It's All Fun and Games Until... Blue Satirath

Impressee: Z'veid (Zaveid) [Sigyn]

Name: Satirath
Pronounciation: sah-tye-rath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 2ccffa
Hatching: Gold Audalath x Bronze Cygneth, P8 T19 Early Winter
Final Size: 29' long with wingspan of 54'


It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue is small, compact, and sporting. He is quick and agile, nimble on his little feet. Stumble though he may as he learns how feet work, the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue is a fast learner and will be gallivanting about before you know it. He has an easy gait that shows how he has nary a care burdening his mind, steps that are confident and self-assured but eager and lively, more than that with some flamboyance. He isn’t always expedient about arriving at his destination, after all, it’s the journey that really matters!

He is sized on the smaller end of his color fellows, yet this doesn’t figure in the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue’s mind. For all the world, he is a brown or a bronze, he is the Red Star! He walks and flies with presence. All that can be seen in his steps are just as evident in the flaps of his wings and the long glides he executes. He is more exuberant in flight and the only time he doesn’t look to be pleased as punch and then some is if he is some kind of a mood. Otherwise you can expect that the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue to use those well-proportioned wings of his to the fullest extent of their abilities.

His neck is a touch short and his tail a touch long. His headknobs a little tall and his feet a might small. For all of this, the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue holds no qualms with what nature has bestowed him with. He is still a handsome fellow with a good head on him, one that is a bit wedge-shaped and especially expressive eye ridges. It is so easy to read his emotions and notice the subtle changes beyond just watching the colors shift in his multi-faceted eyes.

It is not without good reason that he is so cocksure. He is a beautiful dragon, there is no denying it, and one just has to get a good look at the feathering of color that adorns and marks his hide. The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue is a darker blue by all accounts, indigo to be sure and bordering towards midnight at the darkest points, like at every joint and along his wing phalanges and each headknob and every neck ridge. The underside of his jaw and down this neck to his chest is a vibrant and eye catching cerulean blue. This color appears in flashes at the tips of his toes and the tip of his tail. Oh, but there is more, for there is a sort of iridescence to his blue hide, leant mostly by the great variation of feathering pattern that covers him entirely. There are a myriad of other blues that adorn him, from the royal blue of his belly and ribs to the dark teal along his back and on his wingsails. The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue is colored as playfully as his personality.


Is there anything wrong with being an active, fun-loving dragon? Of course not! At least the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue doesn’t think so. Life can be so boring or hard or just an absolute mess, why not laugh and smile when you can?

The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue is a witty dragon. He’s smart and a quick learner, getting the hang of just about anything and everything more quickly than even the bronzes might. Unfortunately that can mean that once he’s gotten a good grasp on what he was meant to learn and work on, he gets bored. If everyone else is still toiling away and you’re not, it’s no fun at all. All those smarts just seem to fly away on the wind and shift and change into a whole different kind of animal. If he cannot be preoccupied or entertained by others, he’ll just go ahead and entertain himself, regardless of how much of a bother he might present to others.

He is a comedic and showy character, this It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue. If he can get a smile on someone else’s face, then he feel he has done his part well. All the more so if he had a good time doing it. He is filled with humor, both good and bad, and so much of it comes from poking fun at others. Usually he is just teasing those he sees across the Weyrbowl or is goading at a dragon he doesn’t like very much, but it is seldom mean-spirited. The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue is full to the brim with sarcasm and satire and will freely share it all, even when there is a much better time and place for it. Hey, sometimes he’s just speaking the truth, what harm is there in that? This dragon is also especially skilled with puns: clever one liners or longer story-like ones; he always gets a very good chuckle out of delivering them and seeing the reaction of those who hear them. It is always such a disappointment to the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue if no one gets the joke or misses the punchline. It’s never cool to have to explain a good joke.

The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue is a decent fellow, but he has some failings, as does everyone else. He tends towards being facetious and he is surprisingly moody, having temper flare-ups in which his humor turns coarse and dark and his fun teasing is truly meant to provoke a fight. It happens suddenly, but mostly it is a slow build-up. The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue watching a friend refusing to stand up for themselves in an argument or his Rider getting accused of something wrongfully. He simply cannot stand it, it drives him mad! You can be sure that if his mood turns in such a way, his ire has been pricked and only a good bit of physical exertion and elaborate word play will see him calm once more. This shadowed part of the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue is where his name really comes from, because all it takes is one lost eye and now it’s serious.

Despite this, he is still a dragon with few to no enemies, just a lot who may be easily annoyed by him. He is truly harmless and most understand that he is just a devoted friend who supports good causes and has a good eye for the rights and wrongs of the world. The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue loves his Rider and will always have his back through thick and thin. He enjoys how easily the man makes friends and the way he carries himself, just as showy and handsome as himself. They share some of the same thoughts, too, which helps to create the deep level of understanding between the two of them. If ever there is a greater partner for Zaveid, it is he, and he will always play to his number one fan.

He’ll also be sure to provide him with some roaring good times when greens rise. The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue does love a good chase, seldom skipping out on one when the opportunity presents itself. He doesn’t pursue golds, they’re usually far too serious, but he’ll play commentator to those flights while watching from the star stones. Instead, you’ll see his blue hide flashing in pursuit of greens, showing off his agility and speed with fancy flips and spins. His flight theme is energy and exuberance with a dash of witty comments tossed in. If he wins, then he’s played his part well and if he loses there is always a next time.

