Impressed to Green Tharjath

Name: Sh'an (Shiandar)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T196
Former Rank: Scribe

Shiandar has something against his parents, but he won't breathe a word of what it is that made him flee to Solaria Weyr from Ketrin when he was barely twelve Turns old to a living soul. Shiandar is sarcastic, always with a snarky reply or joke, especially when he is in an uncomfortable situation. This tends to get him into trouble, as people used to him have a hard time knowing if he is ever being serious, and people who don't know him get offended. Shiandar tends to pick up the tiniest faults in the people he knows, and isn't particular tactful about his jokes and teasing. Despite that, he is a very logical individual with a great deal of logic - just not people skills. He never seems quite satisfied with what he's doing with his life. Shiandar is average height, broad shouldered, with short, spiky brown hair, grey-blue eyes, and dark skin.

Mini-Biography Credit: Jey


Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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