Bronze Saskarth

Impressee: T'via (Tovia)

Name: Saskarth

Colour: Bronze
Hatching - Mid Spring, Turn 2, 8th Pass

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Hatching/Impression Message:
It started with the subtlest movements before the Big Red Fellow Egg began shaking furiously, the egg making audible snaps as the cracks rained down from the top of the shell, criss crossing in a web-like manner until the red egg seemed to be covered in a patina of fissures and faults. Finally a great bronzen wing exploded out one side, only to be followed by it's counterpart on the other. The creature's first steps were uncoordinated and resulted in him falling face first into the black sands. Stray laughs from the stands caused him to rear his head up in offense, clamoring back to his feet he took a few triumphant steps out from the junkyard of abandoned shells and towards a ring of worthy looking boys. The larger bronze was not one to merely pick a candidate, he tested them. He huffed about fantastically trying to intimidate them. Two of the candidates successfully scattered, but Tovia slipped falling on his behind. Mistaking this accident for a deliberate act of bravery the dragon approached, and only a moment latter the unassuming boy was reaching out to scratch an eyeridge, excited to announce, "His name is Saskarth!"

Egg Name: The Big Red Fellow Egg
Egg Description: This large egg is very round looking, even for a egg. It shell is a mainly a bright crimson red, with a band around the middle of black first, with what looks like a gold adornment of some type on the band. Under the band, is another band, but this one is an off white, and looks like it should be fluffy to the touch.
Egg Inspiration: Santa Claus
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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