Blue Sewelth

Impressee: A'drew (Adrenewl)

Name: Sewelth

Colour: Blue

Sewelth is a pale blue who is quiet.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Your Shape Stupendous Egg burst open with great force, scattering shards of egg shell around itself and even onto some of its unhatched siblings. The blue that started towards the candidates was not as bold as his egg however. A pale colour, he was content to make his quiet way over to Adrenew, nuzzling up against the young man’s legs. The ex-smith bent to soothe his new dragon, murmuring the name “Sewelth” as he did so.

Egg Name: Your Shape Stupendous Egg
Egg Description: Although it's lying on heated sands, this largish egg seems to flicker with its own personal fire. The wider end of the egg is tinted in desert browns and greys, but as you pass to the smaller end the shell blooms into a massive upthrusting cloud of gold-tinged red. The very tip of the egg is colored cobalt blue. Bars and circles of greenish-black ring the midway point of the shell in a curious pattern, while long brown sweeps of color drift almost featherlike to the sandy base.
Egg Inspiration: This egg is based on the modern opera Doctor Atomic by John Adams. It's about the 1945 atomic bomb tests at Los Alamos; in particular, this egg is in honor of the last scene where the cast watches the first blast through goggles, or holds up darkened pieces of glass to their eyes. The sweeps of brown are feathers from the headdresses of the Native American tribes watching. Then the stage goes dark, and you hear a child's voice asking for water in Japanese - a quote from the novel Hiroshima.
Egg Credit: Eclipse

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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