Green Little Sister x Blue Ansell P8 T14

[Flight] - Off camera
Clutching - 12th February 2015/Turnover, T13-T14, 8th Pass
[Hatching] - Mid Summer, T14, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Little Sister (Orliel)
Sire: Blue Ansell (Khourey)
Blue: 1

PC Fire-lizards:


The Peri-Pinkle Blue Chile to Gw'shar (Neena)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 18"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
There are no sharp lines in The Peri-Pinkle Blue’s proportions. From the curve of his headknobs to his stubby wings, everything about this firelizard is soft and round. The Peri-Pinkle Blue will never entirely shed his hatchling proportions, and will retain his slightly overlarge head and wide eyes into adulthood. Although there are no obvious signs of deformity or injury, the The Peri-Pinkle Blue’s tail is unusually curly and typically held at an awkward angle. The Peri-Pinkle Blue is unusually flexible, and can contort into positions that may make you wonder if he really has any bones. When he gets excited, he tends to uncoil his tail and poof out his wings. From a distance, The Peri-Pinkle Blue’s hide appears to be a uniform pale periwinkle color. Closer examination will reveal that his coloration is actually a mottled blend of pale blues and lavenders, consisting of unusually perfect circles approximately the size of a thumbnail.

Is that firelizard …. vibrating? Those unfamiliar with The Peri-Pinkle Blue are liable to be caught off-guard by his extreme excitability. There are so many exciting things in the world and The Peri-Pinkle Blue simply cannot wait to share things things with others! He very rarely sits still for any length of time, and will attempt to coax those around him into joining the fun. Don’t be alarmed if you suddenly find yourself host to strange hordes of firelizards, The Peri-Pinkle Blue simply needs to surround himself with friends. Friends are fun! Everything is fun! Life for this firelizard is a big party, and he will do his best to ensure that everybody joins in.

There will be rare moments when The Peri-Pinkle Blue will reveal startling insight into a complex problem-solving, or indications of an unusually long memory. While these moments may make you question if The Peri-Pinkle Blue has some kind of hidden genius, the hyperactively dopey nature of this firelizard usually prevails. Attempting to train The Peri-Pinkle Blue is an exercise in futility. Even if you manage to convince him to sit still long enough for a proper training session, you’ll quickly discover that he has the memory of a VTROL. The Peri-Pinkle Blue is a goofy firelizard, and nothing makes him happier than making you smile, and he has a tendency to act out in an effort to elicit giggles.

One of the more peculiar aspects of The Peri-Pinkle Blue is a seeming ability to predict disasters. It’s impossible to say exactly what the scope of the misfortune will be, but if you notice his tail began to twitch, it’s a sure sign that something is about to go awry. Regrettably, due to The Peri-Pinkle Blue’s goofy nature, it will be difficult to convince other people that there is any validity to his “flitter-sense”. In the air, The Peri-Pinkle Blue is surprisingly zippy and capable of pulling of surprisingly acrobatic maneuvers. He tends to view Threadfall as a game, albeit one with unusually high stakes - Burn all the things!

The Peri-Pinkle Blue might not understand the first thing about romance, but he certainly enjoys Flights. Upon reaching maturity, The Peri-Pinkle Blue can be counted on to be amongst the first to go zipping after a rising female. Not particularly strategically minded, The Peri-Pinkle Blue enjoys showing off and will typically tire himself out during longer flights. Unfortunately for the more romantically minded greens, The Peri-Pinkle Blue is liable to forget the object of his affections the moment the pair unwinds.

Pinkie Pie - a hyperactive earthpony from MLP: Friendship is magic

The Mint Rarity Green Gem to H'tera (Katie)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 17"

Physical Description:
Few can match the beauty and poise of The Mint Rarity Green. Even upon close examination, one would be hard pressed to find any real aesthetic flaws. The Mint Rarity Green is delicate and slender with just enough muscle to soften her edges. Feminine charm embodied, The Mint Rarity Green is certain to always pose carefully to show off her best features. The Mint Rarity Green’s flawless hide as an extremely pale mint color. When buffed and oiled it takes on the glossy appearance of expensive enamel. Her pale hide is devoid of markings with the exception of two dark teal circles surrounding her eyelids.

