Balance and Serenity Green Shakuweith

Impressee: Tela

Name: Shakuweith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 56715C
Final Size: 25.2' length with a wingspan of 43'

Even fresh out of the shell, this green seems smaller than her fellows. For all her lack of length however, she has a serene beauty about her, evident in every graceful movement of her limbs; in every calm look she gives. There's a plumpness in her face that will linger long after she's lost her weyrling baby fat, and her eyeridges seem more curved than some dragons. All in all, it gives her a youthful appearance, as well as making her look very much like she is looking out at the world from beneath gently raised eyebrows, contemplating her surroundings. Her legs are proportionate to her body in length, though slim and delicate in appearance; her fingers in particular are exceptionally slender, and bear claws of silvery-white.

In colour, she is a dusky, lighter green - some would say it has a grey tinge to it - almost the colour of bronze tarnished by the ages until it has lost much of its sheen. The top of her head tends towards a more yellow-green hue, curling in patterns reminiscent of flames and licking up her slender headknobs. Her eyes are outlined in darker green, emphasising their slightly smaller, more narrowed size. For all her plain colouring however, she truly gives the impression of having a fire within her: an active, burning mind and a deep love for those around her, serenity seeming to flow from her like a surrounding aura.

Calm, Patient, Composed. Shakuweith will be the epitome of these things. She has a calm way of looking at the world, and will be extremely difficult to irritate or provoke. Peace is her favourite mood, and you may find that she will try to bridge the gap between those who are at odds with one another. When all is right with the world, she feels balanced and content. Her nature is one of serenity and peace, and of finding balance within oneself to achieve happiness and greater things. To that effect, when she is young she will push both herself and Tela to work hard to learn what is expected of Tela, and to be good at it. This is not for any need to boast or brag about being the best, however: no, what Shakuweith likes the most is the feeling of fulfilment when one achieves a goal that one has set for oneself. Initially, this will be focused around weyrling training, but later on it will move to other things: perfecting a flying trick she's picked up; learning how to embroider Tela's riding straps to decorate them; getting to know that woman Tela spoke to yesterday in the dining cavern. Shakuweith has a deep love for setting goals and meeting them, no matter how small they may be. She knows that it is possible to do anything one sets their mind to, if they have the drive to do it.

And have the drive she does. While Tela's green isn't a loud, bold creature like, say, Firceth, she still has determination in heaps and is not one to be underestimated. Confidence is very much a natural thing to Shakuweith, though it is a quiet confidence. She has a strength within her, and her belief in herself and her ability to succeed will be passed on to Tela. Her mantra is that strength comes from within: when you feel confident, you will be able to achieve anything you dream. She may have big dreams, too, not just for herself but for Tela, also. She wants nothing more than to see Tela happy, to see her doing great things and showing that she are a strong and independent female. While Shakuweith is not exactly anti-male, she is pro-equality. Being hatched into a world where women are second class citizens in many respects is a jarring thing for a green who knows that women, especially her rider, can be just as successful as men. As she grows older, her dreams will likely get bigger, and as the pair mature she will set her sights especially high. One day we will be Wingleaders - we are more than capable. If we work hard, we will prove our worth. If failure comes along, she has an upbeat attitude towards it all. There's little point regretting your past: you must simply learn from it, move on, and improve.

Even when she is young, Shakuweith will love children, and will be especially content when surrounded by them. She has infinite patience with them, and will never complain even if they should accidentally hurt her while playing on or around her. Indeed, her deep love of young things will extend to the desire for you to have children yourself - perhaps even quite a few! That way she can be more involved in their lives than she could with others' children, perhaps even pondering future occupations for them based on their childhood interests. She'll be certain that any children you have will be destined for great things, much as she knows that the two of you will be able, through your own positive actions, to achieve greatness. Fire-lizards will also be something Shakuweith likes, and Shalki will always be more than welcome to find a comfy spot on her body - even if the little green is wet from splashing about in water! Shakuweith will very much be an observer, watching people work, play, and generally interact. She will make all her judgements based on the available evidence, and oftentimes will come out with some deep insight after being quiet for a long time. During weyrlinghood, some may take her long silences as aloofness, and her thoughtful comments will sometimes seem to come from nowhere.

Like all things in life, Shakuweith will meet Threadfall with her usual composure. It is something that she and Tela have spent almost two Turns training for, and she will feel prepared when the time comes to fight for the first time. She'll be a wonderful little fighter, determined and brave, and will be an asset to any Wing she's in. She will worry for Tela though, if her rider should have any worries or fears about their duties. Comfort and giving strength to her rider are given top priority then, even in the heat of a Threadfall. Tela will have to take care to keep Shakuweith fully focused on the immediate task - the green's love for her rider runs very deep, and her desire to have a happy partner is very strong. She will feel relief after every 'fall, and will quite often reflect on the event, lingering on the things that were done well and gently pointing out any areas where she thinks that there could be improvements made.

