The Quixotic Bestial Blue Skreth

Impressee: Belia

Name: Skreth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 12364E
Final Size: 34.5' length with a wingspan of 56'

At first glance, The Quixotic Bestial Blue is a rather spindly dragon. His long legs don’t seem to have enough muscle to support his heavy chest and neck, but they do – and with ease, as people will soon find out. His head is disproportionately large and blocky, a square jaw line dominating a face with small but sharp eyes, small head knobs, but a large area set aside for small nostrils. He has a thick, shorter neck that is set firmly on nearly comically over-sized shoulders, which look find when held on par with the chest. But the waist area is very thin, no excess fat stored there. His wings are wide, to match the shoulders, but fairly proportional to his general size. Leading onto his hindquarters, where the back legs are equally spindly up to the hip joints, which then resemble the shoulders with massive amounts of muscle. Then his tail looks out of place, like his stomach, and is skinny and perhaps a bit short.

For all the musculature found along his shoulders and quarters, this dragon has a great deal of pushing power. He is quick, and even effortless, to leap off the ground. He’s just as resilient in the air, more than enough strength for him to keep aloft and quite capable if sustaining a steady flight against turbulent winds for an entire ‘Fall. But speed and agility is where he lacks, and while he can nearly as strong and enduring as many of the larger dragons, he is nowhere near as swift and nimble as the smaller ones. On the ground he has difficulty maneuvering in general, appearing almost uncoordinated and clumsy. His step is heavy and ungainly, because his bulk is off center, and his smaller legs while sturdy cannot counter balance the sway of his waddle-like walk.

But the attraction to this blue is definitely his hide, a unique feature in itself. It is streaked, rough, uneven, and oddly shaded, much like what you would expect on a painted canvas. Even the base colors of this dragon vary by location. His main body is a dark gray-blue tone covered in brushes of medium blue, streaks going in one or two directions, and all around. His hind legs and tail are the same dark gray-blue base, but with significantly less streaking; they are probably as uniform as possible on the otherwise rough and uneven hide of this blue. Then his head, forelegs and wings fade to a grayer tone of blue, still covered in streaks of the same medium blue, but there is an addition of slightly strange colored lines – seemingly dashes of tan and deep orange.

Skreth is a very empathetic dragon that is highly in tune with everything around him. He holds fast to the belief that all creatures should live in harmony with each other, and he sees Threadfall as the mortal enemy which upsets the balance of life. Likewise he is very strongly opinionated about what is right and wrong, and when he sees that a serious injustice has been dealt, he will be the first to speak up – and act, if necessary. And rightly so, equality is determined by the mind and character, not by one’s gender. What is wrong with a woman on a blue dragon? Don’t men ride green dragons all the time? After all, the perfect partnership is created by the union of two souls perfect for each other, irregardless of what they may or may not be.

However, don’t expect this dragon to correct your misconceptions with calm and reason. Skreth is emotional to the extreme, and more often than not, many find interactions with him to be far too intense. You think that there is something wrong with Belia riding a blue dragon? Well he thinks there is something wrong with you – but don’t expect to be told that in such few and kind words. There might be some screaming, perhaps a flood of emotions as he attempts to make you see reason; and no, he’s not at all above speaking to another human if only to get his point across, and you can bet he won’t stop until he does – or until you make him shut up, but good luck with that. But there are the few occasions in which Skreth can become quite the fanatic in promoting his beliefs of harmony and correcting the injustices against nature, and these are the times that he may act so carelessly and crazily – like trying to tackle his opponent to the ground – that he could get into serious trouble with the leaders, or even worse, end up injuring himself and others. Then only Belia will be able to stop him before his wild behavior causes irreparable damages, even if she might not want to do so in some of those instances.

But as a weyrling Skreth will be slightly less confident and certain of his beliefs, still trying to achieve a better understanding of the world around him. During this period of growth and learning, he will have many questions, and don’t you worry, he will question: What do you mean women don’t ride fighting dragons? Belia will ride me one day, are you saying that I will not fight Thread? Many will mistaken his inquisitive nature as curiosity, but it’s really more that he simply cannot comprehend why such harsh and inharmonious ideas even exist. But as he matures, he will start to solidify his opinions, most of which will be influenced by Belia’s attitude, until finally as an adult, he will have formed his own views about justice and equality. By this point, even if you are supposed to be the authority, the wiser and more experienced, you can still be wrong and he won’t hesitate to tell you so – or slap some sense into you, if that’s what it takes. For as harmonious as this dragon is, Skreth isn’t above physical actions to achieve his goals.

In his calm moods, however, during those short moments when his world is in perfect harmony, Skreth is a surprisingly pensive dragon. He’s almost anti-social to a fault, preferring to be left alone so that he can quietly observe everyone and everything around him without bias. Often times he can be found sitting on his ledge with what could only be described as a thoughtful expression as he gazes down at all the happenings below. That is how he forms his views on justice, after all, by careful observation; and in doing so, he can better judge the flaws that upset the balance of the world, and then he can determine exactly how they must be corrected. But for all of his attempts at planning head, once thrown into the actual – and often chaotic – situation, it doesn’t take much for Skreth to lose his fragile sense of self-control. He is all quiet attitude and sensible words until you react in just the wrong way, and then he’s all extreme emotions and physical actions.

