Green Samnurath

Impressee: Xylstre

Name: Samnurath
Pronunciation: sam-NEW-wrath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 526F35
Final Size: 31' length of 50' wingspan

Description: Samnurath is a sizable green. She is one of the largest greens when it comes to height. She also is very muscular and has a solid frame, lending her to look more like a blue or brown in physique. Samnurath has broad shoulders and a deep chest. Otherwise her body is perfectly proportioned. The majority of Samnurath's hide is a earthy olive green. Definitely doesn't shout 'pretty', her hide more likely makes people who see her think of all the nitty-gritty work dragons and riders must do. Although, Samnurath does have a mask of emerald green that covers her eyes in a wide oval-shape and her right foreleg from the elbow down is also the same emerald green. Her hide will never shine like some other green's but remain a nice matt finish even after a good bath. Samnurath is rarely seen in a relaxed pose, she tends to always seem 'ready to move' and some may find her body language to be tense. She'll exude a presense that speaks to a no-nonsense, confidant attitude.

Personality: Samnurath is a born fighter. She lives for the hunt of killing prey for food and for the days she rises to fight Thread. Her hatchling days will be all business, and she'll be the one to try to start friendly competitions among her siblings. Samnurath can be highly introspective at times, especially the closer she gets to a mating flight. She'll have a soft spot for firelizards and will want to befriend any ones that will let her. She is brash, fearless and steadfast. Samnurath will be a very loyal and supportive friend to those she comes to trust. If someone loses her trust though, she will be quite uninterested in that person or dragon working with her or trying to mend their relationship. When she fails, it won't bother her it will only spur her to try harder.
Samnurath will be a quick, agile fighter and flyer. She will fight longer, and be able to handle more fighting conditions than other greens usually could. Most of the time dhe will be able to make it through most of a 'Fall and if the 'Fall is not made more difficult due to weather, she may be able to go the full run of it.
Mating flights for her will be a battle of strength and agility. Words are nice and she'll listen, but it will be deeds that will woo her most. Samnurath may have a tough-gal demeanor, but inside she does have a soft side and will lean to those males that romance her and are willing to support her and let her not lead in the matters of love. She'll stay with the dragon that flies her for a long time and will be more friendly towards him for even longer after. She may even end up picking a favorite and wouldn't mind if she has a long term relationship with a single dragon. Everything else in her world will be so unpredictable that having a male dragon she can turn to will be something she'll dream of and want, but won't voice to anyone besides her Bonded.

Inspiration: Samus Aran (Metroid)

Hatching/Impression Message: There was no fanfare, not shaking or wobbling. This How'd It Get Burned!? Egg sat still and showed no movement. Even after the others began to move and crack, this egg stayed quiet and still. It would begin to make those watching the Hatching wonder if it was a dud and wouldn't hatch at all. Then with one movement the How'd It Get Burned!? Egg wobbles and cracks open in one motion. Sitting in the middle of the two halves is a drab olive green hatchling. However, she has a striking emerald mask, like she's wearing goggles and is preparing to fight Thread straight from the shell. She stands and shakes off the ichor from her hatching and makes straight for the group of Candidates. The olive green barely looks over the boys finding them all wanting. She stops squarely in front of Xylstre. The girl smiles, full of love and peace for finally being rescued. "Let's go get you fed, Samnurath!"

Dragon Credit: Dragonblossom

Egg Name: How'd It Get Burned!? Egg
Egg Description: This larger egg seems more like a pastiche of a bunch of other eggs more than anything else. Capping the thinner end of the upright vessel is a feathery mass, with brown downy markings draping down like a haphazardly applied toupee. As the last vestiges of the wispy russet fade away, a lighter wicker color takes over, with little blemishes tick tacking the surface. The dots could almost be some kind of bug, but that would be silly! There are such creature with those kinds of stingers on Pern! Finally - as if this egg didn't have enough going on with it already - the base of the egg flares up with an ashen gray, distinctly looking like it had been set on fire.
Egg Inspiration: Nic Cage Memes (My Hair is a Bird, Wicker Man, etc)
Egg Credit: Vandelay

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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