Cupric Copper Chloride Blue Sindarth

Impressee: K'don (Kiedon)

Name: Sindarth
Name Inspiration: Your choice of name!

Colour: Cupric Copper Chloride Blue
Hex Colour Code: B0E0E6
Final Size: 32' long with a 53' long wingspan
This dragon is in the middle when it comes to size, so he's a bit of a physical pushover. He's a solid little thing though, built like a table with a leg at each corner, so he's not much for speed and agility like his blue brothers. This is the blue you want steadying a group of blues and greens since he has a pinch more stamina than others. He can sustain a flame longer than his fellow blues and his physical description matched with his personality make this blue a shoe-in for wingsecond, if his rider is willing to step up. Because he looks like a flying table, the base of his neck and tail are a little wider than liked and both are shorter than preferred in a blue which gives him this bunchy squashed look. His head matches his body being short and wide rather than long and slim and his eyes are slightly flattened looking when compared to other's dragons. He's not a pretty dragon, when it comes to his body make-up, but he gets the job done and that's really all one can ask of him.

What he lacks in size and general appearance he makes up for in color. His base color is a shade darker than an actual sky blue and it darkens in the folds of his hide and over his joints where hide is most often stretched. Depending on the direction of the sun and how he is positioned his hide looks like it's on fire. The sun reflects off of his hide in a variety of multi-hued blues, whites and on occasion (if he's on a bright green landscape) blue-greens. In a dark cave he loses this effect and remains an ordinary sky blue that requires a lot of work to maintain. Too much sun and this blue bleaches out to a dingy grey color or can even sunburn, this dragon should be kept to the shade as much as possible.

As a young dragon, during the first part Weyrling training, this dragon is very quiet almost as if he is not there. Rarely does he comment on anything to any other dragon. He spends most of his time listening and learning, absorbing everything like a sponge. He pays particular attention to the training browns and bronzes receive since this dragon has aspirations beyond just existing. With his rider at this point, he points out the responsible things but rarely asserts himself. Because of his inherent nature, he can be talked into participating in pranks and jokes but beware, this is the dragon who will own up to everything if he is caught. And eventually he'll spill his guts even if he wasn't caught. Around the one turn mark, this blue begins to change. He begins to point out mistakes to other dragons, begins to assert himself as a force during drills and begins to grow into his adult personality. This dragon is not one to be crossed, and will often seek retribution, in the form of a prank, if he is, since he bonded to the person who can take care of that for him.

As an adult this dragon has a fully formed personality that makes other dragons sit up and take notice, and not just dragons but his rider as well. He is not afraid to use whatever means necessary to get his rider to comply with duty and responsibility, and that includes blackmail or a refusal to cooperate. He asserts himself by such actions, after all his rider cannot fight Thread without him nor do any other number of actions. He can be extremely patient when he wants something, sitting and waiting for hours for it to actually happen. This is not the dragon to challenge to a staring contest, he will win. He is as stubborn as a mountain and just as hard to move if he doesn't want to go. He is as curious as any ten felines and often listens to and prefers to be around intellectuals. He may not understand what they are following but it sounds interesting. As for being kind, he's not a pushover but he'll defend the weak and uphold the right. It's definitely a kingly kind of kindness that he has except around kids. Kids are the one thing this dragon will absolutely become a puppy for. He loves kids and might, in later turns, urge his rider to have a few. One of the few things which sets this dragon apart is his listening ability. He listens to everything he's told and might ask a question or two for clarification then he'll make up his mind and do what he thinks is best anyway.

As a fighter this dragon is everything you want in your wing, and since he wants to be a wingsecond one day, he does his best. He'll take responsibility for his fellow wingmates, even when not asked, betweening to help them when he can. It will be his rider's job to keep this dragon in control during a fight. All this beast wants to do his destroy Thread and help. In trying to be a leader, he could cause a great deal of trouble by being overly helpful, enthusiastic and responsible. Here the general personality of his rider will be an asset since this dragon doesn't know how to simply take things as they come. With a mind scattered in a great many directions it will take a focused rider to keep this blue on tract.

In a flight this dragon will be one of the front-runners, a subtle way of asserting himself over all other challengers. It is not exactly the best way to win a flight but he does not care. Just because he is in the front doesn't mean he is impatient, this blue knows how to bide his time and make his move. He simply waits for the appropriate moment. He would like to chase a gold and may attempt to do so once or twice but will be quickly abused of that notion and instead will settle for chasing every single green that rises in his vicinity, regardless of his rider's wants or dislikes.

