Green Shyly x Brown Chaos P8 T15

Flight - Early Spring, T15, 8th Pass
Clutching - Mid Spring, T15, 8th Pass
Hatching - Late Spring, T15, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Shyly (Cevida)
Sire: Brown Chaos (Zaralis)
Totals: 5
Bronze: 1
Blue: 1
Green: 1

PC Fire-lizards:


The Soulful Brown Biscuit to Echkalo (Emma)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 20"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
This brown is tiny, even smaller than his blue brothers. It doesn't stop him, though, and he's an active little fellow. His hide is a warm shade of pale brown - the exact colour of a freshly baked biscuit. From his forehead to the tip of his tail is a line of dark brown. It's crossed at his midsection by another line of brown. Viewed from above, the two lines intersect to make a cross. He's quite agile in the air, but the Soulful Brown would rather ride around on Echkalo's shoulder. When he does fly, each beat of his wings is accompanied by a spicy, oddly comforting scent.

There is no kinder firelizard than the Soulful Brown. He is friendly to everyone, and particularly friendly to those less fortunate - he will always have a welcoming chirp for drudges, and he will watch over the patients Echkalo tends with as much diligence as any healer. But most of all, he loves and adores his Echkalo. There is no better companion than the Soulful Brown, and his intelligence and desire to please makes him easy to train. He's loyal and will be amongst the most reliable of messengers, needing only gentle encouragement to keep him on track. He will do his best to assist Echkalo in his work as a healer - and if a patient happens to die, the Soulful Brown will stand watch over them until they are laid to rest.

When he's not with Echkalo, the Soulful Brown will visits those he considers to be 'friends'. He'll turn up at their doors and beg for tidbits. He'll even sing for his treats - he's a wonderful little singer - and it's hard for anyone to resist such a sweet fire lizard. His loving nature extends to flights - he'll chase any rising female, and will attempt to woo her with his songs. If he happens to win, he will dote upon his mate until she gets sick of him.

Inspiration: Soul Cakes, which were traditionally given to children on Halloween


With All My Heart Blue Beau to Aerrol (Corgi)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 13" wingspan of 22"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The With All My Heart Blue is a handsome firelizard indeed. He's an average sized blue, and perfectly proportioned in every way - the very definition of good looking. His hide is a light blue, even and unflawed. Only in one spot does the colour change - on his flank there's a reddish brown mark that looks almost heart shaped. He's not as agile as other blues, but the With All My Heart Blue has the stamina to compete with browns and even bronzes.

Never has there been a firelizard as affectionate as the With All My Heart Blue. He adores Aerrol more than anything else in the world, and he is always by his pet's side. His unwavering devotion can be almost overwhelming, as his affection extends to physical contact as well. He will drape himself lovingly around Aerrol's shoulder, and at night time he will snuggle himself into Aerrol's bed - sleeping on his own is something he will do only if Aerrol is insistent. While he's friendly with other fire lizard, when it comes to people, he refuses to interact. He even gets possessive of Aerrol and will go as far as trying to sabotage any relationship Aerrol might have. Aerrol is [i]his[/i] and the With All My Heart Blue doesn't want to share. It will take considerable time and effort on Aerrol's part to train him out of his jealousy.

His devotion to Aerrol means he can be trained to do tasks with persistence, but he should never be relied on as a messenger. His dislike of other people means messages are likely to go astray. Scolding him will produce sad chirps, and if Aerrol's upset with him, the With All My Heart Blue will do everything he can to earn forgiveness. His preferred method is to bring gifts to his pet - he will pick up shells, steal sweets from the kitchens, and gather bunches of flowers to try to win back Aerrol's affections. He is similarly generous to his mates - should he win a flight, the With All My Heart Blue will give the female anything she might desire. He will do his best to win every flight he participates, and he participates in a lot - nearly every rising female will find this handsome little blue on her tail.

Inspiration: Candy Hearts, popular treats on Valentines Day


The Spring Seeker Blue to Y'go (Fairytale)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 13" wingspan of 26"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Spring Seeker Blue is on the bigger side for a blue firelizard, with particularly large wings. These wings he likes to curl around his body like a wrapper when he sleeps. His large wings are also necessary to carry his extra weight; he's also a little on the chubby side, with a vaguely ovoid body and short neck. His hide is a lovely shade of light blue, and seems almost shiny when the light catches it. Most noticeable are his stripes - wavy lines of pink and yellow on his neck, body and tail that make him stand out in a crowd.