As her refined appearance may suggest The Mint Rarity Green is a little bit high maintenance. When it comes to her beauty regime, The Mint Rarity Green can be downright insistent. After she has been oiled and buffed to gleaming perfection, The Mint Rarity Green can typically be found perched on the shoulder of her favorite human. This firelizard is liable to develop a taste for the finer things in life. She will prefer table scraps over foraging for her own food, and generally dislikes activities that may get her dirty. Although easy to dismiss The Mint Rarity Green as a snob, she is incredibly loyal to those whom manage to break through her aloof exterior.

The Mint Rarity Green expects to work for a living, but she expects to do it on her own terms. Without the proper motivation, training The Mint Rarity Green is an exercise in frustration. She will be every bit as aloof and unfocused as her color has a reputation for being, unless properly plied with pretty sparklies. The Mint Rarity Green has an unusual affinity for small sparkly objects, and can be impressively focused when it comes to earning them from her human. While The Mint Rarity Green is unlikely to learn tricks that she may construe as humiliating, she is typically a well-behaved firelizard. As long as you don’t expect her to do it in inclement weather (and the recipient of the letter is able to provide her with a clean place to bathe), The Mint Rarity Green can generally be counted upon as a messenger.

The Mint Rarity Green is not the type of firelizard who insists upon joining her bonded in the Fighting Wings. She instead prefers to keep watch over her home, pacing restlessly until her human is safely back! Should a friend find themselves in trouble, The Mint Rarity Green has a calm head in a crisis quick to jump into action. Although she looks like a dainty creature, The Mint Rarity Green has a startlingly large flame, which she is more than capable of putting to good use.

The Mint Rarity Green will make it very clear to all of the males in the weyr when her flights approaches, and if they want any chance of catching her, they’d better treat her like a lady! Although The Mint Rarity Green’s flights are likely to draw large crowds, she will have a handful of favorites with whom she is surprisingly loyal. The Mint Rarity Green prefers to have last say in who catches her, and while her flights are usually leisurely and short, she may subject her suitors to grueling tests of agility if she suspects they may be scheming. If The Mint Rarity Green produces and unusually pretty or sparkly eggs, she is likely to store them in her collection of pretty things. However, she will treat them as trinkets, rather than eggs, so they are unlikely to hatch unless discovered.

Rarity - a very fashionable unicorn from MLP: Friendship is magic

The Dashing Blue Nim to Su'o (Symmetry)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 13.8" wingspan of 22"

Physical Description:
The Dashing Blue is an impressive example of his color. Although much larger than most other blues, The Dashing Blue is still well proportioned with a sporty build. He may be more subtle about it than some of his sisters, but The Dashing Blue can often be caught preening and posturing. The Dashing Blue’s neck ridges are slightly spikier than average, especially the ones closer to his head. His hide is a bright cobalt color. He has jagged bands of sky blue around his arms and legs. The Dashing Blue has wide circles going across his eyes in the same color, in markings that resemble flight goggles.

The Dashing Blue has got swagger to match the largest bronzes. Confident and brash, firelizards prone to shyness may find The Dashing Blue’s company rather overwhelming. The Dashing Blue loves to be recognized for his abilities, and often turns interactions he has with others into competitions. He certainly has impressive flying abilities, and loves more than anything else to be recognized for them. Most of the time, The Dashing Blue will be little more than a firelizard-shaped blur zooming around the Weyrbowl. Despite his ‘in your face’ attitude, The Dashing Blue is very loyal to his numerous friends - winning may be awesome, but friends are better.

Basic obedience is not The Dashing Blue’s strongest suit. While fairly average for his color in terms of general problem solving abilities, and slightly above average in terms of focus, The Dashing Blue will be somewhat difficult to train. From the moment he hatches, he will be convinced that he has everything figured out, and will attempt to “improve” upon any lessons his human may try to teach him. For example, when trying to train him to deliver letters, he will master the basic concept fairly quickly, but will insist upon flying, rather than hopping /between/ - simply because it’s cooler.

The Dashing Blue is always eager to show off, and while he certainly is capable of contributing to fighting Threadfall, he occasionally forgets that the real purpose is destroying Thread - not showing off his fancy moves. The Dashing Blue makes it a point to /between/ as little as possible. Should The Dashing Blue ever get injured, he makes a frustrating patient as it will be all but impossible to convince him not to fly. Scars don’t concern him, after all, the ladies dig bravery!