Inspiration: Sindarth is inspired by Charlemagne.

Deep and very profound, with a tiny accent to it that causes people to take notice. Since he rarely speaks, even to his rider, this voice often takes others by surprise.

Hatching Message:
Deliberate and precise the Shining Dawn Egg barely moved at all during the Hatching. In fact speculation abounded in the Stands that this egg, a much hoped for gold, would prove to be a dud. The whispers of bets being wagered and taken, not only on the contents but if it would Hatch or not, moved like a silent wind across the Sands. But those speculations were destroyed when this egg began to move. Every single rock was done deliberately, as if something inside was moving to rearrange itself in a more efficient manner.

Cracks began to mar the fine gold surface, the dents that had once been there began to become hills and tiny grunts and whistles came from inside as the frustrated dragonet fought to emerge. The excitement began to boil over, the gold egg, the one everyone has such high hopes for, was finally hatching! And then, and then a single blue pale blue foot emerged. What!, the crowd exclaimed and the disappointment was so strong it could almost be tasted, the gold egg of everyone's hopes had only produced a measly blue.

But what a blue! Most of the people in the Stands agreed that there was not another blue like this one in the Weyr. Despite his gangly appearance, this blue has a color that made everyone sit up and take notice. Whispers began that he might be a white, after all he was very pale, but as his egg sac dried he was quite clearly revealed as a dark sky blue. And it is quite a handsome color at that. As he moved under the glows, his hide seemed to ripple as if it was on fire, the blues shifting and dancing as he tried his new muscles out in the search for his rider.

Public Impression Message:
Like his Hatching, this dragonet moved with a deliberate and steady speed across the Sands. He was looking for someone, someone who can counterbalance his overly responsible side, someone he can be the conscience of and still have fun with. This blue knew he was almost too serious for life and needs a bit of help in getting along in life. He was starving now though but that was no reason to hurry, this was an important decision and he is responsible enough to ignore his hunger.

He searched first the Stands, on the off chance his might be there, and it is the most difficult of the two to search. Not even a tiny hint of a nudge in the correct direction. Everyone watched him intently, they may have been disappointed by his lack of a golden hide but he was one more dragon to protect them. In disgust he turned his head away from the Stands, let some other dragon look there. He pondered those standing before him, casting intelligent eyes over the girls. One or two there might prove interesting and he took a step forward before halting.

No, none of them have enough zest for life for him. Boring girls and besides it would be too much work to belong to a girl. Nope he was a man's dragon and with that thought he turned back to the boys standing on the Sands. He began to study each one, weighing them on his internal scale, finding the good and the bad. But the bad always outweighed the good and the dragon discarded them. He had just stopped in front of another boy, dirty blonde bed head, (did he not brush?), and had begun to weigh him when of all things, the good outweighed the bad. Still wet wings wiggled in excitement, the dragon dropping his dignity. Was this the one?

Personal Impression Message:
Everything in him said NO! , to this boy but what was screaming no told the dragon that his one was his rider! Everything about this blonde with the bed head and snub nose was perfect for this overly responsible blue. I am Sindarth, the voice all but boomed into Kiedon's, well K'don's head. He had such a deep voice for such a new dragonet. We will balance each other nicely I think. Now I am hungry and YOU have to feed me, the blue persisted, giving his rider a look that said he had to or a serious talking too was coming.

Dragon Credit: Stolenhart aka Zi

Egg Name: Shining Dawn Egg
Egg Description: This egg is unmistakably gold in colour. Beautifully rounded the surface softly reflects the light in a classic definition of the colour. All is not perfect with this egg for its surface looks dipped and dented; in some places as if struck by a great hammer, the dents surrounded by fractures; in others as if the out surface had simply melted back inside. Smaller pock marks cover the rest of the surface, sometimes interrupting the shine of this egg, sometimes allowing the eye to simply pass over.
Egg Inspiration: Gold (Au - from the latin Aurum for Shining Dawn)
Egg Credit: Maiden

Dam: Gold Tylaith of Istan Gold and Istan Bronze
Sire: Bronze Ternath of High Reaches Gold and High Reaches Bronze

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