The Spring Seeker Blue is a colourful character, and not just in appearance. He loves to play games, and his favourite game of all is hide and seek. He's quite an imaginative little hider, but a glimpse of his blue hide will nearly always give him away. He'll play with anyone, but he can often be found entertaining the weyrbrats - he seems to delight in their joy. An always happy little blue, the Spring Seeker Blue is perfect for cheering people up on bad days. Though he is happy to do his own thing later on during the day, the Spring Seeker Blue will always be there when Y'go wakes up in the morning, ready with a sweetly trilled greeting.

He is surprisingly trainable for a blue, and given enough repetition will become a reliable messenger. Food rewards are always good for him, but he has a strange obsession with klah. Given the opportunity he will happily share Y'go's klah in the morning, and would be even happier to have a small bowl of his own. The Spring Seeker blue is a major tail chaser and will chase any and every rising green. He may not be the most aerodynamic of blues but he will woo his mates with a fair amount of success.

Inspiration: Easter Eggs


The Sweet Tooth Green Hoodie to T'pur (LdyPayne)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 19"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
When her nose first breaks shell, the Sweet Tooth Green could nearly be mistaken for a brown - her head and face are the colour of caramel. The rest of her, though, is undeniably green. It looks almost as though she's dipped her face into a pot of something sticky and sweet. The rest of her colouring is a bright apple green, smooth and unblemished. When it comes to figure, the Sweet Tooth Green has a tendency towards roundness. She is a little on the chubby side with stocky legs and short wings.

The Sweet Tooth Green is an odd little firelizard. She has a habit of stealing clothes - T'pur's, if nothing else is available, but she prefers brightly coloured fabrics. She will burrow amongst them so they drape over her and fly around showing off her 'costumes' to anyone who will pay attention. She loves showing off for attention, especially when that attention means she might get a treat as well. A glutton if ever there was one, the Sweet Tooth Green will do anything for tidbits and isn't shy about helping herself to food, even when it belongs to others. She is particularly fond of sweets and chooses them in preference to anything else. She is energetic and lively despite her pudgy figure, and it's hard not to smile at this chubby green's antics.

She is happy to spend time with T'pur (especially dinnertime) but she has little patience for things she finds boring. Lessons and drills will see her vanishing to find something more entertaining, and she has no interest at all in fighting Thread. She is similarly disinterested in flights and rises only infrequently for a green fire lizard. She will quickly abandon her mate following a flight, and her attention span when it comes to eggs is likewise short. If T'pur ever plans to hatch a clutch of the Sweet Tooth Green's eggs, he'll need to find them and care for them himself. Though the Sweet Tooth Green will learn to do simple tasks easily enough if offered a food reward, she is far from being the most trainable of fire lizards.

Inspiration: Caramel apples, a Halloween treat


The Merrily Striped Green to Civen (Seirye)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 16"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Merrily Striped Green is on the small side for a green, with a slim body and long tail that has a tendency to curl back over her body. Her hide is a deep pine green, but striped with white that twirls around her body from her tail to the tip of her nose. She is an excellent flier, zippy and fast. Once she's exhausted herself, she'll drape herself over the nearest object for a nap. She also has a faint peppermint smell that lingers in the air when she has flown by.

The Merrily Striped Green is as sweet as can be. She loves everyone; people, other flitters, dragons, but she loves no one more than Civen. If he's upset or anxious, she'll be right there crooning in an effort to cheer him up. When he's in a good mood, she is similarly joyful, flitting around and trilling happily. She spends much of her time draped over Civen's shoulder - or if he's not available, she'll hang off something else. She has a particular fondness for trees and adores visits to the forest, where she'll hop from branch to branch chattering merrily. She loves celebrations of any sort, whether Turnovers, Gathers or Feasts, and she'll often mark the occasion by fetching small gifts - pretty shells, colourful leaves, a feather - for Civen.

When it comes to flights, the Merrily Striped Green is as regular as can be - once she starts rising, she'll fall into a predictable pattern. She'll lead her chasers on a wild dash and they'll be hard pressed to keep up with her. Once she's caught, she'll happily curl up with her new mate and she'll even stick with him for a few days if he'll have her. She'll nearly always lay her clutches where they can be found, and will even do her best to care for her eggs. Though she's as forgetful as most green firelizards, she'll do her best to follow any instructions Civen gives. Simple tasks she'll manage as long as nothing distracts her.

Inspiration: Candy Canes


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