Green Shiyoth

Impressee: R'kol (Rakkol)

Name: Shiyoth
Pronunciation: Shee-yohth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 42CF4E
Final Size: 26' length of 37' wingspan

Description: Shiyoth is mainly a plain leaf-green hue, except for the very pale tinge running from her chin, down her neck and belly, to the tip of her tail. Physically, she's so pudgy it's downright adorable. Shiyoth's got a head that looks too big for her average sized body, with a pudgy nose and cheeks and round little headknobs. Her limbs aren't any slimmer, and in her flightless months, Shiyoth will struggle to keep up with her clutchmates as she waddles hurriedly after them. But…put her in the air and it's a different matter. Such acrobatics - you'd never imagine it, seeing her on the ground, but Shiyoth is destined to be one of the fleetest fliers in the Weyr.

Personality: Staunch little Shiyoth! Such a hard wee worker, always eager to lend a hand or prop up a struggling clutchmate. Shiyoth doesn't want the spotlight - no, she shies away from it - but she wants everybody to succeed and be their very best. It's important that everyone does their best to protect the Weyr, after all. Actions speak louder than words with Shiyoth, which is a good thing because she rarely does speak more than a single word at a time. Her contributions to conversation will be a single thought on the matter - possibly an important one - but she relies on her rider knowing how she feels rather than elucidating for herself. Big challenges are nothing to Shiyoth. Show her a problem and she'll be determined to surmount it. Be the best, protect the Weyr! …And never waste food. She'll eat anything, including the scraps left behind by her wasteful clutchmates.

Inspiration: Yoshi, Super Mario

Hatching/Impression Message: Wiggling and jiggling, bumping and jumping, the Geggnam style Egg had been grooving to its own beat since the throaty hatching hum first filled the Cavern. The brightly striped, shiny egg shivered, and shivered again…finally the shell seemed to pulse and throb as the hatchling inside pushed and shoved against captivity. Shards crumbled suddenly as the stress became too much, falling to the black sand at the feet of the pudgy, spring-green hatchling.

The plump green tipped her head back in a jaw-cracking yawn, exposing the pale underside of her throat. She gave an infantile, reptilian creel as her jaws snapped shut, and blinked in wide-eyed wonderment at the straggly circle of candidates.

…Oh! She was so hungry…but there was something more important to do first.

The little green wobbled up onto her stumpy legs. Her first step nearly plunged her snub snout into the black sand. With a shake of her head, she lifted up each foot carefully, making her ungainly way closer to the candidates. Her path quickly became obvious - a beeline straight to the boys - an the crowd could likely see that the little green had her eyes fixed on a candidate who stood open-mouthed, watching elsewhere with wide eyes.

It took a bump of her head to his knee to bring Rakkol's attention to the determined dragonet at his feet. "Shiyoth! I didn't see you…uh, I think the food is that way!"

Dragon Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Geggnam style Egg
Egg Description: This small egg is unusually round and slightly squat. No matter how carefully Femaith places it, it always seems precariously perched on the surface of the sands - as if the slightest touch could sense it rolling! The surface of this egg is a robin's egg blue,and is striped down the middle with a bright white. The top is a somewhat darker blue color, and there are darker circular markings of this same coloration along the white stripe. Bright yellow stripes flash across it's surface. It's surface has a strangely polished appearance, and is highly reflective. This egg exudes a playful irreverence that some may find incredibly annoying. This egg will be among the first in the clutch to show signs of motion from within, it's motions will be strangely rhythmic, as if the creature inside is driven by some powerful, unheard beat.
Egg Inspiration: Gangnam Style
Egg Credit: Noto

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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