The Dashing Blue loves competitions, and Flights will provide him with the perfect opportunity to show off. The Dashing Blue will start chasing females slightly earlier than usual, and while his first attempts are liable to be met with humiliating failure, he’s likely to be one of the more successful serial chasers in the Weyr once he has some experience under his belt. The Dashing Blue not only flies with a very successful combination of speed and endurance, but he is certain to add just a touch of style for the objects of his affection. The Dashing Blue is one of the few examples of his color that has any real chance at catching a gold, and once he gets a few Turns under his belt, may even start to give some of the browns a real run for their money. While not loyal to one female in particular, once he wins a flight The Dashing Blue makes it a point to participate in all of her future Flights.

Rainbow Dash - an athletic pegasus from MLP: Friendship is magic

The Oh-So-Shy Green Shyly to Cevida (Kitya)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 8.5" wingspan of 13"

Physical Description:
The Oh-So-Shy Green is a gangly little green. Her legs and wings are slightly too long for her tiny body, and it will take her much longer than average to figure out how to work with her proprotions. As a hatchling The Oh-So-Shy Green will constantly be tripping over herself. She will never be a strong flier, and will have trouble being blown off course if there is even the faintest hint of wind. The Oh-So-Shy Green’s coloration matches her delicate appearance. The base of her hide the muted green of new spring leaves, mottled with feather-like whispers of yellow-green. One can easily see the blood vessels running through her fragile-looking wings.

It may be easier to start with the things that don’t frighten The Oh-So-Shy Green. It will become quickly apparent that most things frighten this poor little firelizard - loud noises, crowds, children, strange dragons, and heights are all enough to make her quake with anxiety. Thus it may come as a surprise to discover The Oh-So-Shy Green’s curious affinity towards animals. From herdbeasts to trundlebugs, The Oh-So-Shy Green loves them all, and will spend most of her free time in the company of her unusual assortment of “friends.” Unsurprisingly, The Oh-So-Shy Green does not like doing anything to harm creatures that are normally considered fair game from other firelizards. She will always be a mediocre hunter, and will prefer to scavenge or eat table scraps rather than kill her own prey. Sweet and unassuming, those with the patience will find the The Oh-So-Shy Green a delightful companion.

The Oh-So-Shy Green is a polite and well mannered firelizard. In general as long as you keep her on a regular routine with clear expectations, she will have few problems. She will learn fairly quickly what is and what is not acceptable behavior, and is unlikely to seek out trouble. It can be difficult to convince The Oh-So-Shy Green to try new things, and her overall anxiety will make her an unreliable messenger. The Oh-So-Shy Green may have an extraordinary talent for sniffing out tunnelsnake burrows, but she’s likely to protest harming the creatures, preferring instead to attempt to drive them away without harming them.

Thread is among the many things that terrify The Oh-So-Shy Green. She recognizes her own limitations, and will have little desire to join you in the Fighting Wings. Instead she prefers to play to her strengths, during Threadfall it is not uncommon to find The Oh-So-Shy Green in the herdbeast pens, humming to the creatures in an effort to calm both them and herself. Whether or not this actually serves any purpose is debatable, but it keeps her out of the way. She is a quiet firelizard who rarely vocalizes.

If it were possible, The Oh-So-Shy Green would abstain from rising. She dislikes having the attention of so many males upon her, and the idea of proving her abilities in the air are frightening. The Oh-So-Shy Green will almost always rise on calm and sunny days, but despite optimum flying conditions, will rarely last very long. Due to a combination of her short flights and small size, The Oh-So-Shy Green produces small and irregular clutches. While she will not produce a large number of eggs over her lifetime, The Oh-So-Shy Green is a better than average mother than most greens, and is likely to lay her clutches in safe places accessible to her bonded.

Fluttershy - a gentle pegasus from MLP: Friendship is magic

The Sweet Apple Green - Sweet Pea Sweet Pea to Harla (wunderingmind)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 11.5" wingspan of 20"

Physical Description:
One thing is for certain, the The Sweet Apple Green is no delicate flower of femininity! The Sweet Apple Green is a robust example of her color. Although muscular and sturdy, The Sweet Apple Green escapes looking entirely masculine by virtue of her delicate and open face. Just like a good broodmare, The Sweet Apple Greenhas the body of a washerwoman, but the face of a princess. The Sweet Apple Green is almost a uniform acid green color. Her only real markings are three dark dots arranged symmetrically beneath both of her eyes. More often than not, The Sweet Apple Green’s hide is streaked with mud and dirt.

