Green Sarenth x Brown Lollan

Flight - 2nd March 2011/Mid Summer, T6, 8th Pass
Clutching - 6th April 2011/Late summer, T6, 8th Pass
Eggs Handed Out - 18th April 2011/Mid autumn, T6, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Sarenth (Trelest)
Sire: Brown Lollan (Simostell)
Gold: 0
Bronze: 0
Brown: 1
Blue: 2
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:
The Bad Banana Brown Mal to Bandere
Colour: 4F3D2E
Adult Size: 16” with a wingspan of 29”

Physical Description: This flit really isn’t much to look at. The first noticeable thing about him as he comes out of the shell is the drab color of his hide. A dull, tree-bark sort of brown with little variation. Not ugly, per se, but not the most attractive brown in existence. His face in particular looks a little crowded in, like it was arranged in a permanently surly expression. The next thing obvious about him is that he’s tiny for a brown, about the size of a newly hatched small blue flit instead of a brown. It’s like there was a mistake in the color of his hide, or one might think so until he grows into a very large specimen of a brown firelizard by adulthood.

Personality: If you were hoping for a sweet, friendly companion when you asked for an egg, that is not what you get. This brown is surly and moody and keeps to himself. You are the only one that he spends any real time with, but at the same time, he isn’t really “nice” to you. If you screw up, he’s likely to scratch you or yell at you in that firelizard way that he has. He also might play nasty tricks on you if you especially piss him off, like defecating on your sheets instead of in between. At the same time, you are without a doubt his, and he’s very possessive of you. In a very grouchy, violent way, so take care.

Keep him happy, though, which involves a lot of indulgence of his black moods, and he will be happy to curl up in your lap and glower at other people, or hunch on your shoulder menacingly. You’re the only one that he trusts—he snubs just about everyone else, so be watchful when people try to pet the firelizard, which you might get a lot of at Keroon. He dislikes being around fun because he thinks it’s mocking him. With proper handling, though, especially by trying to include him in your fun (however unreceptive he might be), there may come a day when he’ll accept your affection more like a normal firelizard, but he will never be sunny, happy company.

Inspiration: the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss

Egg Name: Festive Lights Egg
Egg Description: This egg has a pear shape rather than an oval, the top of it obviously smaller than the fat bottom. The base color of rich, pine green would make it harder to see in the grass if not for the colorful dots splattered all over it. Bright, pastel colors in dots of varying sizes cover it from top to bottom, the very tip of it in a little gold cap.

Impression Message: Without much knowledge about firelizards and their eggs, it only becomes clear that the egg didn’t die during the trip to Keroon when it starts shaking, finally. It starts out slow, like a test, but quickly speeds up to fast, violent jerks as the inhabitant gets impatient with the cage and tries to bash it down with all force possible. The golden crest of the egg is the first thing to pop up, and from there, a brown tail pokes through the opening and smashes straight down through all the pretty decorations of the shell to make a door that he can then walk out of.

The Bad Banana Brown looks surly from the moment he steps out of his shell, his head swinging around to survey what is now his kingdom. Odd, coming from a flit that looks like he should be colored blue given his size out of the shell. As soon as his eyes latch onto Bandere, though, he marches straight over—not flies, marches—and lets out a low, demanding creel. His voice sounds like it belongs on a particularly badass bronze firelizard, not on a diminutive brown with a pug face, and though no images reach Bandere’s mind just yet, just the tone sounds like he’s trying to say that Bandere better feed him, or the brown’ll take his first meal out of his hide.

Chatterbox in Socks Blue Socks to Verfon (Maiden)
Adult Size: 12” with a wingspan of 20”

Physical Description: In a very rare turn of events, the flit that tumbled out of the egg matched the color of the shell almost exactly. A very deep blue with smudges and swirls of black along his belly and neck. The hide covering the bones of his wings is black, while the sails themselves are a vaguely lighter shade, especially when the sun shines through them as he flies. His little feet are the only difference: it looks like he’s wearing purple socks of a deep shade, like someone added a smidge of red into the blue of the rest of his hide. A very average-looking blue in all other ways, he is normally proportioned and normally sized. The only other thing that makes him special is his insistence on talking.

Personality: Aloud and mentally to his rider, this flit is a real chatterbox. When he wants you to play (which is a lot), then you’ll definitely know it because there will be a seemingly endless stream of chattering right in your ear until you comply, along with flashes of images that all go by very fast. At first, it may be disorienting and confusing, even to one experienced at speaking with flits. With some practice, though, a pattern will emerge in the way he likes to communicate that will make it a lot easier to pull his intention out of all the meaningless noise that goes with it.

