Gold Siheth x Bronze Hrementh T4

Flight - 7th April 2010/Early autumn T4, 8th Pass
Clutching - 2nd May 2010/Mid autumn T4, 8th Pass
Egg list
Hatching - 11th June 2010/Mid winter T4, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)
Totals: (27)
Gold: 1
Bronze: 3
Brown: 5
Blue: 7
Green: 11

PC Candidates: Aubren, Betron, Atheran, Ennavi, Firraz, Khourey, Kirnin, Kushal, Mayin, Nesh, Niru, Nisari, Porictir, Riya, Romania, Simostell, Vorinay

PC Dragons:
The Naïve Lady Gold Iridith to Niru — [Maiden]
The Regal Romantic Blue Pirkinth to Khourey — [Vandelay]
The Dirty Blue Cyraeth to A'ren (Aubren) — [Rainewolf]
Lost Love Green Eurydith to Nisari

NPC Dragons:
Bronze Midath to C'rian (Corbinian) — [adopted by Emma]
Bronze Phosreth to C'hom (Cyhom)
Bronze Terridith to D'lusk (Delusk) — Killed during Threadfall (P8T6)

Brown Caraeth to I’rid (Isarid)
Brown Gavorenth to H'maj (Herimaj) — [adopted by Dragonblossom]
Brown Mivenanth to Al'arin (Alizarin) — [adopted by Ivy]
Brown Temmeth to R’gan (Rinnagan)
Brown Wilseth to S'las (Sylas)

Blue Faseth to T'del (Tandel) — Lost between (P8 T7)
Blue Hifadith to Gr'ah (Groah)
Blue Kevereth to N’ree (Novemree)
Blue Raninyth to K'val (Kerival)
Blue Sewelth to A'drew (Adrenew)

Green Aleuskinth to L’rem (Larem)
Green Azerneth to B'nam (Blannernam)
Green Celenth to P'haen (Palhaen) — Killed during Threadfall (P8 T10)
Green Feymirth to T'ven (Telleven)
Green Istaroth to R'lin (Roslarin)
Green Kephitith to R'nar (Roganar) Killed during Threadfall (P8T12)
Green Laesalth to T'mir (Teremir) — [adopted by Maiden]
Green Norineth to Z’en (Zhoen) — Killed during Threadfall (P8T9)
Green Palith to L’esk (Laresk) — [adopted by Taxx]
Green Veoyeth to D'trin (Detritin) — Killed during Threadfall (P8 T9)

Egg theme: Operas and Operettas
Dragon theme: Opera and Operetta Characters

Many thanks to: Legal, Rhee, Velcro and Zoie, the fantastic Search Committee! And as always, to all egg writers and candidates!

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