Antique Coin Bronze Sardonth

Impressee: T'awn (Tylawn)

Name: Sardonth

Colour: Antique Coin Bronze 8D6018
Hatching - Late Winter, Turn 2, 8th Pass
Final Size: 41' length. 75' wingspan
Like his rider, Sardonth will never experience a period of gawkiness. This dragon will grow in proportion throughout his entire adolescence. At birth will be the only time he is clumsy and he’ll quickly outgrow it. While his rider may be a performer of the vocal variety, Sardonth will be a performer of the aerial type. Though he will lack the dexterity of the smaller dragons something about this dragon in flight is beautiful. It’s hard to put a finger on it but when he flies it’s like poetry in motion. His bronze color is that of an ancient coin that’s been well loved and taken care of. It’s a rich color that stands out in a sea of brighter bronzes. Sardonth’s hide is uniform in color though the areas around his mouth and under his legs are darker in color than that of his main body.

Sardonth is first and foremost put on this planet to be amused. Whether it be by his sarcastic wit or his harmless pranks he will do whatever he can to stay amused. This is the type of dragon that every Weyrlingmaster fears. He’s too smart for his good and will often find himself in a great deal of trouble for back-talking his elders, for doing something he should not have done, or for just being a nuisance. He has no concept of going too far in his jests or actions and by sheer force of his rider’s will, will have to be reined in. He constantly has something to say and it will be very hard to shut this dragon up. You just have to tune him out since he pretty much just tunes everyone else out.
At the core Sardonth is a good soul. He tries very hard to behave and be a good dragon but it’s just so hard. You can visibly see him struggle with his challenge to behave at times, flinches of hide, quivering limbs or flicking tail. He’ll do anything you ask of him, especially if you make it interesting or fun for him. He likes females of any type and can usually counted on to hide his more sarcastic side from them, for a time at least. It is inevitable that his mouth will get away from him but he tries to rein it in.
A good threadfighter, a solid wing dragon, he’ll be an asset to any wing if he can get over his curiosity to see just what’s on the other side of the hill or his tendency to push the envelope. He has no sense of his own mortality and will often try things he should not. Despite his constant jibes at his rider, and every other human he comes in contact with, and his inability to just be quiet, Sardonth is a fun dragon to be around. He’s just the life of the party. < - Catch the sarcasm there?

We all know one sarcastic smart-aleck that can’t ever be quiet. Here is my ode to them. Or my favorite authors and radio talk show hosts Rick and Bubba!
Dragon Credit: Stolenhart

Hatching Message:
There seemed to be no hurry to this dragon’s emergence from his egg. A single crack split the egg from top to bottom first, then hundreds of tiny cracks formed across the shell. Then it seemed the egg started breathing expanding with pops as the more cracks formed then contracting. A person in the stands even exclaimed, “That egg, it’s breathing!”, then every person heard «I AM ALIVE» in a dramatic mischievous tone. Finally a tiny eye appeared as a flake of the shell broke away. This eye was full of good humor at his own joke. A few seconds more and a gangly bronze was stretching on the sands.

Public Impression Message:
He could have cared less, once he cracked shell, about whether or not he Impressed. Truthfully he did care but he was going to draw the moment out just to milk whatever enjoyment he could from the situation. He was like that. He cast a mischievous eye over the group of assembled candidates and yawned fully in their faces, too bored by them to be bothered. Oh his rider was here of course but why not let him dangle just a bit? It was lots more fun that way.

Personal Impression Message:
Suddenly the need to join with a human was so intense, it would allow for no other thought than to be one with his human. The bronze snapped irritably at the air around him before making a beeline for his rider. No need for indecision here. «Hey! Shut your mouth or you’ll catch bugs», amused sarcasm riddled the mindvoice of the young dragon, «I’m Sardonth, feed me or I’ll eat you».

Egg Name: The Nevermore Egg
Egg Description: A dull grey all over, this egg is lined with the suggestions of corners and a door. An almost square section of egg gives the impression of an open window, with curtains fluttering in the breeze. Above the top of the 'door' seems to perch a large black bird, eye glinting downwards to an almost human shadow on the 'floor' of the egg. To one side of the egg are hints of red, alomst looking like glowing coals in a fireplace, which cast off a pale red glow to part of the egg 'room' Looking at the whole picture, you can almost hear tapping, as of some one gently rapping, rapping at the egg 'room' door.
Egg Inspiration: Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven'
Egg Credit: Mayhem

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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