The other thing immediately apparent about this flit is that he likes to play. Just sitting around is boring, and if he can’t manage to make his closest friend (read: bonded) play with him, though not from lack of trying that usually involves getting shoved off with impunity, he will wander off in search of someone else who wants to play with him. Unless he’s sleeping, it’s near impossible to get this blue to sit still, so you’d be better off just learning how to convince him to leave you alone when you can’t have a hyperactive, chattering flit around than trying to teach him to sit still.

Inspiration: the Fox from Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

Egg Name: Blue Goose Egg
Egg Description: The darkest of all the eggs in the clutch, this one is a dark blue like the midnight sky, with some swirls and waves of black in just to make it look darker. The soft, leathery shell when first laid looks more like rubber than anything.

Impression Message: By the time Cyel brought Verfon the egg, it was fairly hard and close to hatching. Just a few days of wait, and it quite suddenly started shaking violently, like the inhabitant had just woken up, realized it was stuck in there, and was ready to be out now. It seemed to have a fair bit of intelligence as well, since most of the cracks concentrated on one spot, like the flit inside was aiming for that one spot, and all of a sudden, out tumbled … another piece of shell?

Confusing though it was, this flit was colored exactly like the egg he was sitting in, and it was only once he picked himself up and started chattering that it becomes obvious that what spilled out was in fact the hatchling himself. The Chatterbox in Socks Blue had quite a set of lungs on him, too, with chattering that ranged from green-scale pitch all the way down to a few pitches one might only hear in a bronze. He looked around, chittering the whole while though it wasn’t clear who he was talking to, and as soon as he saw Verfon, took to the air and flew right at him, closing his wings at the last second so he didn’t smash into the boy’s face, but instead latched onto the front of his shirt and started a series of creels, whistles, and croons to plead for food.

Playful Trickster Blue Lestar to Kerest (Maiden)
Colours: 3B5DB3 and 5484FF
Adult Size: 14” with a wingspan of 21”

Physical Description: The most apparent thing about this blue is that he is loooong. Long in the neck, long in the torso, and long in the tail. Even his legs are a bit longer than normal, but his wingspan is pretty average. He doesn’t have much muscle to him, though, just ending up looking like a snake with legs and wings attached, as far as body-shape is concerned. For this reason, he likes curling around things instead of just stretching out on top of them or perching. His tail is usually wound around whatever he happens to be sitting on, and he doesn’t like perching on things he can’t wind around in some form or fashion. His color is quite interesting as well, as he’s very obviously two-toned. Starting with his head at a medium shade of blue, the first segment of his neck is a lighter shade, and it alternates back and forth between those two all down his body in approximately equal segments, the lines vaguely blurry but still obvious. His wings are the exception, where the bones in them are covered by the darkest shade of all, and the sails of the left wing are the normal darker shade, while the sails of the right wing are the lighter.

Personality: Bouncy, happy, and nosy are the best words to describe this blue. It’s very difficult to break the sunny disposition of this striped blue, though his fun is not always the most acceptable of practices. He likes to play tricks, and the destruction that occurs due to his games is completely inconsequential to him. He’ll be a very unruly blue to try to train, but his affection to his bonded is very real and palpable. Much of what he does that may seem destructive is in attempts to play with you that might have been misinterpreted. He’s just as happy to go off and find someone who will want to play with him, but then there may not be supervision, so be careful of the harm he causes.

Inspiration: The Cat in the Hat, from The Cat in the Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss

Unwelcome Guest Egg – This egg looks like a round piece of candy found at Gathers, striped from top to bottom in alternating red and white. It’s a bit longer than most eggs, a stretched oval, and especially while it’s still soft and wet, it almost looks like it’s made of fabric rather than a real egg.

Impression Message: Trelest took good care of this egg before he gave it to his mother, making sure it was very close to hatching so that she wouldn’t have to bother with it too much. He didn’t want to risk that it would be neglected while she was inevitably too busy to care for it, so by the time he gave it to her, it was just about ready to hatch.

And hatch it did! This egg moved with finesse, jerking every which way with an inner rhythm like it was dancing to its own tune. There was no immediate rhyme or reason for the holes that appeared in the striped egg, but the whole scheme became clear when the egg quite suddenly crumbled to reveal a lanky blue standing in the shards, his tail proudly wound about his legs, triumphant in the wreckage and pleased with his grand entrance.

The Playful Trickster Blue’s eyes immediately latched onto Kerest, and he creeled happily, fluttering his wings and dancing with his feet in a strange little dance toward her. He curled about her arm with his long body, looking up at her and chirping every so sweetly for some food.