If there is work to be done, all you need to do is ask and The Sweet Apple Green will try her hardest to get the job done. Nevermind pampering, The Sweet Apple Green will squeal and resist any human-assisted baths - she’s got more important things to do than bother with frou-frou nonsense. She is extremely loyal not only to her bonded human, but those associated with them as well. While typically friendly around strangers, The Sweet Apple Green is quick to jump to the defence of her family. The Sweet Apple Green has the appetite of a hatchling bronze, and will happily (and messily) gobble down huge portions of food, especially fruits - which she has a curious affinity to.

While The Sweet Apple Green has a deep desire to be of practical use to her bonded human, intellectual activities are not her strongest suit. With enough persistence, the The Sweet Apple Greencan be taught basic obedience, but anything beyond that is likely to be met with frustration. Provided she understands what is being asked of her, The Sweet Apple Green is better than most firelizards at remaining focused on an assigned task. It is important to define definitive endpoints to tasks you set her on, as the The Sweet Apple Green will happily work herself to the point of exhaustion without one.

Protecting her family and friends is very important to The Sweet Apple Green, as such she takes to the skies during Threadfall. The Sweet Apple Green’s ultimate goal is to get things done, and as a result may go practically unnoticed amongst the more flashy and aggressive firelizards. Slow and steady wins the race, and The Sweet Apple Green is determined to make as much of a dent in her ancient enemy as her size permits. Should her bonded human find themselves in trouble during Threadfall, The Sweet Apple Green would be more than happy to put herself in danger to protect them.

The fastest way to The Sweet Apple Green’s heart is through her stomach. While providing her with delightfully squirmy snacks will give a male an advantage during her flights, they also need to be able to keep up with her. The Sweet Apple Green prefers focusing on endurance over fancy tricks, so smaller males must depend on tricks if they hope to catch her. The Sweet Apple Green is more maternal than the average green, and while she will inevitably misplace her clutch without human assistance, can generally be trusted to lay them in a safe place.

Applejack - a hardworking earthpony from MLP: Friendship is magic


The Sparkling Twilight Blue Jasper to B'tron (Shouriko)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 20"

Physical Description:
The delicate lines and glimmering hide of The Sparkling Twilight Blue give the impression of a piece of filigreed jewelry. Slightly smaller than average The Sparkling Twilight Blue has a small body with a lean and leggy build. As pretty as this little guy is, any illusion of elegance is broken the moment he moves. While he will gain some confidence and grace as he gets older, The Sparkling Twilight Blue will always be a bit of a clutz. His coloration is beautiful, but slightly understated. The Sparkling Twilight Blue is primarily an unsaturated lavender, with a darker navy streak along his neck-ridges. His flanks are tappled with small starbursts of this same navy color. The Sparkling Twilight Blue’s hide is especially glossy, and when freshly oiled takes on an unusually glittery quality.

The Sparkling Twilight Blue adores adores collecting scraps of writing and using them to build elaborate nests. When it comes to his choice of material, the rarer the better. Much to the chagrin of the Weyr’s scribes, breaking The Sparkling Twilight Blue from this habit will be all but impossible. Your best bet is to provide him with suitable substitutes and hope for the best. The Sparkling Twilight Blue will never be the most popular firelizard in the Weyr due to his tendency to be aloof around strangers, and general lack of proper social skills.

The Sparkling Twilight Blue is easily one of the most intelligent examples of his color. He has good problem solving abilities and an impressive attention span. While you may take delight in the minimal effort involved in training The Sparkling Twilight Blue into a reliable messenger, you will quickly learn that intelligence is not always a positive quality in a pet. The Sparkling Twilight Blue is very adept at getting himself into trouble without proper mental stimulation. It is extraordinarily difficult to keep things out of his grabby little claws, as he will quickly learn how to open most contains.

Although The Sparkling Twilight Blue seems like a cowardly creature, he can be quite protective of those who manage to look past his charmingly awkward antics. If the proper effort is expanded, The Sparkling Twilight Blue has the potential to be quite useful with spotting hidden dangers and pests. Although unremarkable in flight and flaming ability, he possesses an uncannily quick reflex when it comes to traveling /between/. When it comes to Threadfall, it is unlikely that The Sparkling Twilight Blue will suffer any injuries, as he is quite talented at hopping at of the way of danger.

The Sparkling Twilight Blue will rarely chase unfamiliar greens, and typically only participates in the flights of his immediate social group. He is likely to begin chasing somewhat later than average, and may take a while to figure out that earnestness alone will not win any flights. The Sparkling Twilight Blue has less endurance than the average blue, and must rely on his logistical abilities over brute strength.

Twilight Sparkle - the primary protagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


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