Creature of the Night Gold Siheth

Impressee: Juleia

Name: Siheth
Name Inspiration: Siheth's name comes from the bean sidhe, or banshees, of lore. They are female spirits in Irish mythology, and wail when someone nearby is going to die.

Colour: Creature of the Night Gold
Final Size: 45 feet with a wingspan of 75 feet
Description: Darkest, deepest gold forms the base colour on this hatchling. She could nearly be mistaken for a metallic brown but she‘d not thank you for this comparison. She maintains the same solid colour all over, aside from a tinge of red gold to her mouth and jaw and a darker gold, oil slick gold, on her extremities. Tail, legs and wings are shaded with this darkness and it almost seems you can see a swirl of other, iridescent colours in this darkness where it sends tendrils up her legs, tail and wingsails. Rather a slim dragon, she’s almost wraithlike in her build and look, seeming to blend into the shadows with her dark points, and the long flowing wings that are held away from her body when at rest bring to mind a sweeping cloak. When she gathers her wings about herself, when she’s cold or when she wants comfort, they encase her almost completely, with just her eyes and top of head visible over them. She has long, sharp claws and rather pronounced canines, giving her a forbidding, almost sinister look. Yet for all the sinister looks, something about this dragon draws you to her. There is a touch of the night about her, in feeling and look, and this is where she best blends in, preferring this to the brighter days that seem to leave her drooping.
Hex Colour Code: #8B7500

Personality: From the beginning of Siheth's time with Juleia, she will show herself as…not quite a traditional gold! There's something masculine about this small female, a touch of testosterone that means she's not the perfect image of a breeding mother, as many traditionalists think golds should be like. This won't worry her much, even if others comment on it. Ignore their comments – I'm as much a female as any gold. She'll enjoy training a great deal, but may struggle at first with making those first connections with her siblings, especially greens, blues, and browns. She'll have something of an ego at first, viewing herself as 'above' them and not wanting to mingle much. Time and patience will help her form better bonds with them, and she may even find some close friends among them. Her excellent memory will come in handy during lessons; her possessiveness of Juleia, not so much. The first few nights, she may wake to find a young dragon trying to fit herself in the cot with her weyrmate. Staying close to her rider will also be a priority for the young Siheth, and Juleia may have to work hard to get her to relax.

With age will come maturity, and Siheth will become a sensible adult dragon. She'll take pleasure in the simpler things in life: flying and hunting, mostly. Hunting in particular will be a particular interest of hers, and she'll spend some time contemplating her meal before she preys on the herdbeast she decides is best. That one is plump, but it could be fat, not muscle. That one over there is full of vigour, see it? Yes, I think it will do. She'll be swift on the wing, a predator who strikes fear into the heart of her prey. Strangely, swimming will never be a favourite of hers, though she will enjoy being clean. She'd just rather stay in the water for the minimum length of time required, and then get on with something else. Her pride in Solaria will mean that she'll want to know everything that's going on; not just the gossip, but also any other workings. She'll reach out to other dragons with inquiries, keeping up with everything so that she can help determine what the Weyr needs most to improve it.

In the Queen's Wing, Siheth will sometimes be frustrated. Not being able to flame herself will be something of an irritation to her, especially when all her clutch siblings, and seemingly every other dragon in Solaria, can do so. She'll make sure that Juleia and herself are both well-prepared for fighting Thread, never missing a drill, checking and rechecking their flamethrower, testing straps to make sure they're safe to use. In the air, her smaller size will make her more agile than her fellow golds. Speed will also be one of her strengths, although her stamina won't quite match it and she'll have to learn to pace herself. Being in the low-level Wing, she won't often get a chance to show off her aerial skills, something that may annoy her.

Siheth is a very fierce dragon, protecting her rider at any cost. She has a misguided view that her rider is the most breakable thing in her world, and she will even threaten a person she thinks may "cause harm" to hers. If Juleia even so much as looks at another dragon Siheth will be in a bad mood for the rest of the week; being naturally jealous of any other dragon but most especially the other females, both greens and golds. She's highly territorial, too, defending "her" Weyr (all of Solaria) from any invading golds that may come. She will get along well enough with the older golds of Solaria, but other than those two so far, all other golds are seen as a threat to herself or her rider, and must be chased away.

Siheth will rise, and it will be noticed by nearly everybody, but mostly the dragonhealers since at least one chaser will be left bloody. If any male gets too close to her before she is ready to have them there, they will be repelled, by force of sharp claws and teeth. When this dragoness bloods, she will only blood, unlike other golds who may feel the need to gorge on meat. In the process of blooding, somehow she will seem to be bathed in the blood, often by sliding her form over the carcass to coat herself. In Siheth's mind it's something akin to warpaint that Native Americans used to put themselves in a certain frame of thinking, as she thinks it will make her more alluring for the chase.

When this gold clutches she will be a good mother to her eggs: constantly turning them, getting them in just the right position for a day only to do it all over again tomorrow when she wakes. Even as she clutches her eggs, she will be ordering Juleia to keep everyone off the sands on threat of harm by dragon. If she had her way, no one except Juleia and possibly her mate would be on the sands at all during her clutch. She is near impossible to convince to let a candidate anywhere near her eggs, up until the very last moment when the eggs start to rock and crack.

Inspiration: The famous vampire Dracula was the main inspiration for Siheth (especially her description), but there are also elements of the Countess Elizabeth Báthory, a serial murderer from Hungary known as the "Blood Countess".

Voice: Her voice is a strong alto, almost a ringing, rolling purr in a person's mind. In reminds one of the night, and the winds that can take you far, far away on dragon wings. It's such a pleasant thing to listen to, a person or dragon can get lost in her voice while listening to her, the opposite sex being weaker to her vocalizations than the woman of the Weyr. Just from the tone of her voice, one would never expect the threats that come from this small queen. Her actual voice is somewhat loud and screechy, which is why she don't actually make too many sounds. She doesn't like the way she sounds.

Hatching Message: The Shining Star Egg started to shake, and it seemed as if the shining egg was calling for attention. After all, she was what everyone was here for, the show stopper, so to say. The egg only shook a handful of times before completely caving in on itself. The golden hide that peeked through was attention catching, and she shook off the shell remnants that stuck to her wet hide before looking around. She wants all the attention on her before setting off to find her life mate.

Public Impression Message: The Creature of the Night Gold stopped by Larsa for a minute, peering around the girl to see who was by her. Aw, there she was! She bumped Larsa out of her way, going to the blonde haired girl near by, the gold's eyes whirling in a rainbow of colors. Then she noticed that others were much too close to hers! She swiped a darkened gold claw at Khourey, drawing a nice gash in her calf, thankfully only skin deep. They wouldn't hurt hers now!

Personal Impression Message: There you are! It took me a while to find you, and now I need to be fed. The gold that is now stood in front of you, looking at you lovingly. I am Siheth. You are now mine, and I will keep you safe. A feeling extreme hunger hits you, almost like a punch to the gut. Siheth will protect you now, from everything, and anyone who you don't feel comfortable around. It doesn't take you long to realize that she has a temper, especially when she pushes a green out of her way while getting to the food. You need to watch out and stay out of my way! The young gold will be a handful.

Dragon Credit: Written by Emma, Mayhem, and Velcro, inspiration by Velcro.

Egg Name: The Shining Star Egg
Egg Description: This medium egg is rather pointed at its tip, with it's base being a tad bit wider than usual for a an egg. Its shell is a blinding yellow-white, like the sun's light, with a distinctive golden sheen. If you stare at his egg long enough, it may begin to look like it is emitting light.
Egg Inspiration: The Christmas Tree Star
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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