To Be Or Not To Be Blue Shebamth

Impressee: Fey'n (Feyon) [Shouriko]

Name: Shebamth
Pronounciation: She-Bamp-th
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: a3b0c1
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Escamilloth, Early Winter P8 T18
Final Size: 31' wingspan of 64’


TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE hatches out of his shell as a rather comical looking creature. In fact with his short stocky body, stumpy tail, short sharp pointed wings and relatively short neck and blunt head, the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE looks more like a wher hatchling than a dragon. His legs are long and gangly looking especially in contrast to his short stocky body.

Overall he’s silvery blue which takes on a bright gloss when wet to the point it is almost metallic in appearance. This silvery blue darkens considerably along his spine and back to a very dark blue-black and his belly is nearly white but still containing a very silvery shine to it. Along his flanks and tail are subtle stripes running from spine to belly before fading out completely. His tail tips are the same dark blue as his back as are his feet and the tip of his nose. His neck ridges are rather pointed and smaller than other dragons but those running about midway down his back and half the length of his tail are noticeable bigger and just as pointy as the neck ridges. His wings are dark on top but underneath they are the same silvery blue as his body.

When TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE matures he will lose the overall short stockiness he was when born. His neck will lengthen some and his tail will still seem shorter than normal but lose some of its thickness, especially around the tips. His wings will grow out to be longer than average for his body length but still be narrow and sharply pointed. When viewed from the side, TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will still look stocky and wher-like but face on it will be clear he lacks the thick girth of a wher but more the streamline shape of a blue dragon. He won’t be as long as some blues but his wings certainly will rival the length of most blues.

It won’t take long for TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE to reveal what he enjoys the most. From the moment of hatching, speed is what he craves. At first his need to run will overtax what his body can do. This will frustrate TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE as when he wants to go somewhere fast tumbling head over head in the process or slamming into things because he can’t stop in time will result in many bruises and other minor scraps. He’s determined however so it won’t take him long to learn how to coordinate his limbs, wings and tail so he can run fast and not into things.

From the get go TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE knows he has to be the driving force in his rider’s life. This blue likes to go places and explore eager to face physical challenges, especially if it means getting somewhere fast. But he doesn’t like to do it alone so he’ll always encourage his rider to run with him, climb with him, swim with him or any other activity that gets the heart racing and blood flowing. The TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE enjoys challenging others in races but he is always a good sport about it, win or lose. What drives him to run is the thrill, not the ‘win’ so he encourages his fellows to try harder even if by doing so they beat him next time, TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE is perfectly fine with losing.

During Weyrlinghood, the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will take to physical challenges eagerly but will have some trouble with intellectual and focus oriented exercises. He will have too much energy to sit still and listen and thus will need a firm hand to keep from running off to chase a random flutterby or dust blowing in the wind. Once lessons move towards the idea of flying TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will suddenly have all the focus needed to learn what he must to be a great flyer. Unfortunately once he’s flying his rider will have the challenge of keeping him from flying so much he strains his muscles.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will get along with most of his clutch siblings as he simply enjoys company almost as much as he enjoys speed. He will always have an encouraging word eagerly help a sibling if they need a hand even if he doesn’t have the solution. What he doesn’t know he’ll find somebody who does and then help a buddy out. His rider will always have somebody to listen to and do things with, the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will never let him down.

As an adult TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will still retain his youthful energy but it will be tempered by proper focus and discipline. He thirst for speed will still be there but it won’t be fulfilled in spontaneous and reckless spur of the moment bursts as it was in his youth. Instead it will be with a true purpose such as catching Thread blown on the wind, spinning about faster than other dragons can to focus on it. TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will chase that Thread and consume it with a blast of flame. At least that will be TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE ’s intention. As fast as he is in the air it comes at a price. He isn’t capable of tight turns and highly acrobatic manoeuvres as similar sized blues can do. Despite this the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will be a good Threadfighter, quick to catch Thread even if he isn’t as agile as other dragons.

He will also enjoy a good time, especially with his rider even if he can’t physically be with his rider, TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will enjoy whatever good time his rider is having by encouraging him to have fun with his friends and always be a good sport about it.

