Brown Setith

Impressee: L'vy (Lavyrec)

Name: Setith
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 963827

A rather lanky, thin brown, Setith has a rather uniform reddish brown color to his hide. Around each wrist and ankle it lightens to a pale tan color. His head is much darker, more of a chocolate tone, with black lining each eye and spiking out from the corners. Even without such distinct markings, he's a very recognizable dragon; his headknobs are long and spindly and seem much more upward than most, and despite being thin of both body and snout, he has a very nice silhouette. He tends to carry himself with a certain elegance, feet always placed in a direct line and neck arched proudly.

When it comes to personality, this brown certainly doesn't lack. He'll be more than happy to favor anyone with an arch look that shows his obvious superiority, though normally not much more. Anyone who strikes him as particularly amusing might find themselves on the butt end of a prank, though any of them who manage to escape will find a long grudge on his side. Not that he'll remember why he was upset with them, just that he should try to stir up their life as much as possible.

Inspiration: Set (Seth), the Egyptian God of the Desert, Storms and Chaos

Hatching/Impression Message:
It seemed that the Obscure Portmanteau Egg had been shaking for quite some time. First forward, then back, and to the sides, it looked like it was going to do everything it could but just hatch. Finally, though, cracks began to wind their way across its surface. With a sudden shimmy, the Obscure Portmanteau Egg shattered, spilling a spindly brown dragon out onto the Sands. As he climbed to his feet, he stared around through black-lined eyes, deep brown head held high. As he stalked down the lines of Candidates, he stared at each one in turn before finally deciding. Striding up to Lavyrec, he lowered his head and shoved his spindly headknobs into the tall boy's stomach experimentally. "Oh, do be careful, Setith! I'm not as sturdy as you are!" L'vy objected, eyes huge as a wide smile split his face. The pair made their way off the sands after that to go and feed the hungry dragonet.

Dragon Credit: Anahira

Egg Name: Obscure Portmanteau Egg
Egg Description: A large grey egg. That is the simplest description that could be given of this particular egg, and perhaps the most accurate. It is very large, and even bulges a little at the widest parts as if it were being pressed upon from the inside. It is grey, too, but far from being a uniform shade. It begins with a darker hue at the base, charcoal, but as the color sweeps upwards it begins to grow lighter, seamlessly blended patches of ash grey and slate folding in on each other. The very tip of the egg is a fine, pale shade, with just the barest hint of a muted saffron glow washed in as if in watercolor. In fact, this egg is characterized by layers, onion-fashion. There are markings beneath the grey, if only one could make them out. Is that an image there, etched delicately into eggshell? The eye plays tricks, when one looks at this egg too long. If there had ever been anything else to see, those maddening greys have long-since blotted it out. No sense in staring.
Egg Inspiration: Smog
Egg Credit: Kelly

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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