Flights are a curious time for Shakuweith. She will go from her normal friendly, sociable self to a more coy and shy being, even going so far as to being subtly flirtatious with male dragons. She won't outright say it, but she'll enjoy attention from the boys while she's proddy. Tela will quickly learn to spot an oncoming flight for her, for in the days running up to the event Shakuweith will suddenly becoming rather focused on the two of them looking good. I think you should wear the flower clip in your hair today, Tela. It suits you beautifully. Could you oil me just once more, too? I fear I do not look my best, yet. She'll even preen a little, too, trying to catch the boys' eyes by flicking her wings or toying with her talons. Her behaviour will intensify on the day of the flight, and culminate in the grand event. She'll put the males to the test with her small size, being as agile on the wing as she is. She'll be surprisingly sensual in the air, teasing the boys with every move. She won't be particularly wordy, letting her body do the talking, instead. The male who catches her will find her to be a pleasant ledge partner after everything's done with, and she won't be the sort to be rude about kicking him out, so to speak. At the very most, she'll be polite but subtle in her wishes for him to leave, especially if the winner of the flight is perhaps not someone Tela would have liked.

Inspiration: (Scuplture) Kichijōten
Statues of Kichijōten, Buddhist goddess of beauty, fertility, prosperity, and merit. Our theme being the fine arts, I thought long and hard about what in particular I thought would be a good base for Tela's green. Tela being raised traditionally and generally very meek, I wanted a dragon who would be able to bring out some more of that steel you describe Tela as having - but I didn't want a firecracker of a green, like some have. The statue of Kichijōten that really caught my eye was of her in her Daibenkudoku-ten manifestation (photo). The serene expression on her face, coupled with the fiery-looking hair around her head, as well as her overall elegance, made me sure she was the right one for Tela's dragon.

Shakuweith's name comes from two words: shiawase, which roughly means 'happy', and utsukushii, which means 'beautiful'. I thought a beautiful dragon needed a beautiful name to match - hopefully the soft initial syllable and general flow of her name suit her!

The brush of wind through leaves; the soft sound of a wind chime gently disturbed. Shakuweith's mental presence invokes these soft sounds and more every time she speaks. Hers is a gentle voice, not so much quiet as simply calm and pleasant. It's a fairly high voice, on the soprano end of the scale, yet never shrill or harsh on the mind of the one hearing it. The scent of sandalwood is ever present, stronger when she is in a reflective mood. Fragrances are often indicative of her mood even when her voice does not change volume or tone: the strength of cloves when she is ruffled or unsettled; earthy patchouli in the heat of a flight; spicy cinnamon when she is cheering someone up. Her voice never seems controlled, her words always coming naturally, but you will be able to sense when she is hiding negative emotions by other, more subtle changes to her mind's touch.

Hatching Message:
The Simple Ink Egg had been breaking apart ever so subtly, the cracks invisible where the black and grey markings covered them up. Now, finally, the work of the dragonet within became too much for the shell and it split apart all of a sudden. Amongst the shards of creamy white was a small green, looking calm and composed amidst the action of the hatching. There was a pause, during which the Balance and Serenity Green remained perfectly still. Then, having composed herself after her efforts to break her shell, she took her first step out into the world, slender feet pressing into the black sand.

Public Impression Message:
The Balance and Serenity Green had always known who she was destined for, of course, and her steady pace brought her to one of the female candidates. Her eyes were picking up a brilliant mixture of happy colours as she peered up into the dark eyes of her chosen partner. Happy that all was well, she moved closer, to press her body gently against the short woman's legs, contentment practically radiating off her as she made it clear that they were together now.

Personal Impression Message:
The small, dusky-coloured green is in front of you, and the noise of the hatching fades into insignificance as her voice enters your mind. She is a soothing presence, a beacon of calm in the centre of the mayhem of cracking shells and wandering dragonets. Her voice comes softly at first, carried on a gentle breeze. Tela…Tela, my love. I am Shakuweith. And growing stronger as the bond between the two of you becomes fully formed, the scent of sandalwood drifts in, curling around her loving words. I found you, as I knew I would. Shall we eat? She is trying to control her hunger, but it is there - a strong, instinctual need. There is no pressure from her though, just that simple, polite question given to you as she lets her needs be known.

Dragon Credit: Emma
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora

Egg Name: Simple Ink Egg
Egg Description: In a way, the blandness of the color of this egg makes it stand out from the others despite the simplicity of it. The creamy white base color, with markings in black and accents in gray are the only colors in evidence on it. The black stands out starkly, smooth markings like the stroke of a brush, but very flowing and natural. Gray highlights soften the harsh transition of color, leaving to mind images of a snowy landscape or seeing the world at dawn, when the color is bleached out of everything.
Egg Inspiration: Japanese sumi-e (ink paintings)
Egg Credit: Hikari

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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