Cuddly Counter Green to Antoly (Rainewolf)
Colour: 347235
Adult Size: 9” with a wingspan of 16”

Physical Description: She isn’t very special to look at, but she’s still pretty nonetheless. A nice, medium shade of green evenly covers her entire hide, only showing variation to those with enough care to look close enough to see the very light darkening of the shade along her sides. Nothing terribly visible, though. She’s on the smaller side for a green, with wings slightly larger than might be expected, which lets her float like a leaf on the wind.

Personality: This little girl achieves a level of cute usually reserved for cuddly puppies and perfect children with comedic timing. She’s very cuddly, and her favorite place to be is snuggled up against Antoly’s neck, with an adorable little coo similar to a feline’s purr. She will venture away for only a few things: food, something urgent like flights, very strong requests from Antoly, or to count something. Yes, count something. This little green loves counting things, anything, and can amuse herself for hours doing nothing but counting something as inane as leaves on a tree. This makes her very easy to deal with when it’s necessary she stay still and quiet—point out something numerous to count, and she’ll perch on Antoly’s shoulder, quiet as you please, intently counting until she’s done. Counting is about the only thing she’s got the memory for, though.

Inspiration: loosely inspired by One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

Ocean Blue Egg – The base color of this egg is a solid, watery blue, with little ripples in the shade of the color that almost look like waves. Up in the top third of the egg on one side is a white shape, like a tapered oval with ends that come to soft points. In the bottom third, on the opposite side, are two green blobs, like splatters of paint, with some lines extending from them on three sides.

Impression Message: The first indication that the gift from Trelest was about to hatch was a curious little tapping sound. Very rhythmic and measured, as the occupant tapped the inside of the shell with a perfect beat. The shell began moving to that same time, rocking back and forth with increasingly larger motions until a large hole opened on one side, and out crawled a little green flit.

Cuddly Counter Green chirped sweetly, looking around as she fluttered her wings to try to get them to dry off faster. Open seeing Antoly, she creeled happily and fluttered over to land on his arm. Climbing up the fabric, she only stopped once she had settled into the crook of his neck, chittering about how hungry she was, her little head peeking around his cheek to see if sheer factor of cute would get him to feed her.

Exotic Attractions Green Iota to Nalddyn (Atlys)
Colour: 254117
Adult Size: 11” with a wingspan of 20”

Physical Description: This green looks like she couldn’t figure out what color she was supposed to be, so just went with all of them. The major base color is a darker green that runs along her belly, colors the ridges on her neck, and the bones in her wings. From there, it’s all bets off. Her sides are several different shades of more medium green, sort of patchy along the ribs, and stripes along the sides of her neck, then the colors get progressively lighter along her back and on her tail. Her wings, though, are a vivid green that’s gotten so bright it’s nearing yellow, and become a pale shade of buttery yellow when the light shines through them. Definitely one that stands out.

Personality: This little flit wants her nose in everything. Especially the weird things. When she’s first hatched, that basically means everything because everything is new and weird, but once she gains some experience, then she’ll start being only interested in the stuff that breaks the norm. Contrary to most firelizards who are afraid of dragons, this little girl is intensely interested, possibly to the annoyance of the first dragon she comes across, and even the slight variation in the dragons that is the color of their hide and their sizes will fascinate her until she’s seen an example from each of the colors. She gets bored easily, and will often disappear on exploring expeditions, then report back to tell you all about what she saw and the cool things she learned, and shouldn’t you be so impressed that she found all these things?!

Inspiration: based off a summary of If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss

Red Tangle Egg – Most of this egg is a solid, medium shade of red, though with some texture on it like the long grains in wood or strands in a head of hair. Near the bottom, the color changed abruptly to white, but it seemed like the red didn’t let it without a fight: the edge between the colors is jagged and spiky.

Impression Message: It wasn’t hard to miss when this egg started hatching: it started rocking all over the place, wildly and erratically without any rhyme or reason. The flit inside didn’t seem interested in waiting until it was properly cracked open, either: as soon as any sort of opening appeared, a little green head popped out, and she squeaked and creeled as her claws from inside attacked the edges of the hole, pulling herself out bit by bit until it all of a sudden gave way and spilled the rest of her out.

Picking herself right up, the Exotic Attractions Green shot into the air and started zooming around, examining everything. Nalddyn immediately registered as a possible source of food, and the green angled her wings back and dove at the girl, landing on her shoulder not very neatly, and demanding food. And right now, if you please! She was hungry and besides that didn’t want to sit here all day waiting!


Credits: Everything was done by Hikari!

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