He is no less passionate and lively in Threadfall. The same energy carries over and if no one knew how serious he was about destroying flame and burying it in ash, they’d swear that he was having just too much fun. The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue makes it look so easy how he flits and darts about nimbly in the sky, dodging clumps so artfully and then skillfully flaming it in a singular motion. It’s just that his whole heart and being is in defeating this menace of the sky and he has such words for an enemy that doesn’t even speak or utter a sound in reply. It is the only thing that matters more to him than supplying others with entertainment.

There are times when the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue is quiet and still. At the end of long day, he will sit and contemplate what is going on in the world. He thinks of new jokes and stories and of who next to befriend or who to tease. What topic should be his next great conquest in life for him to satirize and play at. He is a closet philosopher and holds a great many opinions that are never spoken plainly, so much does he deliver them cloaked in a cleverly phrased line of sarcasm. The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue does not think anyone has any right to dictate who can do what, when, or where. Everyone has a right to live and be happy and how could anyone get in the way of that? It might be why he does not fancy golds so much and why he may chafe under the directions of bronzes who would hold him back and rein him in during Threadfall. He’ll obey if he must, never going quietly, and pointing out how there are masses who matter more than their singular self. These are things he might share more openly with Zaveid in an earnest sitting on a warm evening, but for everyone else, the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue will continue to play the intelligent fool.

Mercutio; Romeo and Juliet; William Shakespeare
His name is based on the word 'satire' as Mercutio is a sarcastic and satirical sort and so too is this dragon.

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Loud and boisterous, purely baritone, almost always .full of mirth

Hatching Message:
It didn't matter how many eggs had or hadn't hatched as of yet, the O, Sweet Nectar! Egg had been softly shivering and thrumming since the very beginning. For some reason, the shell of the O, Sweet Nectar! Egg was pretty darn thick and was giving the crowded young dragon within all sorts of trouble breaking out. The shivering was getting more desperate, turning into shaking and the scrabbling and scratching coming from the inside was more frantic. It was long before the stress cracks began to show on the surface of the O, Sweet Nectar! Egg.

First the shallow cracks and then the chips. Bit by tiny bit the O, Sweet Nectar! Egg fell apart. Glimpses of blue could be seen poking through the openings. Soon the egg crumbled apart, bits of the colorful O, Sweet Nectar! Egg falling to the black sands and some sticking to the hide of the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue. He shook his head and stretched his wings, opening up his maw to emit a loud and raucous cry to celebrate his newfound freedom.

Public Impression Message:
Oh-ho! Would he be so easily match-made? Figh! The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue would rather make the choice himself with his own thoughts and his own mind. He can see with his own eyes the Candidates and he has as good a mind that he can think and decide on his own. He appreciates the thoughts and good intentions of his brother, but he turns away from him and ambles over to the Candidates. The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue sidles up to Eirika, finding her sultry and sexy in comparison to the others. He shimmies over to Talora, thinking her pretty but her head too lofty and high in the clouds for him, her thoughts and ideals too shining. Next he slides behind Aylani, a girl whose skin is warm and lovely but much too feminine to be his Rider and far too genteel. He wouldn't mind a girl himself, but they would certainly mind him if only they knew the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue's mind and how it wandered.

To the boys then! He trots along and glances at Ephraim and can only think why so serious? before he passes him by. The next he bumps into seems small and nervous, his mind a bit scattered and that would not do and so the It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue takes a pass on Okathravin as well. Then he huffs at Zaveid, his hair so long and his mind and eyes so stuck on an egg still out on the sands. What? Why not pay him any mind? Does he not see how fabulously gorgeous he is? Is he not entertained by the bright colors of his hide and amused by how he flirted with the girls? The It’s All Fun And Games Until… Blue snorts again and he walks by only to suddenly circle back and jump onto the long-haired man's back.

Personal Impression Message:
A mere fraction of a second before feeling the impact of a hit comes a bold declaration, You're mine! Whether you can stand with a dragon on your back or you collapse from the suddenness of the attack, it is clear there is nothing malicious in the act. There is too much warmth and love and a laughter full of mirth. Maybe more euphoric than simply mirthful.

Did you not expect that? Nay, I think not with how intent you were with eyes on that stone of an egg. I am better! I am Satirath! The voice tells you, the weight leaving and the face of the blue filling your vision. Eyes the many colors of the rainbow stare back at you, washing away whatever doubt that may remain about what has just happened. Up! Up up! If love be rough with you, be rough with love! In which case, be rough with me, if you do dare Z'veid!

Egg Name: O, Sweet Nectar!
Egg Description: This tiny egg seems to be rather dwarfed by all of its brother and sister eggs. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty and spirit. The “O, Sweet Nectar!” Egg boasts a shimmering emerald green color which spans most of the surface area of the egg, and looks almost blue in some lights, while looking more olive-colored in other lighting. It’s kind of a chameleon egg, and the more you study it, the more variation you will find. The shades of green then give way and taper off to a beautiful white-grey, opalescent hue, which seems to be the “front” of the egg, if there were one. And finally, towards the top of the egg, near the pointier end, a striking ruby-red band circles the egg, as if it’s wearing a crown.
Egg Inspiration: Ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris)
Egg Credit: Ren

Dam: Gold Audalath (Ellandra)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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