Shalki 1

Flight - Off camera
Clutching - Off camera
Hatching - Eggs handed out

Dam: Green Shalki
Sire: Brown Goggle
Brown: 1
Blue: 1
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:

The Bulldog Brown Meatroll to Cenally (Taenia)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 12'', Wingspan 23''
Hex Code: 4a3218
Clutch: P8T8 Mid Summer, Green Shalki x Brown Goggle

Physical Description:
None of the hatchlings from the Bulldog Brown’s clutch are scrawny little things, but this boy is the beefiest of them all. The Bulldog Brown is wide rather than being boxy, and when he lays down he seems to spread far and wide, rather like a bearskin rug. At the same time though, his head and his haunches are big and solid. He has a very short, thick neck and a stubby tail that drags after him, as well as very small wings for his size. The Bulldog Brown knows his wings are stubby and hates the effort of flying, so locomotion is achieved by waddling or on Cenally’s shoulder.
His face is rather short, almost as though it got squished and flattened, and his eyes are big and round in his funny looking face. They’ll either be wide open in a belligerent stare, or tightly shut in sleep. Orange, as bright as a glow lamp in the pitch dark, is the usual colour they glow - a warning of sorts. The Bulldog Brown has big, droopy cheeks that give him a permanently grumpy look.
Splotches of a dark seal-brown interrupt the otherwise plain, dusky leather brown colour of his hide. A large mask covers most of the Bulldog Brown’s face, another over his shoulders, and one spreading over his left haunch and the base of his tail. It’s a very soft feeling hide, but at the same time is quite tough and not as prone to cracking as most other firelizard’s.

The Bulldog Brown seems to have a little duality in his personality. The side everyone except Cenally will see the most of is one of perpetual grumpiness. The Bulldog Brown doesn’t like anyone except for his pet, and he is not afraid to let them know it. As unenergetic as he is, usually it’s just a hostile stare with those demonic looking eyes as he flops over Cenally’s shoulder.
But the Bulldog Brown has a very protective attitude, and if it looks to him like anyone is going to harm his pet, he’ll be lightning fast in flinging his whole solid mass through the air and latching his big jaws on to the offender. This intolerance does also extend to young firelizards pestering him. Vocally, the Bulldog Brown only uses low growls and croaks to express what he wants, and if he communicates telepathically it will be through a slow repetition of basic images until Cenally guesses what he means.
To Cenally, the Bulldog Brown will be a veritable angel. He absolutely adores her and yearns to spend every moment as close to her as he can. He’s affectionate when nobody is looking, with nudges and nuzzles and licks. She’d best be careful if he falls asleep on her shoulder though, because this boy drools. But even with Cenally, there is a stubborn side to the Bulldog Brown. He wants to do what HE wants to do, and not anything else. Verbal reprimands probably won’t work very often, and he might even croak back in the same tone. Luckily, what the Bulldog Brown mostly wants is food, and if that’s not it, well food is always an effective bribe or distraction.

The Monkeybars Blue Lord Lightning Flash Q Twitchibolt to H'den (Kohaku)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 13'', Wingspan 22''
Hex Code: 6b8b94
Clutch: P8T8 Mid Summer, Green Shalki x Brown Goggle

Physical Description:
The Monkeybars Blue is on the larger end for a blue, but he’s not a hulking behemoth like his brother. He’s actually very well proportioned, and aside from looking slightly cuddly due to his rounded physique, he’s built very well. His almond shaped eyes are quite large for his face, giving him a look of innocence that is offset by the mischievous slant of his eyeridges.
A dusky, pale denim shaded blue colour is the predominant tint of his hide. It can be oiled up to a reasonable glossiness, but he’ll never glint in the sunlight. The colour fades to an even paler, duskier sky blue which is slightly transparent in his wing membranes. The Monkeybars Blue’s markings only lend to his distinct look of perpetual youth. A very pale blue, like the undersides of clouds, sweeps back around his eyes in the shape of wings. The same colour forms a jagged ring that runs around the very top of his front left leg – it almost looks like a bolt of lightning spearing across his shoulder from the side.
Even when he’s sitting on Hal’s shoulder, the Monkeybars Blue is incapable of remaining completely still. He’ll always be looking around with his tail twitching, and will often leap into the air and go into wild acrobatic cavorting without a moment’s warning. He’s a fast, dangerous, reckless and tireless flyer, and loves every moment of it!

The Monkeybars Blue is the little boy who never grew up, except he’s far too clever to be considered a child. He’s quick on the uptake and knows exactly what is going on around him. Don’t try to trick the Monkeybars Blue, because he will not be pleased if he finds out…and when the Monkeybars Blue is displeased, he gets revenge! Most of the time though, over-exuberant and mischievous will be the Monkeybars Blue’s primary mood.
The Monkeybars Blue’s favourite thing is to be where he shouldn’t be. He adores tiny spaces, like down people’s shirts, and getting close and cuddly with people he doesn’t know, or people who dislike him. At the same time though, he’s quite flighty, so if he thinks someone is going to do something to him or grab him, he’ll stay just out of reach. Affection is delivered and taken when he wants it.
The Monkeybars Blue is of course playful. He loves to stalk things, and if he wants to play he will paw his chosen playmate on the face until they join in – either in the original game, or chasing him out of annoyance! Scolding him will abash him and make him stop anything naughty…temporarily, but there are pretty much no long term effects.
The Monkeybars Blue has a very young boy’s attitude to girls, at least for the younger part of his life. He’ll pull their hair, lick their noses, and leave muddy pawprints all over them. When it comes to female firelizards, he’ll do the same thing, teasing and annoying them, irrespective if they’re green or gold. To male firelizards, he’ll be the heart and soul of the party, a veritable social butterfly.

