The Radical Woman Green Seyuranth

Impressee: Shasiera

Name: Seyuranth
Name Inspiration: A blending of Susan Anthony and Betsy Ross's names.

Colour: The Radical Woman Green
Hex Colour Code: 3B5323
Final Size: 27' with a 47' wingspan
The Radical Woman Green is a good sized hatchling, of a dark green shade - much like undergrowth in the forest. Even just hatched, a observer can tell there is something a little different about this darker-tinted green dragon. They way she holds herself, proudly, and the way she moves, bolder and more directed than most of her sisters. Her dark green-gray hide would make one think of a strange, prim and proper green, unusual in itself.

Overall, Seyuranth is a solid colored green, with a slightly faded look to her hide. There is little to no variation in the color of her hide, minus the very slight lightening of her wing membranes, which will continue to lighten as she gets older, until they reach a shade of light gray-green.

When Seyuranth reaches her full growth, she will be a fairly middle spectrum green, midsized body with slightly larger than average wingspan. This will make launches easy for her, her downsweep better than the average green's. However, she's slightly slowed in the air when it comes to maneuverability, but only by a slim fraction. Her head is slightly larger than normal, with a blunted tip to her nose that lends her herdbeast-like look to her face. Her neck is long though, lean and curving. Her body is perfectly average for a green, not too bulky, not too thin, but perfectly proportioned for fighting Thread like all greens do. Her legs are long, evenly muscled, as is her tail.

There’s a place in the world for her, and this green dragon is determined to find it. Her youth will be mostly preoccupied with her search for her role in the grand scheme of things, driven by her certainty that she is as good as any dragon with a male rider. Her strong will shall be one of the things that helps her in this ‘quest’. Seyuranth is a dragon who isn’t afraid to speak up, and she can be as stubborn as a mule when it comes down to it. She’ll defend her views to the ends of the earth, and woe betides anyone who tries to convince her otherwise when it comes to a subject she has a certain opinion on. The fact that she’s a quick learner could be seen as a positive and negative thing. Lessons will be made easier due to the speed with which she picks things up, despite the fact that she is a green, and their memories are notoriously bad. Her memory will be poor, certainly, but she has the capacity to remember things well after she’s gone over them numerous times. Related to learning, Seyuranth will detest any imbalances in the provision of teaching to male and female weyrlings. I don’t care that we’re going to be in the female Wing, Shasiera, Jasderth’s must teach us how to flame just as well as any dragon with a male rider! The strength of her conviction could lead to some friction between her and the weyrlingmasters, and will likely reflect on you, too. Her habit of trying to get other female-ridden dragons to follow her lead in fighting these injustices probably won’t go down particularly well when she’s very young, but as she gets older she will only become more determined to get all the female-ridden greens to band together. Altogether she will be a bit of a firecracker, though also rather polite in it too.

By adulthood, Seyuranth will be more content in who she is and where she fits in. Many of her childhood traits will remain, such as her strong will, firm opinions, and outspoken nature, but new facets to her personality will have emerged along the trail to maturity. She’ll be very much a pacifist dragon, who works things out with words, not force. She enjoys speaking, and she can most definitely orate. When she feels the need to address an issue, she can make an impassioned speech, determined to win the hearts and approval of those she is directing it at. She will detest violence in all its forms – save Threadfighting of course, which is a necessary evil – and any sight or sound of fighting will have her quite upset and angry. Do tell Va’ran and Fal’n to stop that! It is most unnecessary to have such a to-do when others are trying to relax after a Threadfall. She won’t understand why people feel the need to fight, though this may be linked to her enjoyment of peaceful, quiet situations. An early morning start is the most pleasing thing to her, where she can enjoy a bath alone in the lake, taking in the silence before the day begins.
Her early work on getting a group of female ridden dragons together to promote their cause will most likely have expanded by the time she is older, and she will set her sights on extending the group to include other dragons and their riders. This issue will always be close to her heart, and her job just won’t be done until female riders get the equality that they so obviously deserve. The one thing that will hold Seyuranth back will be her self-consciousness about her appearance. Though she is a fine speaker, she will need a lot of reassurance that she looks the part, too. After a weyrlinghood of awkward growth and clumsiness, even as a perfectly well shaped adult she will have worries left over about dry spots on her hide; her posture; the colour of her headknobs. These worries she will share only with you, her confident in all things. Outwardly, she is always the polite, almost prim little socialite, happy to mingle with men and women equally, listening to them as well as talking avidly about this and that.

