Green Siremath

Impressee: S'lan

Name: The Jewel of the Sea Green Siremath
Pronounciation: sirr-e-math
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 3ac76f
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 27' length of 48' wingspan

Description: Siremath is a sight to behold. Her hide is a lovely pale green with an undertone of light blue that seems to ripple across her body, bringing to mind a calm and peaceful ocean. Her limbs are long and slender, with wings to match that propel her through water and air alike with grace. Her movements are fluid and purposeful, and often accompanied by a flick of her tail, which is rather long and shimmery.

Personality: She is a rather vain creature however, and will often be caught staring at her reflection in puddles of water and the lake. Siremath's looks please her to no end, and will often distract her when she should otherwise be paying attention. It will take a lot of S'lan's patience and willpower to drag her away.

She has a soft and lilting voice which can be most beguiling, coaxing the more innocent and gullible of her class to succumb to her will. Despite this, she comes across as a sweet and friendly green; playful and outgoing. She enjoys singing, and will often warble along with the Harpers at Gathers.

As she matures her looks will only improve, though Siremath will become a trifle more, though not by much, modest. She will grow to crave the attention of the male dragons, and will enjoy nothing more than teasing them. She loves flights, and will rise often. Her tastes are varied and she can be quite a fickle creature.

Siremath will only ever be a reasonable Thread fighter. She works hard, but lacks stamina. Furthermore, she hates the idea of getting dirty and grimy. After every Fall she will insist S'lan takes her to the lake for a full bath and oiling and she will refuse to do anything else until then.

Inspiration: Mermaid
Dragon Credit: Pavlova

Hatching/Impression Message: The Hero of the Skies Egg shook, rattled and then rolled close to where a cluster of white clad girls stood. There it sat for a little bit until one of the bolder girls came over and gave it a good poke. Seemingly affronted by this, the green within burst from it's shell raining shards down on the foolish girl. With a swish of her tail the green stepped past the now rather bedraggled girl, coming up to Cenara instead, and walking around her once, then twice.

Just as it seemed the green might have decided on Cenara, she flounced off in the other direction to where the boys where. Going down the line she was starting to get flustered now. No, no, none of these would do for her. Then her eyes caught on one Candidate, his silly grin as he looked at her displeased her to no end. She was nothing to laugh over, she was beautiful and deserved to be adored!

Coming up to the impudent boy she gave a very harsh flick with her long and slender tail across Elisaios' right arm. While thin, apparently her tail had quite a lot of strength in it, and a crack could be heard as tail and arm made contact. That would show him, for laughing at her.

And then as she swivelled her head, she found hers. S'lan do you think I'm pretty? Oh please say you do or you will break my heart.

S'lan scrambled to the green's side, "Why of course I think you are beautiful Siremath, the most beautiful dragon I've ever laid eyes on," and it was said with such earnestness that Siremath was somewhat placated. S'lan cast a quick glance back to Elisaios mouthing sorry, before quickly hurrying after his Siremath who had taken off to the entrance of the Sands.

Egg Name: The Hero of the Skies Egg
Egg Description: This egg may be just average in height, but it is very stout. If anyone thought to take a measuring tape to it, they would no doubt discover that it has the largest diameter of the bunch. The color of the shell is flawless obsidian that reflects the lights of the Hatching Grounds. Those who decide to touch it will find that the surface is not at all smooth. It is bumpy with sharp crags and crevices. The shell has pinpricks of bright white light that, if you turn your head a certain way, forms a pattern that looks like a man with a shield and sword poised on the edge of a fight. From the center of this pattern, there explodes a shower of bright light that streaks out almost all the way around the thick egg. Whatever your fears and worries may be, this egg feels of a promise that rescue is near at hand.
Egg Inspiration: Perseus and the Perseid Meteor Shower
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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