. We should find something to eat. Do you know where to go?

Dragon Credit: Emma, Legal, and Mayhem jointly wrote Samaeth.

Egg Name: Little Green Fairy Egg
Egg Description: While among the smallest of its clutchmates, this egg won’t be easily lost. Fluid, shining shades of emerald and lime swirl together to create an equally spritely and malicious concoction. With each new angle, this egg takes on a different shade, a different sparkle. And sparkle it does! While its bigger golden sister might shine like brightly polished metal, there’s a more gemstone like quality to this one. But there’s something mischievous about the way this egg’s grassy green and royal jade tones glitter…
Egg Inspiration: "Absinthe has a wonderful color, green. A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world. What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?" –Oscar Wilde
Egg Credit: Cassie

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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