When fighting Thread, Skreth is just as intense of a dragon. His bulky form is hard to move on the ground, but in the air, he has limitless endurance. His square block head gives him a wider flame than typical, and Skreth goes after Thread like a dog after a fight. While not very maneuverable, his wings carry him well, and he can last the entire ‘Fall with nearly the ease of a bigger dragon. His ferocity will be legend in his own wing, and he will go above and beyond his duty to save a fellow dragon, even if it means taking a few scores of his own in the process; preferably nothing life threatening, but if the dragon pair he’s risking his hide for is someone really important to Belia and him, he might do so.

Flights are not so much instinct for this dragon as they are a personal choice. Skreth will be very thoughtful and selective about which greens he chooses to chase, and for the most part, this decision will be based on not only his own emotions, but that of his rider's as well. If he is personally interested in or attracted to a particular green, then he will chase her regardless of whether he has a chance of catching her or not. However, Skreth will be particularly empathetic to Belia's feelings towards a green's rider. Should she be uncomfortable with ending up in bed with that human, then he will refrain from chasing; likewise, if she happens to really like a certain green's rider, then he will chase the green for her benefit. In actual flight, Skreth is very fierce and passionate, and he will often overexert himself in an attempt to overcome the other males and keep up with the female. If he loses, he might be depressed for a day or two, though he'll be quick to forget about it after that. And if he wins, he will react as the green wishes — if she wants to cuddle, he will oblige, but if she wants him out of the weyr, he's gone.

Inspiration: (Painting) The Scream by Edvard Munch
The name Skreth is a play of words using the original German name of the painting, Der Schrei der Natur.

What begins as a soft, and warm voice as a hatchling, ends as something completely different. As he grows, his voice hardens, and after he learns to flame, it will get rough around the edges, like burnt cloth rustling in the wind. But that’s not much more than the flavor of his voice. Skreth possesses a light but loud tenor when he is young, which will eventually turn into a growly baritone after a few Turns of fighting Thread.

Hatching Messages:
One vigorous shake and the DaliClock Egg tipped over. However, it was just not enough to crack the lumpy egg, not yet anyway. The lumpy DaliClock Egg managed to roll once, towards the candidates, as if pulled by something. A crack split down the side of the egg, right next to the strange lump, circling around it to reach the bottom of the egg. It was the bottom of the egg that broke out first, too, revealing a dark, nearly black colored leg and tail. The crack on the side of the horizontal egg widened, and eventually just split in two as The Quixotic Bestial Blue sitting up out of it. He flung out his wings, splattering egg goo in the near vicinity. The scraggly looking blue started to search in a dogged manner, his head down. He walked this way and that, searching for that special person.

The Quixotic Bestial Blue wandered, back and forth, looking lost. He made it over towards the boys line, drifting closer towards one man in particular. His step was off center, but it came easily. There was one there… The Quixotic Bestial Blue knew it. A bugling croon has him trotting in the direction of a certain Journeyman Healer…

The Quixotic Bestial Blue squealed loudly as the other candidate ran from him, and it soon settled into a sad croon. The dragonet equivalent of crying, even Tylaith crooned, encouraging the blue to find someone more worthy. It seemed like the poor blue had reached the end of his energy, as he collapsed onto the warm sands. It seemed that if a dragon could cry, he would be doing so. It seemed like the sands were comforting for him, and he stayed there for a long period of time.

Public Impression Message:
After what seemed like forever, and certainly after many of The Quixotic Bestial Blue’s clutch siblings hatched, impressed, and had began eating, the blue stirred, raising his head. Groggily, he stood up, and shook his head, as if to clear it. He stayed there, eyes whirling a unhappy color of red, looking around. He made it a few steps, once more taking up his unsteady progress. Almost instantly, his unhappy crooning turned into a sharp bugle. He stopped though, and he seemed to be waiting for someone to come to him. He wouldn’t make it much farther, anyway, so it was best that they come to him.

Personal Impression Message:
Of course you had noticed the blue, what with Cerxat running away from it. You may not be sure why he did that, but you were surprised, like everyone else, when the oddly colored blue stayed on the sands instead of vanishing between. What you were not expecting most of all was the voice in your head after the blue recovered from his pensive rest. Beliamine, I need your help. I am so hungry, your Skreth just can’t move anymore to come to you. I wish I could. It is all said with longing, his need for you as painful as the hunger in the pit of his stomach. His mind touches yours, an explosion of strong emotions at first, almost dazzling. As the initial contact diminishes to a reasonable level, his love for you comes through strongly, and his hunger is echoed in your own stomach.

Dragon Credit: Emma, Starr, Taenia, Velcro
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora

Egg Name: DaliClock Egg
Egg Description: The DaliClock Egg has rather rotund. It is nearly a perfect circle, or seemingly so, except seemingly melded into its side is a rock. Against the grains of the Hatching Sands, the DaliClock, seems to have melted over one of the rocks it was sat next to, as if the grounds itself are too hot to care for it. It was the cause of some worry for some of the candidates that hoped what comes from it is there’s. All participants and onlookers have left the egg where it is, in hopes what grows inside will not be damaged by the abnormally shaped egg. The DaliClock Egg is a dark brown color with white hair-like streaks rising from the bottom of the egg in wisps. If the egg was turned upside down, the bottom of the egg seems to have a short hand and a long hand that spread along the bottom of it. Unfortunately, this cute clock-effect isn’t noticeable.
Egg Inspiration: link - Link
Egg Credit: Atlys

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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