Gold Shining x Wild Bronze

Flight - 5th March 2009/Mid summer, T2, 8th Pass
Clutching - 27th March 2009/Late summer, T2, 8th Pass
Hatching - 13th April 2009/Early autumn, T2, 8th Pass
Credits: Wingrider all the way!

Gold Bronze Brown Blue Green Total
1 2 2 3 4 12
Color Name Character Player
Gold Majea Issac ???
Bronze Promiscuous ("Prom") Darylawn Stolenhart
Bronze Saix Kiryu ???
Brown Arbus Khourey Van
Brown Lollan Simostell Emma
Blue Avalix Marlach ???
Blue Kharg Taylia ???
Blue Nall Heseod ???
Green Evray Kiri ???
Green Heart Kanan ???
Green Pantera Kuran ???
Green Tari Varabelle Velcro
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