When it comes to mating flights the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will truly be at his glory. Chasing greens is something he will enjoy and always give it his all. Here his speed will often pay off as he can keep up with most greens and easily beat them when it comes to speed alone. He can fly as fast and as high as most greens and even get in close enough to catch them before they are truly ready. Fortunately the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE doesn’t want to catch them as much as he wants to race with them. To him it’s the chase that is the most fun but the catch certainly does make for a nice reward after all the fun of the chase comes to a close. His rider better be ready for plenty of fun chases but not so many catches as the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will likely refuse to catch a green if he feels she could have flown better than she did.

There may come a day when the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will decide he likes a particular green or to above all the rest, a green he’ll chase every time and want to catch her every time or who may like him enough to let him catch her. If that day should come the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE will likely still chase other greens but he will just not try and catch them, instead seeking the company of his choose green instead even if it’s just to snuggle and talk excitedly about the fun race he had with another green.

Inspiration: Northern Bluefin Tuna
Dragon Credit: LdyPayne

Voice: The mind voice of the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE is deep and rich and possesses an almost haunting quality. This is especially noticeable when TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE is physically apart from his rider. When excited and eager however TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE ‘s voice increases in pitch but not painfully so and his speech increases in speed.

Hatching Message: The bright green Budding Bell Egg begins to rock, slowly at first then with increasing speed till it suddenly falls right over with barely a sound. The inhabitant continues to hammer away at the shell till it literally caves in along the middle. With a final shake the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE rids himself of his bothersome prison and gets to his feet. Now properly on his four feet the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE looks around while he rests a moment.

Public Impression Message: He had checked all the Candidates but the one he wanted wasn’t among them. The TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE lifted his head up and cried out louder than before, looking towards Ceocayath and sent out a plea to her to help him find his rider. When she couldn’t point him out he cried out again, eyes searching everywhere. Something caught the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE’s attention and he once more dropped down to all fours and stared towards the Stands, or was it towards the Healers ready to attend to the injured?

The TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUEhad not considered these particular people before, but only because they weren’t wearing white. Giving out a determined roar, almost comical due to not having fully mature vocal cords to make the deeper sounds an adult could, the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE charged….directly at the stands!

How he managed it without tripping was pure luck but he did. Just before he would run right into the ledge separating the lower seats from the Sands themselves, the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE jumped and landed right on the top of the ledge and screeched in the face of the shocked spectator sitting there. Before anything could happen the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE slipped off the ledge and landed into the spectator’s lap!

The woman who's lap he had fallen into screamed in shock which caused the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE just jump out of her lap and onto the ground. Snarling he snapped at the woman's legs which caused her to scream again before she tried to run away. Unphased by the woman's screams, the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE resumed his struggle through the stands, ignoring the efforts of a few spectators trying to redirect him down to the Sands. Finally he reached who he wanted, a young boy with blondish hair.

Nothing was going to stop me reaching you, not even this thing. The TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE stomped on the seat underneath his claws.

Personal Impression Message:
The TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE made it finally to his Fey’n and pressed his blunt face into his slim chest. No longer doubt what you’re meant to be and that’s my rider. I’ll always be there for you and you’ll be there for me. The voice in Fey’n’s head was deep, rich and very confident. Now that I found you and claimed you, let’s go eat. I’ll race you! he challenges, turns and started to sprint away only to trip over his gangly legs and fall over. Hissing and grumbling in frustration the TO BE OR NOT TO BE BLUE struggles to his feet and shakes himself off, trying to ignore the pain from a stubbed toe. He wasn’t going to let that slow him down!

Egg Name: Budding Bell Egg
Egg Description: An egg of middling size, it is very much traditionally eggy in shape. It calls attention to itself with the bright yellow-green coloring of its shell, largely uniform across the surface. There are some faint mottling of olive green and lemon yellow almost too faint to even notice unless closely examined. It is quite smooth to the touch, just as it appears, and feels slick and cool under your hand.
Egg Inspiration: Vorticella spp. – an aquatic parasitic ciliate
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Escamilloth (L'vin)

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