The Governess Green Agift to En'vi (Maiden)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 11'', Wingspan 16.5''
Hex Code: 206524
Clutch: P8T8 Mid Summer, Green Shalki x Brown Goggle

Physical Description:
The opulence of plush green velvet folds over every inch of the Governess Green’s pristine hide, from her delicate muzzle to the tip of her flourishingly poised tailfork. The colour is rich, with plenty of depth but not much shine, and that’s as the Governess Green knows it should be. She has no need to go glittering like a gaudy bauble when the lift of her head and the sweep of a wing ooze so much more elegance.
Her markings are to the point, too. Her ridges are a much darker hunter green, and stripes slice down from each over her spine. The Governess Green also has an apron in the same colour, covering her chest and underside. A pale, translucent mint green allows murky light through her wing membranes.
The Governess Green hatched elegant, with nimble little steps and her especially slender muzzle held up. She knows she’s ungainly on four feet so she’ll fly when she needs to move, or content herself with sitting prettily on En’vi’s shoulder, peering haughtily at the world. Still, her wings are a little short compared to her body; she knows it and will thank you not to be so rude as to point out a lady’s flaws. It’s not her fault, it’s just that her neck and tail and legs are far too long and willowy for conventional beauty. She likes to look her best, but she knows it’s beneath a lady to complain about her lot in life, and will try to contain her grumbles.

The Governess Green is a Lady, an L-A-D-Y, and she acts every inch the part all the time. Elegance, poise, and a word of wisdom chimed in every now and then are all part of the job description. What is not part of the job description is allowing her pet to associate with uncouth types. For En’vi, she will make allowances, but watch out anyone who is crass around HER. A Lady is well within her rights to scold anyone who offends her!
The Governess Green doesn’t seek attention. That is most unbecoming. And she knows that those flashy types will draw all the boys, but they just aren’t worthy of her. She won’t hesitate to put up her nose and turn the cold shoulder of scorn on anyone who does not meet her high expectations. Anyone truly refined will recognise real poise in the Governess Green’s impeccable manners. This extends to being washed, obeying her pet, eating daintily…just about anything. In flights, she’s extremely orderly, and will like as not choose the most gentlemanly bronze, though if the other boys flying are impressive enough she might consider them.
For a green, the Governess Green has a strangely mothering aspect to her. She won’t be vigilant with her own clutches, but when she decides that someone or something is younger than her, she will go out of her way to teach them manners and proper behaviour; especially other greens, and she might even try it with Fawniath! If the Governess Green is really displeased, her go to method of chiding will be a nip, or several, with her extremely needly little teeth. On humans, she knows to go for the ear.

The Tangy Taste Green Ela to Kimber (pavlova)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 11'', Wingspan 15.5''
Hex Code: 40631e
Clutch: P8T8 Mid Summer, Green Shalki x Brown Goggle

Physical Description:
It’s quite possible that the Tangy Taste Green is the dopiest, cutest looking green firelizard in existence, if you like big, innocent eyes and a pink tongue which seems to be perpetually hanging out of the side of her mouth. There isn’t a single bony bit in her entire body; the Tangy Taste Green flops around as if she were filled with sand.
The Tangy Taste Green’s head is broad, with very bright, oval shaped eyes beneath high arched eyeridges. Her tongue is almost always protruding from her broad, smiling snout. Short, pudgy legs give the Tangy Taste Green a sweet, uncoordinated waddle, and when she’s flying she flaps her slightly short wings desperately. Her stout little tail curls right back over her back, carried jauntily in the air. She’s definitely not the most graceful thing in motion, and has a tendency to, well…end up face first in the dirt.
The bright yellow splodges which splatter the Tangy Taste Green’s underside are the most eyecatching feature of her hide. Over all she’s a warm, earthy green that can be oiled up to quite a shine, but it’s the splatters that stand out, especially the one beneath her left eye and on her left hind foot. Her wingsails are a yellowier, translucent green.

The Tangy Taste Green loves her pet. Just see if she ever lets Kimber go anywhere without her! Even if she’s been scolded to stay away she might be ‘stealthily’ stumbling along at her pet’s heels.
The Tangy Taste Green thrives on attention. If she’s being ignored, she won’t put up with it, chittering and squawking. If she’s left alone the Tangy Taste Green will cry piteously. She’s jealous of Kimber’s attention and she will physically shove herself under Kimber’s hand if she feels she’s lost it to someone else. She loves cuddles and she might demand one if Kimber is busy, tugging on a sleeve with her teeth.
The Tangy Taste Green loves to play ‘steal socks’ or ‘hang on to whatever clothing Kimber is wearing’. It will take a few firm ‘stop its!’ before the Tangy Taste Green gets the message. She’s just bad at commands, but whether it’s because she didn’t understand, or just doesn’t feel like it is impossible to know.
The Tangy Taste Green is curious, especially about things that smell or taste good. She can even track faint smells to their source. She investigates the world by licking absolutely anything. And the Tangy Taste Green has no compunction stealing tasty food right off your plate or out of your hand. She’ll just want more, more, more!
She might be a bit immature for most other firelizards to get along with, but if she finds a good playmate the Tangy Taste Green will love them for life too. In flights, she’s just as much of a silly goose, and will be absolutely dreadful with her clutches.


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