When it comes to being proddy, Seyuranth will be quite the opposite of the stereotypical green. Rather than being flirtatious and coy, she will prefer to ignore the company of males altogether and either socialise only with female dragons, or simply stay in the weyr alone or with you. In addition she will be rather more touchy than usual, in contrast to her usual rather personable nature. These will be sure indicators of her impending flight even from the very first. She will probably first rise to mate almost bang on the average time for a green: not too early or too late. Her flights will not be a very scandalous affair. If anything, they will be short and speedy, her lack of stamina and slight issue with manoeuvrability stopping her from drawing it out. She won’t much be one for taunting in the air, instead just going for evasion and a little flirtation after the period of shy proddiness. After the flight she will enjoy some time with the male, but very soon she’ll have forgotten all about the event and move on. Perhaps some memory of it lingers though, for she’ll often be caught by the same male a few times in a row, then another for several flights, and so on.

Despite her pacifist nature day to day, Seyuranth will be a ferocious Threadfighter. That passion for her opinions that is so evident in her everyday life will be matched by the intensity of her hatred of Thread. It is a menace, and must be eradicated from Pern forever! It’s almost a good thing that she’s in the low-sweeping female wing, for an injury that grounds her will leave her incredibly frustrated and almost enraged – at those who said she could not fly, and herself for letting the injury occur. No, she’s much happier in the sky when Thread is falling. Though not the most agile of greens, nor the fastest, her sharp eyes will be primed for dangers, both to herself and to others. Her flame will be strong and deadly, her desire to do the most ‘damage’ to Thread (as a whole, for Seyuranth will think of Thread as one whole as well as the individual strands that fall to Pern) giving her the power to do more. A Threadfall will leave her hyped up rather than exhausted, and you may find that she needs a lap or two around the Weyrbowl to calm down before she’s ready for a bath to wash the smell of char from her hide.

Inspiration: Seyuranth was inspired by Susan Anthony, an American suffragette, and Betsy Ross, who is credited with making the first American flag.

A middle ranged alto, roughened by heavy use is what one hears when Seyuranth talks to them. Her voice is powerful for a green, not whiny or high-pitched like one could expect. Her voice is almost mesmerizing, if you listen to her for too long, you'll find yourself convinced of what she wants. She has a fine grasp of vocabulary, slipping complicated words into her sentences easily. The smell of gunpowder is often prevalent in her speech, while blue, red and white accent her mental presence with their colours.

Hatching Message:
Part one: The Fire Within Egg starts to wobble, gently, slowly, small fractures,spider's silk-fine, criss-crossing the surface. The small breaks could only be seen close up, to the spectators in the stands, the egg was merely wobbling, gearing up to hatch. It seemed to be in no hurry to hatch though, and is often overlooked for the more vigorous of the eggs hatching.

Part two: A few more slow wobbles, and the Fire Within Egg shatters into a fine powder of egg shell, revealing a determined green, her wet, dark hide making much of the shell fragments stick to her. The Radical Woman Green shook herself off, much like a wet canine, trying in vain to get the shell-powder off of her. With a obvious "hmpf", the green sat down to clean herself off. She had to be presentable for such a crowd!

Public Impression Message:
Finally, after what seemed like several Turns, but was only a few minutes, The Radical Woman Green felt she was clean enough to be considered decently presentable. Standing from the circle of fine shell remnants, she stretched, fluttering her now dried wings above her. After that good stretch, she walked with short, neat steps to peruse the candidates. The boys, none of them for her. They would all just hold her back, hamper her plans. Yes, oh yes did she have plans, visions, if one would. This Weyr would remember her hatching day, oh yes.

Ah, now she was reaching the girls, the women, the obviously more intelligent of the humans. There were a good handful to choose from, for which The Radical Woman Green was glad. She could have her pick of them. And there was the one she wanted. She continued her nice, neat, and very careful baby steps over to the woman she wanted, she was young, but she had much potential. The Radical Woman Green softly nuzzled the young auburn-headed woman, nudging her stomach.

Personal Impression Message:
You almost miss the soft wobbling of the wildly colored egg, and the other eggs hatching divert your attention briefly. The small, dark dragonet is easy to miss at first, she sitting there quietly, cleaning herself. But you notice her, she seems so familiar in a strange way. Soon though, more dragons are hatching, and you again don't notice when she moves. The next thing you notice is a dark green head nuzzling you abdomen. A whirl of colors explode through your mind as you realize - you've impressed!

Dragon Credit: Emma and Velcro

Egg Name: Fire Within Egg
Egg Description: This egg looks as though it's burning, vivid streaks of color covering its entire surface. Three vibrant shades ranging from light to dark of red, orange, and yellow all mixing together in an almost chaotic swirl that resembles a bonfire at a Gather. The surface of the egg itself looks almost mirror-smooth, making the colors just that much more vibrant, and their brilliancy will not fade very much even once they've hardened and dried.
Egg Inspiration: Cadmium and its pigments in paint
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay) of Istan Gold and Istan Bronze
Sire: Bronze Ternath (N'sig) of High Reaches Gold and High Reaches Bronze

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