Green Sisteth

Impressee: M'dol (Mereladol)

Name: Sisteth
Pronunciation: SIS-teth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 4F8E83
Final Size: 27' length with a wingspan of 45'

This average sized green is nicely proportioned and a touch on the cuddly side. Enough that she could go into fat or fit depending on how M'dol cares for her and the lifestyle they choose to lead. Weyrlinghood she will likely tend towards fit due to the intense physical activity. Sisteth is noticeably patterned, a checked greyish green, against a lighter whitish green underneath. The pattern fades off on her legs and arms and head. The top of her head and headknobs are about as white as they could be while still being the same shade of green.

Sisteth is a caring green, first and most of her to her rider M'dol, second to anyone she deems in her care. Any children he might have, other class or wingmates they might be asked to look after, third to the rest of the Weyr, and lastly to all of Pern. This isn't to say she's the fuddy duddy sort of caring though, Sisteth has a practical bone, knowing she has to divide her time and energies between caring and practicalities like drills and bathing and eating.

This green has traditional beliefs on her place in life. That is in the sky fighting Thread. She can't be doing with time off for children or injuries. If she gets hurt getting her to stay on the ground will be one of the hardest things M'dol will have to do. To fighting Thread is caring. She's a green dragon, and her place is in the sky. To that end she will support any human motions that mean more of her sisters in the sky; which could well lead to a strong preference of traditional human roles as well. As a Search dragon she will be reluctant to Search girls even though she knows for some of her sisters, and even brothers, females are the right choices.

When it comes to flights Sisteth is looking for a male who will for once take care of her. Wooing her with kind words, and promises of looking after her once he's won.

Inspiration: Nurse

Hatching/Impression Message:
The What Day is it Egg?'s crack widened. The helping hand it had had from it's sister egg seemed to have knocked some life into the dragon inside. Legs first, that was practical. Both feet wormed their way through the crack and the egg split in half, flopping on the sands to reveal an averagely sized green dragonet. The proper order for things was. 1. Hatching. Tick. 2. Impression. Right. That mean finding a candidates. Struggling out of the remains of her shell she beelined for the candidates, swinging past the girls to end up infront of the boys. Sat down next to hers and peered up. Impression. Tick.

"Sisteth?" M'dol looked down at the green. "So next is getting you food huh?"

Dragon Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: The What Day Is It? Egg
Egg Description: An average sized egg, this one lays on its side in the sand better than stands up on end. It is a very pale gray, almost white. There appears to be a sort of checker pattern winding around the shell’s surface. If one didn’t know any better they’d think the small squiggly markings in the corners are numbers for marking the days in a season. They almost appear to be so, see: 1, 2, 3… There are even little scribble like markings in a few of the checkered boxes, like important dates were recorded in so as not to be forgotten! But that’s just silly. This egg has a slightly rough texture to it, so maybe it is only an illusion.
Egg Inspiration: Desk Calendars
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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