Impressed to Green Odysseuth

Name: Sayrie
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: I7 T190 (Late Spring)
Former Rank: Apprentice Blacksmith (Farrier)

Sayrie may appear harmless with her short stature, beautifully curly blonde hair, and light blue eyes but there is something in her demeanor that comes off as ‘not to be messed with’. The robustness of her muscles and the hardened callouses on her palms indicate that this pretty girl is no stranger to a hard day’s work and could probably throw a man on his back if she needed to. Sayrie takes flak from no one. She purposely flies in the face of traditions just so she can have the satisfaction of watching the conservatives grind their teeth. This is the girl who master-minded her brother’s and hers stealth mission onto the Sands of a clutching gold, insisted that she was going to Impress the best blue dragon on Pern which forced her family to leave High Reaches Weyr, and fought to become one of the few female blacksmiths. Sayrie has a quick wit and biting humor similar to her brother’s although she is not at all prone to his theatrics. She does have a bit of a softer side where her mother and brother are concerned and she tries to keep them out of the harsh opposition she faces in her chosen craft. She has an extremely antagonistic relationship with her brother but their mutual affection for each other is easy to see. Kyran has often mused that she must have some sort of relationship with the man who agreed to take her on as an apprentice because who, in their right mind, would want his sister to be their apprentice? If she has been, Sayrie certainly isn’t telling here!

Mini-Biography Credit: Neena

Former PC profile: PC Profile

Brother: K'ran of bronze Cacurnynth — [Neena]

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption.

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