The Crowned Green Sibbiath

Impressee: Gw'shar (Gwleyshar)

Name: Sibbiath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: B3CD32
Final Size: 26.7' length with a wingspan of 36'

Long, dainty, and delicate are all words that come to mind when looking at this green. While she does start out a perfectly proportioned little dragonet, this green casts aside all hopes of gaining any of the mass of her siblings by instead seeming to focus simply on gaining length instead of mass, like some of her siblings. She'll wind up with long wings and long limbs, though not quite the stamina expected due to a lack of muscles. Her face is delicate, with a tapering muzzle and big eyes, though she's not likely to be batting them about very often.

When it comes to coloration, the The Crowned Green leans toward the unremarkable for most of her. A relatively boring yell0w-green, she has a bit of mottling toward either tone, but no bold stripes or spots or socks. On her head, though, her head-knobs have a rather drastic change of color, only a bit of fading between the green and much more orangey color there, fading to a sweet tone of pale yellow at the very tips.

The Crowned Green's movements will grow to be graceful, once she gets her full growth. Until then, she'll still be seen to trip over her own feet or wings or even others from time to time. She'll rarely go into a full tumble, but in her first few months there might be a few bruised noses and hurt feelings.

When she's little, Sibbiath will probably be a very confused little klutz. Being polite is important, but the rules of manners won't be drilled into her little head quite yet. Sure, she'll know about deferring to and being polite with the bigger dragons straight from the shell, but the intricacies of such things will escape her for a while. It won't help that, in her earliest periods of growth, whatever helps her keep track of her feet will go perfectly amiss. No gracefully sweeping into the lake for her baths, no, large splashes and loud apologies are much more probable.

As she matures, Sibbiath will begin to grow into her limbs and her manners will mature. She might still regress back to her earlier silliness, but most of the time she'll be as stately a green as anyone could wish for. Males will make her a bit aggravated from time to time, what with their endless chasing and flirting and general bullheadedness. Her silly clutchmates will be mainly ignored unless they speak to her first, and only then will she pay attention to them. Politely, of course, but not a whit more so than decorum dictates.

She does have her flaws, though — Sibbiath is vain about her appearance, always needing to feel pretty. While she won't complain about a bit of dirt on her hide, the dust and char of Threadfall will be something she will be completely unable to stand. And, of course, once she gets a taste of her bonded's cooking, she'll be demanding treats every time he swings by the kitchens.

When fighting Thread, she might not be as driven as some other dragons, but she won't shirk nor hesitate. A job is there and needs to be done, so do it she shall! The slimness of her limbs and self means Sibbiath will be a bit better at dodging clumps of Thread, keeping herself and Gw'shar from harm. Communication with her wingmates might not be her forte when her mind is on the battle, but a sharp enough reminder from someone will have her relaying messages as normal.

In Flight, she'll be a sight to see. Gradually building up a glow for a few days beforehand, she'll be quite visible when she decides to take to the air, all bright green and flashing yellow. Darting here, there, up down left (maybe not right, can't be predictable!), she won't make it easy on her chasers. Mostly so that her one special someone can catch her, though look out! She might fall for the playboys from time to time, just to spice up her life a bit.

Sif, Norse goddess of the Earth. Also Thor's wife, and well-known for her golden hair.

Sibbiath's voice is calm and commanding, capturing the attention of those she talks to. It has obvious depth to it, not as light and airy as one would expect from a green of her appearance, but it matches her very well.

Hatching Message:
The Never Strike Twice Egg stood, shaking for a few moments before one green foot suddenly jammed its way out, sending cracks flying over the rest of it. With an almighty shudder, it broke to reveal the Crowned Green, regally surveying the area around her. That only lasted for a few moments, though, as the delicate little creature tried to step forward and simply tumbled down to land on her chin with a loud cry of dismay.

Public Impression Message:
Struggling to her feet and ignoring anyone who might have come close after her fall, the Crowned Green peered around, eyes beginning to whirl with anxious yellow. The person she was looking for was obviously not close enough for her liking, and she set out, still managing to trip over her own tail, claws, even wings on one step. Finally, though, she approached the gangly, dark-haired boy, letting out a joyous coo, eyes lighting up with the colors of Impression.

Personal Impression Message:
As the Crowned Green stumbles closer, she seems to be zoning in on you. Even though she stops to untangle a hind leg from her wing, she's moving steadily closer, until finally there's a happy cry. {Gw'shar! Why didn't you come when I fell down?} she demands, rubbing her cheek against you in relief, eyes whirling with happy colors as she bonds.

Dragon Credit: Anahira
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Never Strike Twice Egg
Egg Description: This egg is quite eye-catching. On a dark grayish background, what is truly spectacular are the blinding streaks of what appears to be light that run jagged vertical lines down the sides of the eggs. They almost look like cracks in the shell, but are more comparable to bolts of lightning that have been permanently zapped onto the surface of the egg. These streaks are a bright white outlined by an electric violet, and small branches start splitting down towards the base. Altogether these lightning marks seem to give an overall purplish hue to the egg. The egg surface is smooth, but they pop out where the lightning streaks are, more pronounced where the main lightning branches are. If anyone dares to touch this egg, they're sure to receive a little shock.
Egg Inspiration: Lightning
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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